Best 20 Gallon Fish Tank Filter

Best 20 Gallon Fish Tank Filter

As the number of fish in the tank increases, so does the amount of waste produced. In addition to cleaning the aquarium and the water, you’ll have to spend time and money on chemicals to remove the waste. This is where a 20-gallon fish tank filter comes in. This filter can easily handle the amount of waste produced by an aquarium, and you won’t have to clean it as often. It’s also the perfect size for a small apartment or condo.

The aquarium is one of the most important investments you will ever make. When choosing a fish tank, you want to ensure you get the best aquarium filter possible. There are many options for buying a fish tank filter, but only a few works. You want to choose the one that works for you and your needs, and that’s why we’ve put together this list of the best 20-gallon fish tank filters.

Tetra Whisper Internal Filter

  • AERATES WATER Air-driven

MarineLand Penguin 350 Power Filter


Tetra Whisper EX Silent Multi-Stage Power Filter



Reasons to Buy a Best 20 Gallon Fish Tank Filter

There are two main reasons that you should purchase a filter that is designed for your tank. The first reason is to make sure that you are doing everything that you can to maintain the quality of the water that your fish are drinking. This water is going to contain various chemicals that are needed to maintain a healthy environment for your fish. The filter will help to keep these chemicals from polluting the water so the fish stay healthy and happy.

The second reason you need a filter is to maintain the health of your fish. Filters will keep the water clean so the fish are not likely to get sick. Having a clean tank will make it much easier to maintain a healthy environment so that the fish are as healthy as possible. However, If you want to add some type of decoration to your tank, such as live plants, you will also need a filter so that you do not accidentally drown any of your fish.

There are many filters on the market and you should be able to find one that fits perfectly into the space that you have available in your tank. So if you are in the market to get one for yourself, this is the right page for you. Keep scrolling to take a look at the best 20 gallon fish tank filters:

Our Top Pickup of Best 20 Gallon Fish Tank Filter

  1. Whisper IQ Power Filter for Aquariums
  2. Marineland Penguin Bio-Wheel Power Filter
  3. Tetra Whisper EX Silent Multi-Stage Power Filter
  4. Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO Aquarium
  5. Tetra Whisper Internal Filter
  6. Tetra Whisper Power Filter for Aquariums
  7. MarineLand Penguin Power Filters
  8. Aqueon Quietflow E Internal Power Filter
  9. MarineLand Penguin 350 Power Filter

1. Whisper IQ Power Filter for Aquariums

 Whisper IQ Power Filter for AquariumsA Whisper IQ Power Filter for Aquariums with Quiet Technology is a new addition to an already outstanding line of products by the manufacturer. You can now have the power and features you need without having to spend excessive amounts of money to get the type of filtration system that you want. Many other brands simply don’t compare when it comes to quality and durability.

Moreover, Quiet Technology is the new name for Whisper IQ Aquarium filters. They use revolutionary StayClean technology to provide you with better-filtered water and even more confidence in your purchase. A noise barrier separates the motor from the filter to ensure that you have the quiet you have always dreamed of. With better materials and constant impeller upgrades, these systems are designed to last for a long time.

Therefore, This filtering system is easy to maintain and quick to clean. They have separate components for easy maintenance. You simply remove the top, remove the bottom, and remove the filter. This keeps the entire filter clean and working properly, which extends the life of your system. This feature also reduces mechanical build-up.

Features of Whisper

  • It comes in five sizes.
  • It features quiet technology.
  • No priming is required while using this filter.

Whisper IQ Power Filter for Aquariums


  • Extremely economical
  • Noise-free operation.
  • Amazing suction power.


  • Heavy

2. Marineland Penguin Bio-Wheel Power Filter – Runner Up best filter

 Marineland Penguin Bio-Wheel Power FilterThe Marineland Penguin Bio-wheel Power Filter is one of the best filters that Marineland has to offer. The patented Bio-Wheel technology allows the system to be a three-stage filtration system, which will give you clean fish and marine life without harming them. Anyhow, Available in 20 gallons, the system is designed to remove 99% of pollutants, while leaving behind beneficial microorganisms. For this reason, this system is called the best marine aquarium filter on the market today.

Moreover, One of the most beneficial qualities of the Bio-Wheel filtration system is its simplicity. This system is comprised of three stages. The first stage, which is passive, consists of the mechanical filter. The second stage includes chemical filtration. Finally, the last stage of this filtration system, biological filtration, removes toxic ammonia and nitrite.


So, The benefits of using this filtration system for your aquarium are two-fold. First of all, this is a completely clean water filtration system. Also, this is an efficient system for breeding aquarium freshwater fish and keeping them healthy. Additionally, The best way to look at it is: A filtration system is a good thing, no matter how you use it, but the best aquarium filtration systems will provide an almost perfect balance in terms of the ecosystem, and this is what Marineland has done with this filter.

Therefore, The filtration system that comes with the Bio-wheel is easy to install into any size aquarium, no matter how large or small. The filter can also be used in saltwater tanks since it does have the right capacity to remove larger particles. Many satisfied customers report that not only did they have great tasting water from their new system, but the water felt really great on their skin too. No regrets, take some time to try out the Bio-wheel Power Filter for yourself!

Features of Marineland

  • This filter is 150 GPH
  • It comes in 5 different sizes
  • It uses a multi-stage filtration

Marineland Penguin Bio-Wheel Power Filter


  • Functional and versatile.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to set up.


  • Noisy

3. Tetra Whisper EX Silent Multi-Stage Power Filter – Best budget-friendly

Tetra Whisper EX Silent Multi-Stage Power Filter for AquariumsThe Tetra Whisper EX Silent Multi-Stage Power Filter for Aquariums is the best way to maintain your tank. It provides a lot of benefits for your fish. What does it do? It keeps your aquarium free from debris build-up and at the same time provides an even water flow for your fish to survive.
Moreover, Another feature that this model has been its Quiet Operation Technology. What does this mean? It means that this model is able to run without disturbing your fish or the environment. If you’ve ever spent some time looking for an aquarium filter that works silently, you’ll find that this one is just like it. With a noise-free operation, you can keep on enjoying your time with your fish without having to worry about disturbing others in your home.

So, Speaking of cleaning, another pro is its Self-priming Operation Technology. With a self-priming operation, there is no need to manually turn off the filtration. All you have to do is simply flip the switch to enable self-priming. These types of filters have been proven to be highly reliable, so you’ll get this type of feature with any model you purchase.

Are there other pros that you might find useful?

Yes, actually. First of all, since this model can provide the kind of oxygenation that your tank needs, it can help you maintain the proper levels of oxygenation in your tank. This is important because a low oxygen level can create a situation where the fish waste starts to build up in your tank. If this happens, you’ll find that your goldfish will have a hard time swimming and can even die.

Therefore, You also get a filter with multiple sizes. In fact, this model has four different sizes to choose from. You can fit it in a variety of shapes and sizes and even use it in various configurations. With its multiple sizes, it’s possible to clean your tank using different technologies depending on the size of the aquarium that you have. In this way, you get to maintain the proper water flow, remove debris from the bottom of the tank and clean the inside of the filter.

Features of Tetra

  • It is available in four sizes
  • The filter does its job quietly
  • No setup is required

Tetra Whisper EX Silent Multi-Stage Power Filter


  • Easy to set up
  • No priming is necessary
  • Budget-friendly


  • Noisy

4. Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO Aquarium – Best filter with LED indicator

 Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO Aquarium Power FilterAqueon Quiet Flow LED Aquarium Power Filters are formulated to provide maximum filtration efficiency and can be installed in any aquarium system. Moreover, the aqueon is a leader in the industry in the supply of high-quality, long-lasting aquarium filters.  Also, Aqueon has created a unique technology with its Aqueon Pro Marine Aquarium Power Filter series. Moreover, The company has taken many advantage of Aqueon’s leading technologies to produce one of the most complete reef aquarium filtration systems on the market. In addition, Aqueon has taken great measures to make the system economical for the end-user.

Anyhow, Aqueon fish tank Filter for Aquariums is designed to provide the highest standard in aquarium filtration while eliminating the need for a sub-micron filter. This product is fully compatible with all Aqueon filtration systems. Therefore, Features a mounting system that allows you to install the system in any convenient location without the need for additional equipment. The system is very easy to install and removes 99.9% of parasitic algae and bacteria from your water.

Features of Aqueon

  • It is equipped with an LED indicator
  • Suitable for 20 to 30-gallon aquariums
  • This filter helps in reducing splashing

Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO Aquarium Power Filter


  • LED indicator.
  • Easy to use.
  • It’s quiet easy to set up.


  • Expensive

5. Tetra Whisper Internal Filter – Best easy to clean filter

Tetra Whisper Internal Filter 3 to 10 GallonsTetra Whisper Internal Filter for Aquariums is a high-quality, low-cost filtering solution for the freshwater aquarium. The patented Easy to Clean Internal Filter has been designed specifically for aquarium use and comes with the all-in-one Air Pump and Water Filter System featured on the brand’s other products.

Hence, The all-in-one air pump and water filter system allow you to easily clean the interior of your aquarium without bothering with separate cleaning equipment such as large aquarium vacuums or HEPA filters. Moreover, This feature allows you to clean the entire aquarium at one time with very minimal effort. The tetra whispers internal filter mounts onto the inside of your tank with a clip.

Moreover, The quiet filtration keeps the sound down so you can listen to underwater life without disturbing anyone else in your home. The filter can be used on all aquarium sizes from four gallons up to a forty-gallon tank. As far as aquarium equipment goes, this is considered to be one of the best sellers on the market.

Features of Tetra

  • It is available for four different aquarium sizes.
  • Comes with an air pump.
  • All the accessories are included.

Tetra Whisper Internal Filter


  • Affordable.
  • Versatile.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Noisy

6. Tetra Whisper Power Filter for Aquariums – Most powerful filter

 Tetra Whisper Power Filter for AquariumsThe Tetra Whisper Power Filter for Aquariums is a product that will make your filtering task a lot easier. This filter will give you quiet operation with high-quality filtering that will also clean the water of toxic metals. This product has been created to meet the specifications of aquarium owners who need to have the best filter available on the market, one that is compact and very easy to handle.

However, The design of the filter is extremely compact, which is great for people who do not want a large filter. It has been designed in such a way that it takes up the least amount of space possible while still giving you a powerful filter. You can easily load the filter into the tank without the hassle of tubing or a pump. So,  All of this while still leaving ample room to manage the volume of water your aquarium requires.

Also, Another great thing about the Tetra Whisper Power Filter for Aquariums is its quiet operation. You will have no trouble filtering the water and keeping the whole tank in a relatively peaceful environment when you use this product. Hence, The whisper-quiet operation of the filter allows you to do other things while your filter works at the same time. This will allow you to spend more time enjoying your fish and less time dealing with noisy aquarium equipment.

Features of Tetra

  • Available in four sizes.
  • It offers quiet operation.
  • Features Three in one filter.

Tetra Whisper Power Filter for Aquariums


  • Excellent filtering capability.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Powerful.


  • Noisy

7. MarineLand Penguin Power Filters – Best quiet filter

MarineLand Penguin Power FiltersMarineLand Penguin Power Filters is among the best-selling marine aquarium filtration systems on the market. For years, these filters have been helping owners of all sizes of marine aquariums around the world. So, The Penguin series boasts several features that set it apart from competing filtration systems. In particular, there are several key design elements that set these filtration systems apart from others on the market.

Therefore, Understanding some of these design decisions can help you make a more informed decision regarding which model to purchase. Unlike other filtration systems, the MarineLand Penguin Power Filter has a patented bio-wheel technology. This ingenious design allows the power filter to draw water into a rotating wheel assembly.

However, Another key advantage of the Penguin series of the best aquarium filters is that you can easily setup fish tank filter. It doesn’t take long to read the manual and install the system with minimal assistance. Because of their compact size, installation and replacement are making simple even on small tanks or bowls. Additionally, The mechanical design makes for easy cleaning and maintenance. As a result, it is possible to have smaller, more delicate models, or larger, more powerful filters installed in larger aquariums.

Features of Marineland

  • Equipped with a rotating bio wheel.
  • Filter features multi-stage filtration.
  • Available in two sizes.

MarineLand Penguin Power Filters


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Functional.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Not much durable.

8. Aqueon Quietflow E Internal Power Filter – Best multifunctional filter

Aqueon Quietflow E Internal Power FilterThe Aqueon Quietflow E Internal Power Filter is an excellent choice if you are looking for an efficient and easy-to-install power filter system for freshwater tanks. Moreover, Aqueon Quietflow E Internal Power Filter is a great choice for beginners because it only requires no priming or filters to clean. So, the aqueon Quietflow E Internal Power Filter series is a good place to begin for novice tank keepers who are looking to have their own system installed in their homes.

However, this Aqueon Quietflow E Internal Power Filter features clean filters water with no priming and even if the power is lost, it restarts automatically which makes it ideal for anyone. This allows it to be used in freshwater as well as saltwater tanks. This is excellent performance, unmatched by any other filtration system available on the market. So why not get it today?

Features of Aqueon

  • This filter is available in four sizes.
  • Requires no priming.
  • It features auto restart.

Aqueon Quietflow E Internal Power Filter


  • 3 stage filtration.
  • Removes debris.
  • It doesn’t cost an arm and leg.


  • Loud.

9. MarineLand Penguin 350 Power Filter – Most versatile filter

MarineLand Penguin 350 Power FilterThe new Penguin 350 Power Filter from MarineLand is sure to make a statement about your marine aquarium. This top-rated 20-gallon aquarium filter is easy to use, top of the line, a filter can do it all, from breaking up large particulates to maintaining proper ph levels for your saltwater fish tank. This is one of the latest in pet quality filtration systems that are available on the market. With so many different types of filters on the market, it can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right one for your aquarium and the right filtration system.

If you are considering a filter for your saltwater aquarium then you should definitely take a look at the MarineLand Penguin 350 Power Filter. I highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking about purchasing a filter. It is very reliable, very cost-effective, and just makes a great deal of sense to buy a filter for your saltwater aquarium. Just remember to keep the price in mind and you will have something that works great for you!

Features of Marineland

  • Comes in five sizes.
  • It features a rotating bio wheel.
  • The unit features multi-stage filtration.

MarineLand Penguin 350 Power Filter


  • Easy to clean.
  • Powerful.
  • Not noisy.


  • Expensive

Buying Guide of Best 20 Gallon Fish Tank Filter

When considering all of the various fish tanks that you can have in your home, one of the least mentioned is that of the best 20 gallon fish tank filter. There are those that have been built with a specific purpose in mind, and then there are those that are built to clean the water that comes out of your fish. Moreover,  The filter has become a vital part of keeping your fish healthy and happy, and remember to change the fish tank filter, in this case you can read how often you should change fish tank filter. But it can be difficult to figure out which filter is best for your needs. So, if you want to know what you need to know about how to choose the right fish tank filter, here are some basics to get you started:


The size of your tank determines the size of your filter. Some aquariums are very large and require larger-sized filters. If you are purchasing a “20 gallon fish tank pump” to meet a fish tank that is this size, you’ll need to consider the amount of space available for the item. You should make sure that the item will fit in the area that you have available before making the purchase.

Filtering capacity:

A “best 20 gallon fish tank filter” usually has a standard set of filtering capacity no matter what the model. This means that you may not be able to upgrade to a model with a higher capacity. There are plenty of models available, though that has a higher filtering capacity. You can usually find a high-end model that meets your needs at a price that doesn’t break the bank. There’s a filter out there for just about any size aquarium that will fit your budget.

Processing Power:

Different types of biological filters use different processing power. You’ll find some that are more powerful than others. If you’re looking for a powerful filtration system but don’t need to spend a lot of money, you might decide to go with a small, cheaper model. You can upgrade to a more expensive model later on if you like. Saltwater aquariums typically need more processing power so they are better suited for this type of system.

Maintenance and Repair Cost:

Mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration all have their own unique ways of handling maintenance and repair. Saltwater aquariums typically only need mechanical and biological filtration because of the lower water salinity of the ocean. Because of this, mechanical, biological, and chemical filtration systems are used. Hence, The best way to decide which is right for your saltwater tank is to check how much saltwater fish tank maintenance you’ll be doing and then evaluate the maintenance and repair costs for each system.

Extra Features:

There are some additional things that are made use of in a saltwater fish tank filter. Carbon can be added to prevent oxidation. It also adds a bonus scent to the water. Another thing that is made use of is the ion exchange system. This system works to equalize the electrolytes in the water which helps to prevent an imbalance in calcium and magnesium levels.

Moreover, Whatever type or brand of filter you choose, it’s important that you know the pros and cons of all the different types of filtration systems. Don’t just base it solely on the cost and then buy the most expensive system you can find. If you are unsure, don’t purchase it until you’ve read reviews about it. So, You might even consider talking to other aquarium owners and seeing what kind of advice they have. Once you’ve made the decision to get a filtration system, there’s no turning back.


You will need the Best 20 gallon fish tank filter in order to keep your tank clean. Without a quality filter, the fish will become smelly, dirty, and even stained. The filter will remove 99% of these harmful bacteria that can build up inside of your tank and cause health problems for your fish. So, the Best Fish Tank Filter is needed without question. Also, Get one for your aquarium right away!

NOTE: make sure that you must unplug all connections first while cleaning the filters on small aquariums and remove every piece of equipment you have attached to it.

Additionally, these filters are perfect for fish tanks or aquariums, so you can select the one that best fits your tank or aquarium. Feel free to ask any questions related to the Best 20 Gallon Fish Tank Filter in the comments section.

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