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Ten Best Bow Rake 2022 Reviews

A bow rack is a great tool that offers more power than the leaf rake and makes it best for gardening and leveling gravel. The study design of various row rakes makes them great for various tasks, while it’s not a tool for raking leaves. Moreover, bow rakes have handles that vary in different length sizes to accommodate various users and tasks.

The bow’s handle may be made of a bit of heavy wood material or metal that easily bends over time but is relatively lightweight. Anyhow, few bow rakes have a plastic handle which you should avoid because these handles break easily. The widely spaced tines must be made of metal so you can handle challenging tasks such as spreading, leveling dirt, or gravel.

However, the best bow rake isn’t incredibly expensive, and you must choose your tool carefully. To know more about the varieties of bow racks, keep reading, and when you feel now you are ready to purchase the best bow rake, you can choose from the list of our top picks.

Best Gardena

Gardena Combisystem Metal Bow Rake

  • Working Width
  • High-Quality, Droplets
  • Optimally Predicts
User Choice

WOLF-Garten Bow Rake

  • strength and stability
  • gravel smoothly and easily
  • Flat top design
Top Quality

LevoHome Rake with wood handle

  • HEAVY-DUTY Garden Bow Rake
  • 14 steel teeth steel rake
  • reduce stress on the back


What is the best bow rake?

The Bow rake gets its bow rake name from the shape of its head, which is made of metal material. The parallel tines are supported by the metal bar connecting to the bowed piece of metal that connects to the handle. It’s similar to the landscape rake, which has a broad head that directly connects to the handle with the bow.

Types of Bow Rakes

There are various types of best bow rakes available, and it can be challenging to determine the difference between all these best bow rakes, which is best for you, and which one is required to you. However, when it comes to your garden maintenance, there’re three types of rakes you can consider.

Row rake

A robust and stricter rake, garden bow rakes have thick and short tines. The best bow rake can easily handle soil, whether you should spread & even it out or break it up.

Shrub Rake

It looks like a slender and delicate leaf rake. It is used to gather light debris and leaves; its narrower frame enables it to be used in tighter areas such as beneath shrubbery.

Leaf rake

Its one of the most traditionally used rake; it is used to pick and gather fallen leaves. The rakes’ tines are thin, long, and spread out the pick up as various leaves as possible without damage to the lawn itself.

Our Top Pickup of Best Bow Rake

  1. Gardena Combisystem Metal Bow Rake
  2. Truper Tru Pro 16 Teeth Forged Bow Rake
  3. ERGIESHOVEL 16-TINE Strain Reducing Bow Rake
  4. WOLF-Garten Bow Rake
  5. True Temper 1881600 Bow Rake
  6. Bully Tools 92379 Bow Rake
  7. AMES Companies 16-tine Forged Bow Rake
  8. Truper 31374 Tru Pro Forged Bow Rake
  9. LevoHome heavy-duty Garden Bow rake with wood handle
  10. Seymour Structron Bow Rake

1. Gardena Combisystem Metal Bow Rake

Gardena 3179 Combisystem 16-Inch Metal Bow Rake HeadIncluding a snappy debris handle, this nursery bow rake gives clients an inconceivably agreeable grasp. Even though it is somewhat heavier than other fiberglass or aluminum handles, it is still significantly more solid and grounded. It’s furnished with a long 60-inch handle, which forestalls back torment, making it ideal for tall individuals. Including a business-level development, this item is incredibly adaptable.

In less complex words, it tends to be utilized for a broad scope of nursery applications, remembering spreading mulch for the yard, separating soil, and raking flotsam and jetsam, stones, and leaves. With an aggregate of 16 prongs, this rake has a produced steelhead, making it ideal for all extreme or substantial positions. Besides, a steel ferrule immovably appends the rake’s handle and head for the most hearty association. A 15-year guarantee additionally sponsors it, so you will not need to stress over the rake breaking any time soon.

Features of AMES

  • This bow rake comes with the 16-tine forged head
  • The mid-grip of the bow rake provides extra cushioning and grip
  • The fiberglass handle is sturdy
  • For comfort and control, cushion end

Specifications of AMES

Product Dimensions
11.2 x 3.4 x 4.3 inches
Item Weight
3.44 pounds
Manufacturer Ames True Temper

Gardena Combisystem Metal Bow Rake


  • Great traditional look with the strength
  • Extremely reliable, durable, and strong
  • Tempered, shaped, and formed in the USA
  • Blade & head are securely attached


  • If it gets damp, wood can splinter or split
  • The wooden handle never have a cushioned grip

2. Truper Tru Pro 16 Teeth Forged Bow Rake

Truper 31380 Tru Pro 60-Inch 16 Teeth Forged Bow RakeIt is probably the best producer of planting devices; Truper utilizes effective and modernized advances to create items that fulfill their clients’ necessities. In the 40 years, Truper has been in the business, and its name has gotten one of the buyer’s number one brands as far as an incentive for cash. What’s more, the Tru Pro consummately backs this assertion. Planned with a padded grasp, the bow rake keeps your hands rankle-free, even following a monotonous day of raking.

Likewise, its shaft is an exceptionally noticeable and dazzling yellow tone, so you don’t lose it when working in even the thickest of weeds. The Tru Pro highlights a fiberglass handle to give the ideal proportion of adaptability and opposition. The rough handle permits clients to utilize the instrument for extreme open-air occupations. Alongside being unimaginably tough, the fiberglass handle is additionally lightweight to limit administrator weakness and permit broadened use.

Moreover, the weighty measure head is planned with 16 prongs. The sturdiness and toughness of the head, prongs, and handle show the rake is ideal for adequately dealing with harsh outside errands. In conclusion, the head can be immovably and effortlessly appended to the handle to save time.

Features of Truper

  • It’s a professional-grade fiberglass handle with a comfortable cushion grip for control & balanced
  • The protective sleeve on the handles can prevent the splintering
  • The super contractor’s choice for best use
  • It’s a commercial duty for rugged or pro outdoor use

Specifications of Truper

Product Dimensions
3.5 x 16.87 x 66.87 inches
Item Weight
3.23 pounds
Manufacturer Truper

Truper Tru Pro 16 Teeth Forged Bow Rake


  • It gives excellent control and balance
  • Protects sleeve prevents splintering
  • It comes with the lifetime warranty
  • Best for heavy-duty tasks


  • Bit expensive

3. ERGIESHOVEL 16-TINE Strain Reducing Bow Rake

ERGIESHOVEL ERG-BWRK16 16-Tine Strain Reducing 54-Inch Steel Shaft Bow RakeSimply if you are searching for something special, this ought to be the ideal choice for you. The imaginative rake includes an additional handle associated with the steel shaft to give extra influence to shield your back from stress. As such, with this unit, you can turn out more astute for quite a long time without getting worn out.

The extra handle utilizes a D-formed plan that gives the client better power over the rake. Dissimilar to the former alternative that highlights 14 steel prongs, Ergieshovel ERG-BWRK16 Bow Rake has 16 substantial prongs that make it simple to rake weighty materials, for example, stones and hefty flotsam and jetsam without the dread that they may curve or break.

After use, this model can be dismantled to get pieces that will take less extra room. The simple 3-piece savvy lock get-together consolidates with the lightweight plan to make transportation a breeze! The handle estimates 54 inches that suit most heights.


  • The added handle helps you to reduce the stains on your back so you can work hard
  • For extra control Large D-grip
  • It makes it easy to rake rougher debris
  • 3-piece smart lock makes for compact and easy storage

Specification of ERGIESHOVEL

Product Dimensions 60.4 x 16.9 x 12.8 inches
Item Weight
6.3 pounds
Manufacturer Snow Joe

ERGIESHOVEL 16-TINE Strain Reducing Bow Rake


  • The steel tines are compact and durable
  • The unit comes with the high-quality construction
  • It employs a humanized design
  • Ability to work smarter


  • Bit expensive product

4. WOLF-Garten Bow Rake

WOLF-Garten Bow RakeThis unbelievably adaptable nursery bow rake is another quality model that can be utilized for a few distinct positions in the yard or nursery. It is planned with an excellent quality 13.8-inch head that moves easily and quickly during use. The head is developed with excellent steel, so you realize you’re buying something that will, without a doubt, keep going you quite a while.

The head is additionally planned with solid, uncompromising teeth that will likewise keep going for quite a long time, regardless of whether you will utilize the rake in a rough nursery. Additionally, the teeth are interestingly bent and wide, permitting the rake to quickly and easily get through soil. Even though it’s viable with most handles, the hand bow rake isn’t outfitted with its very own handle.

In contrast to others since quite a while, ago took care of rakes, the head can be effectively separated from the handle, occupying less extra space. This element makes the unit amazingly practical, as it very well may be utilized on different apparatuses too. Including a level top plan, the WOLF-Garten is an unimaginably flexible choice. Alongside being utilized for raking, it tends to be utilized for different assignments like leveling rock and seedbeds. Finally, the head’s bow shape improves the soundness and strength of the rake.

Features of WOLF

  • The bow rake delivers stability and strength
  • The wide curved teeth pull through gravel or soil easily and smoothly
  • The flat design of the bow allows for leveling seedbeds

Specifications of WOLF

Product Dimensions 3.15 x 12.4 x 13.78 inches
Item Weight
1.8 pounds
Manufacturer WOLF-Garten

WOLF-Garten Bow Rake


  • Rust-resistant rake
  • Tines are sharp at the end
  • Head of the rake securely attached to the handle


  • Need to buy handle separately

5. True Temper 1881600 Bow Rake

True Temper Bow RakeIn case you’re a dedicated groundskeeper who is searching for a bow rake that will wonderfully supplement your endeavors, at that point, the True Temper is unquestionably the instrument for you! Highlighting a roughly developed sharp edge, the rake gives expanded toughness and greatest strength.

The 14 prongs can impeccably play out a wide scope of assignments, including separating, spreading, and releasing soil before planting. This makes the True Temper an inconceivably flexible expansion to your toolset. Planned because of cruel climate conditions, the head opposes rust and different components that accompany broadened outside use. The high-strength handle is additionally built with hardwood, making the unit, for the most part, dependable.

The handle is likewise 48 inches in length, so it’s appropriate for the vast majority, while the rake’s lightweight plan makes it the ideal instrument for the two people. Finally, the steel ferrule guarantees a firm association between the handle and the head.

Features of True

  • Steel ferrule for most robust handle and blade connection
  • The rake has a 14-tine tempered steel hand
  • Best for breaking up, lessening, or spreading various materials before planting

Specifications of True

Product Dimensions
25 x 62 x 6.1 inches
Item Weight
1 pounds
Ames True Temper

True Temper Bow Rake


  • Rust-resistant metal construction
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Easy to control and use


  • Wood may have cracked under occasions

6. Bully Tools 92379 Bow Rake

Bully Tools Bow RakeThe element that makes this USA-made nursery bow rake stand apart is the lifetime guarantee offered by Bully Tools. The organization’s trust in its item shows that it will surely keep going for quite a while. The 16-inch head’s extraordinarily extreme 10-check steel development further guarantees solidness and life span. Also, welded I-bar upholds immovably secures the 16 prongs to the handle.

Alongside being lightweight and simple to utilize, the triple-divider fiberglass handle is likewise ready to oppose breakage. The extended 66-inch handle gives clients more reach for raking more extensive territories without putting an excessive amount of weight on their shoulders and back. Also, the thick shaft makes the Bully Tool rake simpler to hold. Be that as it may, the dark elastic handle can feel somewhat shaky.

Features of Bully

  • The rake is made from commercial-grade and extra-thick steel
  • It is designed with a durable steel head and strong fiberglass handle
  • The unit comes with the limited warranty
  • Fiberglass resists breakage while the convenient, easy-to-handle, and lightweight unit

Specifications of Bully

Product Dimensions 65 x 16.25 x 4.25 inches
Item Weight
3.7 pounds
Manufacturer Bully Tools

Bully Tools 92379 Bow Rake


  • The incredibly lightweight and strong rake
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty
  • It enables the users to cover larger areas


  • A bit heavy as compared to the other bow rakes

7. AMES Companies 16-tine Forged Bow Rake

The AMES Companies, Inc Jackson Forged Bow RakeHighlighting a snappy debris handle, this nursery bow rake gives clients an unimaginably agreeable grasp. Although it is somewhat heavier than other fiberglass or aluminum handles, it is still significantly more solid and grounded. It’s outfitted with a long 60-inch handle, which forestalls back torment, making it ideal for tall individuals. Including a business-level development, this item is very adaptable.

In less complicated words, it tends to be utilized for a broad scope of nursery applications, remembering spreading mulch for the yard, separating soil, and raking trash, stones, and leaves. With a sum of 16 prongs, this rake has a produced steelhead, making it ideal for all extreme or hardcore occupations. Besides, a steel ferrule solidly appends the rake’s handle and head for the most vigorous association. Likewise, it’s sponsored by a 15-year guarantee, so you will not need to stress over the rake breaking any time soon.

Features of AMES

  • The steel ferrule for secure head to handle the connection
  • The mid grip of the sleeve gives extra grip & cushioning
  • The cushion end grip for control and comfort

Specifications of AMES

Product Dimensions
11.2 x 3.4 x 4.3 inches
Item Weight 3.44 pounds
Manufacturer Ames True Temper

AMES Companies Forged Bow Rake


  • Extremely strong, durable, and reliable
  • Blade and head are securely attached
  • Tempered, shaped, and formed in the USA
  • A traditional look that offers strength


  • If it gets damp, wood can splinter or split

8. Truper 31374 Tru Pro Forged Bow Rake

Truper 31374 Tru Pro Forged Bow Rake, 16 Teeth, Ash HandleTruper is one of the top makers who utilize modernized and effective advancements to guarantee that she conveys items that address the clients’ issues precisely. In the 40 years, the producer has been in the business, Truper has been one of the client’s number one brands regarding conveying an incentive for cash. What’s more, indeed, this bow rake backs this assertion.

Truper 31374 Bow Rake shows up with a white debris handle that offers an ideal proportion of obstruction and adaptability. The handle is rough to permit you to utilize the rake in intense outside undertakings. Albeit the white-debris handle is strong, it keeps a low weight that limits administrator weakness for broadened use. Whether you are tall or short, the handle comes in three sizes; 48-inch, 60-inch, and 66-inch, so you can pick the size that goes with your height.

The hefty measure head has 16 prongs. The handle, head, and prongs’ roughness demonstrate that this instrument is uniquely intended to deal with the unpleasant outside use adequately. Likewise, the head associates with the handle effectively and solidly to save time.

Features of Truper

  • The rake comes with 16 teeth stands up to rugged outdoor use
  • Commercial duty for rugged or pro homeowner use
  • The rake has the premium white ash handle
  • Lightweight and easy to handle rake

Specifications of Truper

Product Dimensions
3.5 x 16.75 x 66 inches
Item Weight 3.83 pounds
Manufacturer Truper
Size 60 inch

Truper Tru Pro Forged Bow Rake


  • The metallic head and wooden handle are of excellent materials
  • Great tool for heavy-duty tasks
  • Best connection between the head and handle


  • Quiet heavy rake than others

9. LevoHome heavy-duty Garden Bow Rake with wood handle

#1 HEAVY-DUTY Garden Bow RakeAdditionally, coming from LavoHome, this is one more rake that you can depend on to serve you for a long time to come. The bow rake accompanies solid development to deal with substantial applications at the nursery when giving phenomenal outcomes. The unit accompanies a rough wooden handle which gives a non-slip hold to the client. The handle estimates 48 crawls to decrease weight on the back. This tallness additionally settles on the rake, an ideal decision for most heights.

Very much like the archetype, this model has a solid head that highlights 14 prongs. The teeth are thicker than in different models and are of steel development. The rigid material won’t break or distort any event when utilized in weighty assignments in the nursery and yard. The steel ferrule joins the cutting edge and the handle solidly to allow you to handle any raking task with the certainty that the edge won’t separate from the handle.

What’s more, since the whole unit weighs just 3 pounds, this rake gives the minor client exhaustion contrasted with other heavier alternatives. Consequently, on the off chance that you invest the vast majority of the energy in the nursery, either mulching, or raking grass, leaves, rocks, or some other thing, this rake ought to be a decent alternative for you.

Features of LavoHome

  • This bow rake comes with a wood handle which is best for breaking up compacted soil or other materials
  • It can be used to collect hay, grass, leaves, or other garden debris
  • It’s the best tool for the right job. You can use it anytime

Specifications of LevoHome

Package Dimensions
48 x 8 x 8 inches
Item Weight
3 pounds
Manufacturer LavoHome

LevoHom Bow Rake with wood handle


  • Lightweight rake
  • It doesn’t cause stress on muscles and back
  • Teeth are strong and thicker


  • Handle length need to increase

10. Seymour Structron Bow Rake

Seymour structron bow rake The Seymour Structron bow heat is the thing you’re searching for to help keep up your nursery. It’s planned with a cutting-edge handle that is made of fiberglass with plastic support. The material makes the handle uncommonly solid but light in weight. This Seymour Structron bow rake has a 60-inch handle agreeable use when utilized with individuals.

The Seymour Structron bow rake is the best digging tool for individuals who expect to clear their bedrocks. Its 16 prongs that are steel produced invigorate you all you’re searching for. The teeth of this bow rake are marginally adjusted in addition to a nylon collar to give additional spring. With this device, you can improve solace and hold on account of its padded grasp.

Features of Seymour

  • The unit comes with 16 tines and a nylon collar
  • The rake head gives all the strength you want for maximum duty applications
  • Extra-long fiberglass handle and cushion grip
  • 63 inches long and 3 pounds weight

Specifications of Seymour

Product Dimensions
3 x 66 x 16 inches
Item Weight 3 pounds
Manufacturer Jensen Distributing

Seymour Structron Bow Rake


  • For extra strength, steel forged head
  • Elegant bright yellow color
  • 3.25 pounds weight
  • Rounded teeth
  • Strong and durable fiberglass handle


  • Quite heavy

Things To Consider Before Buying The Best Bow Rake

Choosing the best bow rake for your garden or yard means considering the best materials that make up the head and handle, rake size, and other various features.

Head & Tines

Various bow rake heads are almost 16 inches wide—the bow with the lower gauge, the sturdier, and thicker steel. Moreover, forged heads are made from a single piece of sturdier. The welded handles are also a great option, but it’s best for welded parts to separate. Hence, some of the bow rakes have a steel ferrule that easily attaches the head to the handle. It ensures that the head of the bow stays attached without coming loose.

Various best bow rakes have almost 14 to 18 tines spaced about an inch apart. The more widely spaced tines are great for tasks like spreading gravel or mulch, while others spaced tines work for debris.


The bow of the bow is the most significant contributor to the bow rake’s overall weight, and steel means a heavier rake. You can use the lighter bow rake longer without becoming fatigued. Hence, a heavier head is not recommended to bounced and vibrate when working with gravel or other materials.


The handle of the best bow rake is a crucial component. Its strength and length show how comfortable the rake will be to use what takes its equipped to do. Not just that handle isn’t included with all bow rakes. The head may be sold separately. Not try to make the mistake of buying the head when what you need is a rake.


The range of the bow rake from 48 to 64 includes long. Few rakes have handles that allow you to change the length for various jobs or users. Simply check the length of other yard or garden tools to check what length handle is comfortable for your height.


Few best bow rakes have rubber or foam grip for comfort. It can be essential with the steel-handle rakes, which can get the cold quite quickly. For greater control and comfort, all rake provides a comfortable grip when moving various heavy materials. The foam or rubber can ensure it on the side of the adjustable handle. Excellent grip and adjustment rake mean you will have fun using the entire tool.


There’re various best bow rakes models; selecting one that is best and suits your requirements can be challenging if you never know what you are looking for. But before finalizing your best bow rake, you should make sure that you decide what you will use the bow rake for. Additionally, remember to look at its construction to determine the rake’s durability.


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