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Best Deck Paint For DIY Projects – [2022 Reviews]

It’s essential to pay some attention to your deck before you focus on your interior space. Being part of the outdoor, the deck is the main thing that ushers your guests into your home or space. Moreover, it’s essential to ensure that it’s well-taken care of and decorated to that enhance the beauty of the atmosphere you want. Furthermore, if you are the owner of a wooden deck, one of the brilliant ways to beautify and protect it is by best deck paint.

The deck paint-safe your deck from the harsh outside elements and make it welcoming and attractive. However, it doesn’t qualify all models out there a spot on your shopping list. A slight error in the selection of deck paint is all it takes for a disastrous outcome. To protect you of the danger, here are some tested best options to determine the top choices. Pick your favorite paint from our reviews of the best deck paints for your home!

Things To Look For In The Best Deck Paint

Here are the few things you should consider when you are searching for what kind of paint use on wooden deck.


Do you wish your deck’s finish enhanced, or you prefer to paint it when an opaque shade? Generally, paints labeled as the paint will opaque, while stains will show some on your wood’s grain and texture once applied through both products have a finish, coverage levels, and color.


Not all paint gallons cover the amount of area; it depends on texture, coverage, and when your deck was last painted. So, Don’t forget to add the square footage of stairs you plan on painting as well; you will want them to match!


If you live in a coastal area, are finishing a deck around a hot tub or pool, or just want a bit of attraction on your floor, check a stain or paint with a non-slip and gritty texture. However, make sure you stir regularly while you apply it to make sure the grit doesn’t settle at the end.

Our Best Pickups of Best Deck Paint

  1. TotalBoat TotalTread Non-Skid Deck Pain
  2. INSL-X Tough Shield Floor and Patio Paint
  3. KILZ Interior/Exterior Patio Floor and Enamel Porch Paint
  4. Ready Seal 512 Exterior sealer and stain for wood
  5. Defy Extreme Wood Stain Natural Pine
  6. Durabak 18, Smooth Version Non-Slip Coating
  7. In The Swim Patio and Deck Paint Granite
  8. Interlux Interdeck Slip Resistant Deck Paint
  9. Duckback Product Wood Stain
  10. Cuprinol Garden Shades Exterior Cornflower Woodcare

1. TotalBoat TotalTread Non-Skid Deck Pain

TotalBoat TotalTread Non Skid Deck PaintThis is another best deck paint you may count on to hold up well for many years. This paint has small non-skid particles that remain uniform without floating on top or sinking to the bottom. The non-slip particles ensure that it creates a non-slip layer that won’t crack or peel. A single layer of TotalBoat will provide excellent traction, although you can add more for the best grip.

The paint mix easily using the sticks, and you don’t have to keep stirring when painting. Its best formula UV-stabilized so you don’t have to avoid fading during the summers. It comes in a smaller capacity in case you intend to use it for small areas.

Features of TotalTread

  • The non-skid deck layer creates durability, high-traction surface for secure footing, comfortable, and finish that’s less abrasive.
  • The UV-stable formula won’t crack, fade, or peel. However, it is easy to clean.
  • The versatile coating with more applications uses on the floor, decks, hatches, cabins, and stairs.
  • It’s quite easy to apply by brush or roller on fiberglass, and wood.
  • Colors to match topsides or existing patterns available in quart and gallon sizes.

Specifications of TotalTread

Item Weight11.5 pounds
Product Dimensions 6.5 x 6.5 x 7.5 inches
Item model numberTB-TREADGG
Size1 Gallon
Color Gray
Included Components Paint



  • Deck paint comes with a unique formula
  • UV-stable Long-lasting finish
  • Versatile coating with more applications
  • Easy to apply by roller or brush
  • Available in sand beige, white or gray colors


  • Paint is slippery after some days.

2. INSL-X Tough Shield Floor and Patio Paint

Best Deck Paint The INSL-X patio and floor coating paint are available in a five different colors range, which includes gray pearl, light gray, and desert sand, as well as the traditional saddle brown and title red shade. A durable finish is achieved that safe against exterior weather conditions.

Moreover, the deck paint can be used across a massive range of patios and flooring, although it’s not recommended to be used on a car parking surface, or a garage surface. Up to 450 square feet of coverage is achieved within 1-gallon of this deck paint.

Features of INSL-X

  • The product is acrylic enamel, waterborne designed for a durable, rugged finish with the best abrasion resistance withstanding detergents, greases, oils, and scrubbing.
  • Resists ponding water has excellent wearing qualities for exterior or interior use.
  • Durable satin finish designed to produce a durable, rugged finish that stands up to abrasion and weather.
  • The interior or exterior floor coating, patio floor paint for commercial as well as residential floor applications don’t use on garage floors or car parking surfaces.
  • Apply when air temperature and surface are above 50F

Specifications of INSL-X

Item Weight 9.99 pounds
Product Dimensions 8.8 x 8.8 x 9.1 inches
Size 1 Gallon
ColorLight Gray
Coverage 350 to 450 square feet
Included ComponentsPaint, Stir Stick, Can Opener

INSL-X Patio Paint


  • Worth the money
  • Great product
  • Easy to use on brick, concrete, and wood
  • Resists ponding water
  • Stands up to abrasion and weather
  • Applies in temperatures as low as 50


  • Tough coat
  • Didn’t stand up as long as Lowe’s floor coverings

3. KILZ Interior/Exterior Patio Floor and Enamel Porch Paint

KILZ interior exterior enamel porch adn patio latex floor paintIf you want to renew your home using the paint, which will be long-lasting so, the KILZ deck paint is the best option. The best deck paint should be easy to maintain, lasting, and durable. The latex floor paint checks all of those boxes. The coating of KILZ has a low-luster finish that’s superb for sprucing up your porch, deck, or patio.
You can buy this paint in two natural colors (silver-gray and slate gray). The finish is mildew resistant and long-lasting. One gallon of paint covers 2 to 3 hundred square feet on rough surfaces and 3 to 4 square feet on a smooth surface. Most reviewers say that the paint has a perfect finish and works great for sealing out stains.

Features of KILZ Porch Paint

  • It’s a perfect patio and porch paint that is easy to clean, highly durable, and resistant to fading, scuffing, and peeling in different conditions.
  • The paint offers a low-luster enamel surface, which is formulated to endure on porch, patio, and deck siding and floors.
  • The paint is appropriate for previously painted or primed surfaces that include masonry and wood.
  • It delivers a low-luster finish that applies evenly surface and smooth surface in silver gray.
  • You can apply this high-quality paint with a nap roller cover, polyester/nylon brush, or an airless sprayer.

Specifications of KILZ Porch Paint

Item Weight 11.37 pounds
Product Dimensions 6 x 6.6 x 7.7 inches
Size 1 Gallon
Color Silver/Gray
Material Acrylic Based
Number of Handles1
Coverage 200-400 sq. ft.

KILZ Porch Paint


  • It’s a self-priming, skid-resistant, weatherproof and suitable color paint
  • Paint doesn’t drip or fun from the brush during application
  • It can hide dark paint exceptionally well
  • Brushes quickly clean up like new with water and soap


  • Quantity of paint gallons is less as compare to other paint gallons.

4. Ready Seal 512 Exterior sealer and stain for wood

best deck paint buyer guideThe Ready Seal 512 Exterior Wood sealer and stain is the best choice for your wood materials, and it’s available in a wide range of eight different colors natural cedar to burnt hickory. The paint doesn’t need the surface to be primed and may apply to the deck using the brush, roller, or a sprayer, whichever method suits you and your deck. If you are not expert in painting, you can read a guide on how to paint a deck, to do it by yourself in right way.

When applying the deck paint, it will appear darker than its permanent color that will look in full after 14 to 15 days. The formula of the paint is designed to blend itself, and no prior thinning is needed to achieve a professional look. Ready seal 512 exterior wood sealer and stain may be applied within the temperature and readily available in a 5-gallon container.

Features of Ready

  • The ready is dark when first applied, and it reaches the right color in approximately 15 days. There’s no need to use over painted or newly stained surface.
  • You can easily apply it using the roller, sprayer, brush onto the surface of the wood.
  • It requires no back brushing and will never leave laps, runs, or streaks.
  • It requires no wet-line application, and the product will blend itself and applied in any temperature range for best use.
  • You can select any color shade because it comes with eight different color shades.

Specifications of Ready

Product Dimensions 12 x 12 x 13 inches
Item model number 512
Size 5 Gallon
Color Natural Cedar
Style Natural Cedar, 5-Gallon
Material Oil-based

Ready Seal


  • Easy to apply
  • It goes on quick and soaks in
  • Full color is achieved after 14 to 15 days
  • Available in a 5-gallon container
  • Doesn’t require the surface to be primed Applied with a spray, brush or roller
  • Available in an extensive range of color


  • Sometimes sealer doesn’t work for deck wood.

5. Defy Extreme Wood Stain Natural Pine

Defy Extreme Wood Stain Natural PineDefy Extreme Wood Stain is the best choice for those who want to shield their wood deck from elements without compromising too much on the aesthetics. When you don’t need to cover your wood in paint, then staining is the best option.
Defy is made from the best quality resins that are resistant and durable to fading and darkening. The stain’s naturally matte finish is fortified with zinc Nano-particles that reflect harmful UV rays that usually bleach and gray the wood

Features of Defy

  • Its environment-friendly paint that allows the wood grain to show through beautifully semi-transparent, natural matte finish.
  • The deck paint is made with the highest quality resins available that have excellent resistance to darkening and fading.
  • They are fortified with zinc non-particle technology like sunscreen for wood. Zinc particles dispersed the stain reflect damaging UV rays.
  • It’s quite easy to maintain, no need to sand or strip the surface again.

Specifications of Defy

Item Weight 8 pounds
Product Dimensions7.2 x 7.2 x 7.8 inches
Item model number 300162
Size 1 Gallon
Color Natural Pine
Finish Matte
Material Water Based

Defy Extreme


  • Maximum durability
  • Easy to apply and maintain
  • Water-based acrylic
  • Spray it or brush it with pump-up or airless spray
  • Eco-friendly water-based wood stain
  • Resists fading and graying


  • Requires more quantity
  • The stain makes the deck look dark in color

6. Durabak 18, Smooth Version Non-Slip Coating

best deck paint for outdoorIf you are looking for deck paint with unlimited applications, Durabak 18 is a perfect choice. The paint bonds excellently no materials such as concrete, wood, metal, fiberglass, and other surfaces. The compatibility qualifies it as a staple paint in DIY projects.

The Durabak 18 paint can stick to an existing layer, so rely on it for repair where required. The improved waterproofing properties ensure a long-lasting layer that will protect your surfaces from damage by water. Moreover, it creates a non-slip coating to provide the best traction even on wet surfaces and having designed with safety as a priority.

Features of Durabak 18

  • Its one-part, polyurethane protective, moisture-cured with unlimited applications. Recommended for outdoor use for applications in direct sunlight.
  • It is sturdy, slip-resistant, totally flexible, and waterproof paint.
  • It’s an outstanding item that gives professional-grade finish and a non-slip coating to do-it-yourself projects.
  • The paint can be easily applied by brush, roller, spray, and will bond to solid wood, metal, fiberglass, and coated surface.
  • It will bond to itself, making it repairable if required, simply open the can stir and apply the paint to the prepared surface.

Specifications of Durabak

Specifications Values
Item Weight 5 pounds
Size Quart
Color WHITE – Quart

Defy Extreme


  • Its durable, sealing characteristics and chemical resistance
  • Great color shades
  • Easier to apply and maintain
  • Eco-friendly water-based wood stain


  • The product came unusable & dried up

7. In The Swim Patio and Deck Paint Granite

In The Swim Patio and Deck Paint IvoryFor these with above-ground or in-ground pools, or a group of friends or family that enjoy great slip and slide, this non-slip coating is a keeper. It covers 100 to 130 square feet with one coat per gallon. The formulated non-skid additive works significantly on the outdoor area that includes wooden decks, concrete, and pavers.

Whether it’s an old or newly built structure, a deck that sees a lot of wet foot traffic that will benefit from a coat of the Swim few years to keep slip and falls to a minimum. If you plan to put a layer down on a wood deck, make sure to use an oil-based primer for good results.

Features of In The Swim

  • This paint is excellent for the restoration of concrete surfaces.
  • It leaves a non-slip finish after drying
  • You can apply it to a damp surface
  • If initially, you use this paint two coats required for best results
  • 90 to 130 square feet per gallon can depend on surface porosity.

Specifications of In The Swim

Product dimensions 10 x 10 x 9 inches
ManufacturerIn The Swim
Product weight 15 pounds

Swim Patio


  • It covers old concrete very well in just two coats
  • Great in rehabilitating old concrete pool deck
  • Cooled the incredible level of surface
  • Great color options


  • Best for texture but not a cool paint

8. Interlux Interdeck Slip Resistant Deck Paint

Interlux deck paintAlthough this deck paint is common in the market and the product protects your deck. The home DIYers who have experience with this paint like stunning polish it leaves on the surface. The low sheen is eco-friendly since it minimizes sunlight glare that makes it comfortable for use than other options out there.

The paint coating hardly comes out. However, your deck remains safe from the effects of water, UV, dirt, snow, and other elements. It comes already mixed with an excellent mineral additive for protection from daily wear and tear by heavy foot traffic, pests, water, sun, and other elements.

Features of Interlux

  • This is slip-resistant deck paint, which is perfect for all substrates.
  • It contains an excellent mineral additive for hard-wearing, non-slip surface
  • The low sheen finish will protect your deck and prevents sunlight glare
  • Available in white color, which suits your deck comfortability.

Specifications of Interlux

Brand Interlux
Model YJB000/QT
Item Weight2 pounds
Product Dimensions 8.8 x 13 x 5.5 inches

Interlux Deck Paint


  • Contains a fine mineral additive
  • It creates the low sheen finish
  • Contained in a 1-quart canister
  • Easy to sue and excellent grip
  • Most comfortable non-skid paint to apply
  • Provide a beautiful finish and wears well


  • Sometimes a product comes in not good condition

9. Duckback Product Wood Stain

superdeck transparent stain deck paintIf you wish to give a new look to your deck, stairs, garage, or car, we recommend you to use the Duckback product. The features of wood stain provide a redwood stain that offers up to 300 square feet of coverage for your deck area.
Only one coat of the deck paint will refresh your outdoor space, nourishing the wood through the use of a unique oil system that returns maximum UV protection. The deck paint formula is deep penetrating for more security and minimal wear.

Features of Duckback

  • It’s a super deck, heart redwood, gallon, exterior transparent stain oil for decking or siding.
  • It adds shine to your product
  • Super deck gallon heart redwood transparent stain will provide you with high-quality results.
  • Single coat application will impart a freshly finished look for many years.
  • The unique three oil system nourishes the wood and makes your wood new
  • The deep penetrating formula for durability and minimal wear.

Specifications of Duckback

Item Weight 7.7 pounds
Product Dimensions7 x 7 x 7.6 inches
Item Model NumberDP-1905-4
Color Red

Duckback Paint


  • Redwood stain
  • A single coat of deck paint refreshes instantly
  • Covers up to 300 square feet area
  • Nourishes the wood
  • Three oil system that increases longevity and health
  • Offers more UV protection


  • Bit expensive as compare to other deck paints

10. Cuprinol Garden Shades Exterior Cornflower Woodcare

Cuprinol Garden Shades Exterior WoodcareIf you are looking to give your deck a personalized touch, Cuprinol’s Garden Shade range is the best option. There’s a vast range of soft shades available from berry kiss to jungle lagoon that allows you complete freedom to use flair around your garden.
However, the paint dries opaque still allows the texture of the wood to show through, and once it dries offers up to six years of protection. It has been developed to color and protects shades, garden wood. It enhances a rich color and allows the natural texture of the wood grain to shine through.

Features of Cuprinol

  • High-quality matt colors that enhance the grain of natural wood with 6-year weather protection on wood.
  • Suitable for terracotta, wood, brick, and stone
  • Easy to use with the help of spray or brush
  • Smooth wood-brush, spray, rough sawn wood per litter.

Specifications of Cuprinol

Item Weight 2.65 pounds
Product Dimensions 4.2 x 4.2 x 7 inches
Item Model Number5316975
Color Cornflower
Material wood

Cuprinol Paint


  • Easy to use on concrete and wood
  • Resists ponding water
  • Stands up to abrasion and weather


  • Not find yet

Things To Be Consider Before Choosing The Best Deck Paint

Deck paint comes in two types, water-based and oil-based, and each one has some pros and cons. While oil-based paints were once ruled, water-based products are in high demand due to ease of use and improved durability.

Water-based Deck Paint

Last for many years, it depends on the wood condition and paints quality. The expensive water-based paints contain a high amount of acrylic, the ingredient that makes the paint last longer.

It offers the best protection against fading. The paint Sees less peeling and cracking due to the flexibility of acrylic ingredients. The Water-based deck paint cleans up easily with water and soap. It dries quickly in just four to five hours and is available in a wide range of colors.

Oil-based Deck Paint

The oil-based deck paint offers a tough, durable finish. It’s around for decades, and many pros still swear by it. Oil-based paint lasts five to ten years, and it depends on the condition of the wood when painted. It offers optimal moisture protection.
It is high in volatile organic compounds that can create fumes that make lead to a sore throat and other respiratory issues if inhaled. The oil-based paint requires the use of solvents, such as paint turpentine or thinner, to clean up from rollers, brushes, and spray guns.

Surface Sheen

Deck paint is available on various surfaces finishes, depends on the percentage of gloss ingredients in the formula.


When it comes to stands up to the elements, the paint you choose to be labeled as deck paint or exterior paint, both of which are suitable for painting the flooring and railing on a deck. Steer clear of paints that don’t have fair weather and fade-resistant qualities.


Stains also called low luster; it’s your choice for an outdoor deck because it offers a muted sheen yet still hides many flaws and allows for natural dust and dirt removal by merely wiping up.


Easy to wipe spills and sweep clean away, semi-gloss provides about 70% sheen. Its finish commonly used for exterior trim work, shutters, and doors, so choose semi-gloss if you need an extra match to your trim.

High Gloss

It’s effortless to keep clean dirt, and dust blow spills and right off are easy to wipe up. Moreover, high glass with 85% percent shine will highlight flaws in the woodwork. Chunk and every nail hole of missing wood will show, so it’s the right choice for newer built decks.


They’re intended for exterior use; deck paints contain additives to protect the deck from mildew and mold, harsh UV rays, and from temperature extremes. However, you select paint with one or two of these additives; it’s often the best idea to opt for a product with three additives for the longest-lasting color and protection.


Deck paint makes your deck safer, and durable. With these and other many vital roles, a deck paint is a home addition that homeowners or DIY’er can’t afford to go without now, if you’re yet to secure one from the market, highly recommend that you consider grabbing one from our reviews list of the deck paints on the market for the best results.


Which one is the best deck stain or paint?

Most people find themselves undecided on whether to paint deck or stain it. Now, two are both best for the deck, even though they differ in various ways. For instance, paint is much durable than a wood stain. Moreover, you may need to stain after one or two years, and deck paint lasts for as much as ten years when done nicely. However, painting is more expensive than staining the deck.

What is the best deck paint or top-rated deck paint?

If you are finding the top-rated deck paint, then we are glad to tell you that you came to the right place. In our list, we capture the best-rated paint models. Therefore, expect either of them to disappoint hardly.

Why are some deck paints peeling?

Many reasons may make your deck paint to peel. It can be as a result of extended exposure to moisture or sunlight. Moreover, most paints come with sunshine and moisture resistance properties; the main reason for peeling is a result of lousy surface preparations. To prevent the skin, ensure that the surface is dry and clean.

When you seal a new deck?

For best results, it's recommended to wait for some weeks before you apply a sealant on the new deck. The waiting period will give you lumber enough time for it to dry for excellent absorption.

What is long-lasting deck paint?

Painting your deck can be a bit expensive in terms of time and cost, especially if you have to coat a layer of a large area. Therefore, you should ensure that you get deck paint that will hold up well for many years. Our hand-picked models guarantee a long-lasting protection cover when applied in large areas.



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