Best dual fuel generator 2020

Best Dual Fuel Generator Reviews in 2022

When it comes to power, there’s no better way to generate electricity than with a dual fuel generator. It’s one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to produce electricity. A dual fuel generator is a power source that runs on both propane and gasoline. These generators are used to provide electricity to homes and businesses during power outages. They can be used as a backup generator for your home or business when the electricity goes out. They are very important for keeping your home and business running in an emergency situation.

If you’re looking for the best dual fuel generator reviews, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we have compiled a list of the best dual fuel generators, which includes both manual and automatic models. Our goal is to help you find the best dual fuel generator for your needs.


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The Best Dual Fuel Generators Buyer Guide

As you see, there are many dual-fuel generators in the market, and if you want to buy the right one, that could be a difficult and very challenging task. One or two things confuse us from beginner to expert level. So in such a case, you need a guide that helps you to search for the best generator.

  • Size

When you talk about the size of the generator, three things are essential that control the entity, room space, electricity you want to generate, and quality. Depending on the area you have left at the office or home, pick an ideal size that will easily fit, that is of the best quality, and can power up all appliances you have in mind.

  • Noise level

Mostly generators make much noise, especially that work with the Gasoline. In this situation, the dual generator means it uses two types of fuels. So you can also control the level of noise. The level of sound also depends on the location placement. How far will be the generator from your home? Will the noise reach and affect you in any way?. In case of high noise level generator, you need to know the right method of how to keep generator quite during camping.

  • Power need

Consider the amount of power you want to generate from the machine. This depends on the power input your intended appliances take in that is if you carry any machinery or portable propane heater, then think about needful power. If at home, chances are you won’t need the high power output like in the office with heavy machinery.

  • Budget

Before buying the generator, you must know about your budget. Keep it remind that most of the dual fuel generators are not expensive and affordable with high quality. So, when we talk about the cost of the generator, we suggest you stick to your budget plan, you will find an excellent dual fuel generator.

  • Portability

The consideration of portability is handy when you know the purpose of your generator. If you plan to sue the generator in outside events like a party, wedding, or birthday, you need the best quality generator. From office and home use, you can buy a less portable generator.

Advantages of Dual Fuel Generators

If you use the generators, you know that the generator will put to good your homes, a dual fuel generators double this by giving you a great option either use propane or gas. The gas fuel generators have their benefits, such as you can access these generators easily. On the other hand, they also have some disadvantages. In the end, a dual fuel generator allows you to use propane; propane is cleaner, much cheaper, and quieter.

  • Versatility

It’s great to have options in case one of the resources is not available. Let’s suppose there is a power outage in your area and have no gasoline ready for the gas-power generator; you might be out of luck if all the local situations have none either.
What if you live in a place that is prone to blizzards and hurricanes? Such a natural disaster can leave you without power for many days. With the help of a reliable dual fuel generator, you have the option of using the type of fuel that is available to you. When one generator runs out, switch off the other, and you have power for days.

  • Effectiveness

There is a great misconception that a dual fuel generator has reduced the quality and efficiency of the amount of power you have from the running of your fuels. But the truth is that they are functional, not better. Whenever you need the ability to run large appliances or small power tools, the dual generators will get the job done in such a manner as a single fuel generator. Since there is a vast range of options to choose from, you can buy a generator that is good according to your needs.

The dual-fuel generators are efficient as compare to the single fuel generator. In case of a natural disaster or outage, you can rely on your bi-fuel generator to give power using the fuel available to you at the time. They function great even in harsh weather conditions or cold areas and so you can depend on your generator for power during tough times.

  • Easy maintenance & economical

The dual-fuel generators are easier to maintain, and you can quickly move them for the repairing process if they breakdown. Unlike whole house generators that are expensive side when it comes to site repairs, maintenance, and also required installation.

  • Durability

One of the important and noticeable features of bi-fuel generators is that they are designed using sturdy materials. Manufacturers understand generators that are used in such areas that are prone to a blizzard, hurricanes, and tough weather conditions. Such as, they make the dual fuel generator with durable materials and sturdy frames for durability.

  • Convenience

These generators are highly convenient because when you may not quickly get the natural gas and propane in remote areas, you will get gasoline and diesel in every exit and even the smallest of towns. This allows you to use the fuel you can find, giving you back up even when you run out of your preferred fuel.

  • Uninterrupted power supply

Most of the appliances we use are work with the help of electricity. There must be no interruption to your power supply. You are confident of continuous power supply all the time with a bi-fuel generator. It’s essential for all appliances that need to run and stay up and do not have an uninterrupted power supply. Factories, hospitals, and other businesses would primarily benefit you from a dependable generator.

Disadvantages of Dual Fuel Generators

The main difficulty you will face is that one large unit will be more expensive than the same size generator using only one fuel. You will have to manage the budget accordingly and search for the best dual fuel generator to work according to your needs nicely at an affordable price.

Our Best Pickups of Dual Fuel Generators

  1. Champion 3500W Portable Generator
  2. Westinghouse WGen, WGen12000, Azul
  3. Pulsar – Gas Inverter Generator, Inverter Kit
  4. Ryobi 2300-Watt Bluetooth Generator
  5. Champion 3100-Watt Portable Inverter Generator
  6. Firman H03652 Dual Fuel Portable Generator
  7. Pulsar PG10000 Gas Powered Generator
  8. A-iPower SUA13000EFI Injected Fuel Generator
  9. Sportsman GEN7500DF Portable Generator
  10. Ford M Series FG6250P Generator

1. Champion 3500W RV Ready Portable Generator

champion dual fuel generator 3500

The champion 3500W portable generator continuously works as long as 12 hours when the tank filled with fuel. This model retains a noiseless procedure throughout with 68-decibel production. You can rely on its electricity runs out when dangerous storms strike your region. It can fuel fridges, air conditioners, taps, lamps, and televisions.

The champion power generator makes your life more comfortable with the 100558 3500 watt RV Ready portable generators with wireless remote start. This generator comes with enough power to start and run a 15000 BTU RV air conditioner; you can use this best feature to control the essentials of your home the next time there is an interruption.

The 208cc Champion single-cylinder OHV engine has what it takes to handle the power tools it needs. The champion has the comfort covered. You can quickly start and stop your generator from up to 80 feet away with the wireless remote control is an instant.

Features of Champion 3500W

  • Wireless start

This portable generator starts and stops efficiently up to 80 feet away with the wireless remote control system power button and the comfort like never before.

  • Electric start

The generator relies on a true champion 208 cc engine with its electric starter that includes a three-way ignition key in addition to the integrated cold start technology for easy and straightforward starting in cold weather.

  • Powerful and reliable

This generator is robust, secure, and works with 4375 watts of starting and 3500 watts of operation. So you can enjoy more than 12 hours of operating time in a full tank of gasoline from 23 feet with a noise level of 68 dBA.

  • Includes

This portable generator includes an oil funnel, wheelset, battery, and remote control.

Specifications of Champion 3500W

MakeChampion power equipment
Wattage4000 watts starting – 3500 watts running
Fuel TypeGasoline
Fuel tank capacity2.9 gallon
Product weight 81.5 pounds
Material Open steel frame enclosure
Certificates CARB, EPA approved

Champion 3500W


  • For convenience wireless remote start
  • Semi water-resistant
  • Flat tires and folding handle
  • RV connection
  • CARB means it approved in 50 U.S states
  • 12 hours running capacity at full tank
  • Overload protector


  • Due to the dipstick, position oil change may be difficult
  • Comes with simple transportation folding grip and the non-flat tires

2. Westinghouse WGen, WGen12000, Azul

Westinghouse WGen, WGen12000, Azul

If you need a portable and potent generator, such as powering a house, worksite, or cabin, the Westinghouse WGen7500 can deliver. This generator boasts a massive 9.500-watt surge capacity, something that you won’t find on other generators. It offers you convenience due to the electric start and exceptionally runs time. The WGen7500 is reliable and comes with the best quality. The working of this generator is impressive.

The engine is also safe with users reporting back after the many years of use that it runs as well as a new. The outlets of the generator are minimal but can easily cover the bases of things you need in the generator. For the starting process, there are four 120V/ 20A, three-prong outlets like you could find around your home that can be used for a wide variety of electricity. These outlets are grounded with circuit breakers that can quickly flip if you want to reset them.

Features of Westinghouse WGen

  • Remote and electric start

The Westinghouse WGen 7500 features a single touch electric push starter that can be remotely activated with a key to avoid the hassle of traditional recoil start.

  • Circuit protected outlet

The sub breakers protect all the outlets on this generator and main circuit breaker, decrease the chance of a surge and make it easy to reset outlets.

  • Low oil shutoff

This generator comes with the best sensor ability. It will automatically shut off when the engine oil of the generator runs low to protect the engine from damage.

  • Digital meter

The LED light display on the generator panel shows you the power amount and the remaining run time so you will be aware.

  • CSA, CARB AND EPA Compliant

The WGen 7500 generator is approved for use inputs out lower emissions than comparable non CARB generators.

Specifications of Westinghouse WGen7500

Surge watts9.500
Fuel type Gasoline
Running watts7.500
AC frequency 60Hz
AC voltage 120/240v
Engine420cc Westinghouse OHV 4-stroke
Run time11 hours (half load). 16 hours (25% load
Engine RPM3.600
Starting methodRemote, Electric, Recoil
Fuel tank capacity6.6 gallons
Noise level 73 dB(A)
Dimensions27.2 x 26.5 x 26 inches
Weight192 pounds

Westinghouse WGen7500


  • 7500 watts of continuous power and 9.500 watts of surge power
  • Remote and electric start with the backup recoil starter
  • At half load 11 hours run time
  • Circuit protected outlets and digital hour meter


  • For battery charging No 12V DC outlet
  • Difficult and heavy to transport

3. Pulsar – Gas Inverter Generator, Inverter Kit

Pulsar - Gas Inverter Generator, Inverter Kit

The pulsar parallels invertor kit comes with the complete PG-ipair-B1 adapter and two PG2300iS inverter generators. The pulsar generators are small in size, but this generator certainly makes up for it in terms of performance. So you can rely on it to gives the power you need while you are on advantage with friends or family.

There’s no doubt everyone would want to make sure they can easily capture every moment. At the same time, the compact generator is tough to handle unexpected power outages. The best of all it is reasonably priced under 1000$ so you will enjoy the working of this generator.

Features of the Pulsar – Gas Inverter

  • Sine wave technology

You cannot be too careful with how you charge your laptop and mobile devices. Undoubtedly, the lightest power surge can damage it. This technology, built into the generators, promises a stable supply of electricity. So you can quickly charge your mobile phones or laptops without any fear.

  • Extended capability

The pulsar inverter generator gives you 2000 watts and also 1600 running watts. With this high power, it can efficiently operate for up to 8 hours. After that, if you still want more than its parallel inverter kit will connect it with additional generators.

  • Helper

You can stand near to the generator almost 10 feet and yet not be annoyed by it while it is operational. The generator makes noise about 59 dB (decibels), which is enough compared to other products in the same category.

  • Compact

The unique and distinct design of this generator makes it more attractive and looks like a suitcase. This invertor is not much heavy; the weight is almost 47 lbs. So, it is easy to carry in the car or carry along with you whenever you want to go anywhere.

Specifications of the Pulsar – Gas Inverter

Product weigh54.3 pounds
Product dimensions21.6 x 13 x 20 inches
Maker Press
Model number GN200KT

Pulsar - Gas Inverter


  • Safely use with electronic devices like mobile or laptops with this inverted generator
  • You can have a comfortable and actual convocation with anyone while standing next to it without staring voice over the noise.
  • This inverter generator is capable of charging mobiles or laptops. You can use it if it’s necessary to power a wall-mounted air condition with a small refrigerator.
  • This inverter comes with the dual fuel feature, so you can choose to use gasoline or propane as your power source for this inverted generator.
  • The propane is cheaper to sue although you could miss out on 1000 watts.
  • The extra feature of the inverter is the compact design; it is resistant to impact.


  • With the high load, it will generate some noise
  • The peeling stickers make the messy look; it’s not a big issue so that you can ignore it.


4. Ryobi 2300-Watt Bluetooth Generator

Ryobi 2300-Watt Bluetooth Generator

Ryobi 2300 watt Bluetooth generator is a great product that won’t provide you immediate concern. Everything in this generator is designed and packed nicely in its plastic housing.
If you compare it to the other generators, you will be surprised to see it’s robust and compact. At 53Ibs, you’ll notice that by picking it up easy that you won’t need any help.
This generator boosts the telescoping handles that stow away when they are not in use. This generator is such a lightweight with small wheels so that you can quickly move it on any surface and packed the soil with ease.

Features of Ryobi

  • Bluetooth

This generator comes with a Bluetooth connection that helps you to see details from mobile phones.

  • Outlets

This is a reasonable amount of time before you refuel the generator. It comes to the number of outlets, Ryobi offers you four outlets:

  • Two 120v 20A outlets

Two 2.1A USB outlets for mobiles and laptops

  • Fuel tank

The generator has a small fuel tank of 1.2-gallon capacity. It’s right than what Stratton and Briggs offer you. One more thing is, at 25% load capacity, the generator can run for ten or more hours and 7.5 hours at 50% load capacity.

  • Parallel capacity

The great feature of this generator is that Ryobi enhances the generator capacity. That makes it simpler and more comfortable for you to connect it if you want a 3600-watt output.

Specifications of Ryobi

Product dimensions22 x 18 x 12 inches
Engine size 79cc
Starting system Recoil
Running watts 1800W
Fuel tank size 1.2 gallons
Starting watts 23000W
Product weight 56 pounds



  • The LCD lights screen shows the fuel level, the load level, and the remaining operating time.
  • Remote reset and overload reset button with the free control application.
  • Generator updates via smartphone
  • The generator is ultra-portable, dual rear wheels, telescopic handle, carrying handle, rear, and front handle assembly.
  • Connect 2 for twice the power ability to work with the parallel kit.
  • 2 120 volt outputs and two USB ports
  • Automatic idle fuel-saving technology that works efficiently


  • Lacks 210v outlets


5. Champion 3100-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Best Dual Fuel Generator

If you have weathered a stretch, be it winter or summer, during a power outage, you know that first-hand how quickly this situation becomes dire. There are many generator products in the market to help you when a power outage drags on, the first day, then two days or more, the majority of us are not equipped to deal with an extended power outage.

If you have been facing these situations, you will agree that a 10000-watt generator would be worth its weight in gold. 10,000-watt portable generators will provide you enough power that you need until the lights come back on, although it will not provide power for all things at once.

The champion 3100 generators are lightweight and more convenient. The remote key allows you to start and stop the generator from up to 80 feet with the electricity that starts includes a battery. Rely on the 171cc engine while enjoying a quiet 58 dBA for up to 8 to 9 hours run time.

Features of Champion 3100

  • Wireless remote start

This generator includes the key fob that allows you to start and stop the generator from more than 80 feet away. So you can enjoy the functions of champion 3100 without any problem.

  • Electric start

The convenient electric start of champion 3100 with three different position ignition switch includes battery and a touch panel that allows you to access controls in a single spot.

  • Frequency

This 3100 champion generator comes with a 60 Hz frequency. The sensitive electronics for clean power RV Ready with a 120V 3-0A RV, and two 120V 20A household outlets that clean electricity less than 3%THD and 12V DC outlet with the dual USB adapter.

  • Quick touch panel

You can access all your controls with the help of one spot; the champion safe design that includes a low oil shut-off sensor and holds 0.6 quarts of oil.

  • Quiet operation

The 58 dBA is perfect for tailgating, RVs, your backup power, or next project for your home or office, featuring 3100 starting watts and 2800 running watts with 8 to 9 hours run time.

Specifications of Champion 3100

Start typeRecoil
Fuel TypeGasoline
Product weight83.8
Gasoline run time8.0
Gasoline capacity1.6 gallon
Noise level 58.0
Engine type Champion OHV
Length 25.1
Height 18.3

Champion 3100


  • Built-in carry handles
  • Automatically idles to save fuel
  • Push to reset circuit breakers
  • Fully assembled
  • Two handles and wheels
  • Economy mode


  • Recoil starter
  • Heavy for an inverted


6. Firman H03652 Dual Fuel Portable Generator

quietest dual fuel generator

The Firman dual generator is the bestselling product in the market. It features 3650 running watts and 4550 starting watts. The generator running at 67 dB has a 5gal tank that runs for 14 hours. This generator has 5.5 propane hose for convenient using large propane tanks that include 8 wheel-kits with folding handle.

The Firman H03652 is a trusted product for many consumers who say it provided reliable energy. The good part of this generator is that it comes with RV ready so, you can use it as you RV tour Generator while taking the next trip.

It comes with Two Duplex household ports and a TT-30R RV outlet. When you’re out on the road, during an emergency, or working remotely, you don’t have to worry about where you will get gasoline or if you stored gasoline fuel is still available.
The use of either gas or propane allows you to have the relaxation of using propane, which is already available, which is environmentally friendly.

Features of Firman H03652

  • Efficiency

The firman H03652 is a hybrid dual fuel portable generator that provides clean fuel and efficient power.

  • Suitable

This generator is ideal for camping, work-sites, emergency power, and the great outdoors.

  • Capacity

The firman H03652 provides 5-gallon tank fuel that provides the electricity continuously 14 hours, propane tank also included.

  • Low oil indicator

The generator comes with an extra feature that is a low oil indicator that shows a 208cc dual-fuel engine and cast iron sleeve.

  • Wheels and leverage

RV ready multi-feature control panel with a covered outlet, this product comes with wheels and high force u shaped folding handle.

Specifications of Firman H03652

Starting watts-Gas4550
Running watts-Gas3650
Starting watts-LP4100
Running watts-LP 3300
AC voltage120
Frequency 60Hz
Engine displacement208
Propane Hose5.5ft
Tank size 5.0/9.0
Material Steel
Wheels size 8.0 Black- plastic-Flat free

Firman H03652


  • U-shaped padded handle
  • Volt lock automatic voltage regulator
  • USDA FS Certified spark arrester
  • Fuel selector
  • Outlet cover
  • Power stream alternator
  • Iron sleeve
  • Compact frame design and durable
  • 4-in-1 data minder
  • CETL and CARB certified
  • Built-in tank gauge
  • Low oil indicator


  • No electric start


7. Pulsar PG10000 Gas Powered Generator

Pulsar PG10000 Gas Powered Generator

The pulsar’s PG10000 generator is a reliable and portable generator that you can count on when you need it most. The single-cylinder, OHV engine produces an impressive 10000 peak watts of power for running appliances and tools.
Convenient drop-down handles and sturdy never-flat wheels provide added mobility and secure storage. The pulsar 10000 has got you covered!

This generator can run on both liquid petroleum and gas. This generator comes with the 120V outlets, 120V/240V twist-lock outlet, 30AMP RV port, and 50MP outlet to fit all you want.
The fuel tank is a much powerful 420cc, 15 HP engine provides you an impressive 10000 starting watts so you can easily power all appliances without worry.

The pulsar PG10000 generator comes with the dual drop-down handles and a set of never-flat wheels for added mobility and secure storage.

Pulsar is a US brand with almost 100 years of experience in the market. There’s a certain trust that goes with buying from such a maker, and they’ve teamed up with ford to develop many products. If you want high quality, inexpensive 10000 hybrid engine, I would quickly advise you on the pulsar PG10000 generator.

The portable and compact generator is a mobile as generators can get at 39 pounds. It’s perfect for light camping and urgent backup use due to the simple to use structure and carrying handle.

This generator can operate on its one-gallon gas tank at half load for more than 5 hours with living energy of 1000 watts and a constant capacity of 900 watts.

Feature of Pulsar PG10000

  • Capability of Dual-fuel

Pulsar PG10000 hybrid generator dual fuel offers convenience. There’s an oversized fuel tank for gasoline. If you want, you’ll be able to use the hose, which is attached to the tank of liquid fuel gas. The control panel helps you to switch from Gas to fuel, where the generator is running. The dual-fuel capability offers you straddle the road between convenience and worth.

  • Transport and operation

The pulsar PG10000 is massive at over 200 pounds; however, a handle and wheel kit makes it simple and easy for those without a lot of strength to move around. The wheels of the generator never go flat. Starting it up is comfortable with an electrical switch.

  • High power

The pulsar PG10000 has 8000 rated watts, 9000 watts when using the liquid propane gas. The energy emerges from the trusted 420cc, 15 HP, single-cylinder, and four-stroke, air-cooled motor for both gases.

  • Noise level

The noise level of the pulsar PG10000 is not high if you want to enjoy camping with your family or friends, you can generally bear the voice level of the generator.

  • Gas capability and consumption

This model can easily hold up to an 8-gallon fuel tank because it can last a protracted time. The great thing about a dual fuel generator is you can use each liquid propane and hydrocarbon.

Specifications of Pulsar PG10000

Rated watts 81969010425
ColorsBlack and white
Fuel capacity 8 gallons
Power typeGasoline-powered
Engine displacement 420cc
Horsepower 15
The operational volume77
Power typeAC current
Starter typeElectric and recoil
Circuits number4

Pulsar PG10000


  • 420cc engine outputs up to 15 strength and continually running power of more than 8000 watts.
  • RV outlets and multiple receptacles ensure the suitability for all applications and projects
  • Easy to transport and use because of the dual handle design and no-flat tires.
  • The electric start comes with a maintenance-free battery for hassle-free installation and ready to use out of the box.


  • This generator doesn’t hold an energy start certificate and is not CARB compliant.


8. A-iPower SUA13000EFI Injected fuel generator

A-iPower SUA13000EFI Injected fuel generator

The A-iPower SUA 130000EFI gives you 13000 watts of starting and 10000 watts of running power, its ideal for the construction job site or as back-up power for your home emergencies. The electronic injection technology gives longer run time due to increased fuel efficiency and less operating cost. It provides easier stating compared to standard carbureted engines, gives superior throttle response, and provides automatic altitude sensing technology, all this while significantly reducing emissions.

Features of A-iPower SUA 130000EFI

  • Run time & power

The A-iPower SUA 13000EFI delivers 120/240V, runs on gasoline, and offers you a running wattage of 10000W as well as peak wattage of 13000W.

This generator can start via a simple traditional pull mechanism or a convenient and easy to use electric starter included battery.

  • Outlets

The control panel of the generator includes the 6 AC outlets

  • 2 duplex 120V 20A GFCI
  • 120/240V 30A receptacle
  • 120/240 50A receptacle

It also sports 1 DC outlet; there a 12V 8A receptacle that allows you to charge your batteries easily. Because this unit is equipped with a lock and transfer switch ready: it can power your home during the power outage, as it can easily be connected to your breaker box to provides your household.

  • Portability

The design of this unit is an open frame, typical with the dimensions of L28 X W21 X H22. 8 inches, offering you stability, support, and enabling the possibility of raising it above ground level. This design is ideal for environments and demanding outdoor use.

Specifications of A-iPower SUA 130000EFI

Running watts 10000W
Starting watts13000W
Indicator Low oil
Fuel tank 6.6 gallon
Model SUA13000EFI
Product weight243 pounds
Dimensions29 x 22 x 24 inches

A-iPower SUA 130000EFI


  • Co Sensor
  • Electric start
  • Several accessories included
  • Clean sine wave
  • Lightweight
  • Quiet for its power


  • No remote start
  • Low run time


9. Sportsman GEN7500DF Portable Generator

Sportsman GEN7500DF Portable Generator

The Sportsman GEN7500DF is more potent with higher capacity and better. This dual fuel generator runs on gasoline as well as propane and has a massive wattage of 6000 watts.

If you consider the perks of having a propane generator with the fact that the capacity is a humongous 6000 watts, then you can conclude that the GEN500DF is worthy of being seriously considered for purchase.

This is a bit broader and taller generator than others. The frame used for making this generator is of top-notch quality. The weight of the unit is almost 135 lbs. Two men are required for being picked up and moved around because this is a massive generator.

Manufacturers have done an excellent job with the complementary handlebars and wheel kit to make moving the generator easy through. The wheels of the unit are made of plastic without the risk of tiring out over time. The handlebars ensure that the unit rolls around with ease.

Features of Sportsman GEN7500DF

  • Long-lasting

The sportsman GEN7500DF fuel generator has the flexibility and power to handle the task, for keeping essential appliances going during a power outage, you will get the long-lasting clean-burning benefit of propane gas.

  • Watts

7500 peak watts and 6000 running watts, the sportsman series 7500 watts dual fuel generator is a great choice that can easily handle the needs of most contractors, recreational, and homeowner’s activities.

  • Battery

The sportsman generator can run about anything and equip with the 120V outlets, a single 120V RV outlet, a 12 volt DC outlet for charging the battery, and a 120/240 volt outlet.

  • Affordable

This dual fuel generator is ideal for all appliances and power tools great use for camping, for how it needs flexible, affordable, and portable power.

  • Sound

The levels of the music reported at around 75-78 decibels. For a generator that has a high capacity of powering almost all the appliances inside a house, this generator is relatively quiet.

  • Power

The sportsman GEN7500DF is powered by great powerful 4-stroke, OHV engine of 13 horsepower. One of the right parts of this generator for a large capacity is that they ultimately make you forget that there is an actual power outage going on.

Specifications of Sportsman GEN7500DF

Starting watts7500
Running watts6000
Runtime9 hours
Starting system Recoil & Electric
Fuel tank6.2 gallons
Engine 38gcc OHV 4-Stoke
Type Conventional

Sportsman GEN7500DF


  • Dual fuel functionality
  • Electric starting system
  • Large fuel capacity
  • Versatile generator
  • Powerful unit
  • Different outlets to choose from


  • Shortened runtime
  • Very heavy
  • Not portable


10. Ford M Series FG6250P Generator

Ford M Series FG6250P Generator

The Ford M Series has been a revolutionary powerhouse in every aspect of the Motorized transportation industry, from automobiles to aerospace. The robust designed FG6250P is a reliable and rugged workhorse that you can count on to get the job done.
Its heavy-duty steel frame with fold down cushion grip handles and 10 never-flat wheels makes it a superb ideal generator for job site construction or home back-up.

Combining a powerful 420cc, OHV engine, 4-stroke, and 6.6-gallon fuel tank, to provide you an extended 11 hours of operation on a half fuel load. With many features like that, it’s natural that the FG6250P is genuine.

Features of Ford M Series FG6250P

  • Wheels

Never flat wheels with chrome F-150 inspired rims gives more maneuvering capability.

  • Design

The design of Ford M Series provides a heavy-duty powder-coated steel M-Frame design is more durable enough for job site use or large gatherings.

  • Run time

This generator provides a long run time, 6.6-gallon fuel capacity that gives you an extended 11 hours of operation.

  • Outlet covers

The covers of the generator that helps to protect the unit from dirty materials. The cover made of rubber, and it will make safe your unit when you want to use it or unit is not in use.

Specifications of Ford M Series FG6250P

Peak watts6250W
Rated watts5250W
Noise level78dBA
Depth 32 inches
Length 32 inches
Wheel diameter10 inches
Height24 inches
Width 24 inches
Fuel capacity 6.6
Engine speed3400
Voltage type120/240v
Outlets numbers 6
Item weight 16lbs
Enclosure typeSteel
Handle type Cushion grip

Ford M Series FG6250P


  • Peak wattage 6250 watts, rated output 3600 watts
  • 420cc engine with 15 HP
  • 6.6-gallon fuel tank with 11 hour runs time capacity
  • Duplex 1/120V 30A 2/120V 20A Twist lock (L5 30R)
  • Digital hour meter


  • Not available yet

Final Words

The thing that most people won’t tell you while using a dual fuel generator, you need to keep in mind your safety. Sometimes safety may push you to purchase a more expensive generator, but before buying, make sure that it is the best generator.
You can easily select the best dual fuel generator through these top 10 generators. The dual-fuel generators are top-rated today; you can run the generator on affordable fuel and enable us to save a lot. They also make the best power back up investment for a business or a household generator for an extended period.



Difference between the liquid-cooled engine and air-cooled engine?

The air-cooled generator use fans to flow air for cooling the engine; on the other hand, the liquid-cooled generators use splash lubrication system for cooling engine. The liquid-cooled engines are used on larger wattage generators.

How can you connect a portable generator to your home?

Try to do not connect the generator directly to the electrical system because it could cause electrocution & cause damage to the equipment. A transfer should be installed to prevent damage. It’s advised that the professional electrician establishes a transfer switch.

How fuel level work?

A device that allows or stops the running of fuel to the engine, before the turning on the generator, you should always keep the fuel valve open. Then it should be directly closed when you turn off the generator.

A portable generator will work in the snow or rain?

No, it is essential to operate a generator in a safe place so, the generator will not work in rain or snow.


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