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Best Metal Files for Sharpening 2023 Reviews

Sharpening is a crucial step in the process of honing your tools to the desired level of sharpness. A dull knife or a dull saw can ruin your day, so it’s important to ensure that you have the best sharpening tools on hand. Whether you want to sharpen a knife or a saw, a metal file is a tool you need.

The best metal file will be handy if you want to do any handyman or DIY project. They’re also best for extending the life of other tools. Regardless of your hobby or profession, there’s a metal file to fit your needs. However, selecting the best metal files can be difficult when investing in a new one. If you’re facing this dilemma, we have some tips for you!

There are various options for every type of file that is easy to get stuck with, some that don’t work or don’t fit your needs. In this article, we’ve reviewed the top ten best metal files on the market and included length, use, and cut information for each. There is also a buyer’s guide, which provides some additional specs so that you can confidently select the correct file for your needs. So check out which files made our top pick if you’re in the market.

Amazon Choice

JinFeng Needle File Set

  • Carbon Steel Metal
  • Comfortable Non-Slip Rubber Grips
  • Ensures Longevity and Strength
Best Seller

kapoua Needle File Set

  • Durable Gear Pattern
  • Carbon Steel Materials
  • Comfortable Rubberized Handle
All-in-one Kit

Basecent Carbon Steel Hand File Set

  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Comfortable and Tight Handles
  • 20 Pieces Metal File Set


Types of Best Metal Files

There are four main types of metal files. They are:

Rasp-cut files

A significant reason for this is that the teeth on these files are very efficient for wood surfaces. Another reason is that they are usually more expensive than other types.

Single-cut files

In contrast to the previously described type, these files only have teeth that cut in a single direction, making them commonly used for sharpening knives and such.

Curved-cut files

Those working with fiberglass and automotive parts will find this kind of file very useful. Just like its name suggests, the curves of the files are curved.

Double-cut files

The teeth of the files work in both directions. Therefore, users should exert considerable pressure when working with these files to achieve their intended results.

Our Top Pickup of Best Metal Files

  1. JinFeng Needle File Set
  2. Tarvol Needle File Set
  3. Preciva High Carbon Steel File Set
  4. Multipurpose Metal Needle File Set
  5. Finder Round Hand Rasp File Set
  6. SE Diamond Needle File Set
  7. Crescent Rectangular Axe File
  8. kapoua Needle File Set
  9. Basecent Carbon Steel Hand File Set
  10. Meterk Needle File Set with Brush & Storage Bag

1. JinFeng Needle File Set

JinFeng Needle File Set(6 Piece HIGH Carbon Steel Precision) Hand Metal ToolsThere are several types of files in this set, including round, square, triangle, flat, and similar. The carbon steel will last for a long time, and the rubber handles will ensure a tight grip and comfort when holding the file. Again, there are many different types of files: the round file, the half-round file, the Barrette file, the square file, and the triangular file.

Moreover, Mini steel file sets are made from alloy steel to ensure durability and strength, not diamond needle files. It has a comfortable non-slip grip, which holds even in wet conditions, and is also easy to install in any Tool Set Box. Helpful in shaping soft metals, jewels, ceramics, wood, and plastic, not coarse rasp.

However, since they are small in size compared to the rest, they usually require more time and effort. Additionally, users report that when more pressure is applied, they tend to break. Therefore, to repurchase them, you should get the entire set.

Features of JinFeng

  • The unit comes with the half round, round file tool, flat or barrette file, square, triangular and flat warding file
  • Every steel file set is crafted from alloy steel to ensure the strength and longevity
  • Ehe kit has a non-slip rubber grip which is comfortable to use

Specifications of JinFeng

Length of file
4 inches
Total length6 inches
Diameter of shank3 millimeters
Weight2.4 ounces

JinFeng Needle File Set


  • Rubber handles
  • Carbon steel construction
  • Affordable
  • Various files set


  • Small in size

2. Tarvol Needle File Set

 Needle File Set Hardened Alloy Strength SteelThis file set of six needles is made of hard alloy steel for increased resistance and can be used for specific jobs, such as shaping different materials. Although it is slightly less durable than other models in the best metalworking files category, it can also be flimsy.

However, Even with the slight bump on the rubber handle, it’s comfortable to carry. Further, it doesn’t damage in wet conditions. Finally, if something goes wrong or users aren’t happy with the set, the manufacturer offers a full money-back guarantee.

Features of Tarvol

  • It’s pretty comfortable to use due to the non-slip rubber grips, which keeps a firm hold even in wet conditions
  • High carbon steel will ensure strength and longevity
  • The kit includes shaping soft metal, plastic, and wood, which is perfect for numerous uses
  • If you’re not satisfied, you’ll get your money back due to the manufacturer money-back guarantee

Specifications of Tarvol

Weight3.2 ounces
MaterialCarbon steel
Dimensions of the files 7.9 x 4.4 x 0.8 inches
Handle material PVC
Shapes variety

Tarvol Needle File Set


  • Less expensive
  • Lightweight and compact tool
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Comfortable to use


  • Not durable
  • Can be flimsy

3. Percival High Carbon Steel File Set

 Preciva File Set High Carbon Steel Multipurpose File SetIn this product from Preciva, you get 18 pieces of great steel files, including four large files (flat, triangle, half-round, round) and 12 needle files perfect for shaping, polishing, reshaping, cutting, etc. Additionally, they come with a brush and a carrying bag. They are made from carbon steel, making them durable and sturdy. The files are made from T12 drop alloy steel, which is then forged to make them strong.

Moreover, the 16-piece file set includes flat, triangle, half-round, round, and needle files, which can be used to shape, cut, and polish wood, metal, mirrors, and glass. One scratch brush is also included. Everything is stored in ONE bag. Hence, They are made of T12 drop forged alloy steel, with long-lasting teeth deep milled, tempered, and coated to provide durable cutting and filing performance. However, with the ergonomic design, you can accomplish tasks faster and better. The stable grip makes it easier to get a job done. Every order comes with a portable case, convenient for DIY projects and carpenters.

Features of Percival

  • This file set is suitable for polishing wood, metal, glass, mirror, and shaping cutting.
  • The unit has 16 pcs are made of T12 drop alloy steel, were deeply milled coated, and tempered for filling performance
  • The labor-saving operation and stable grip helps you to get a job better and faster
  • The unit is easy for storage, carrying and comes with a portable case

Specifications of Preciva

MaterialCarbon Steel/T12 Alloy Steel
Package Size 13.3x 5.7x 1.5 inch
Weight2.3 lb

Percival High Carbon Steel File Set


  • Metal grinding
  • Wood polishing
  • Portable case for storage
  • Ergonomic handle design
  • High carbon steel material
  • 16 pcs set
  • Includes brush


  • No quality control

4. Multipurpose Metal Needle File Set

Multipurpose Needle File Set Files Tools Round FilesGaxcoo provides high-quality tools and metal files that can be used for many different tasks, such as grinding jewelry, woodworking, and metalworking. They come in various shapes such as flat files, round files, half-round files, dead files, oval files, flat taper files, square files, and knife files. However, They are easy to handle and portable. So, They also contain a hand cutter and a pouch to carry.

Additionally, it comes with easy-grip rubber handles for precision work, wood, plastic, ceramics, metal, glass, and just about anything else. For use on wood, plastic, ceramics, metal, glass, and just about anything else. These are excellent for delicate work and light sanding. However, They are excellent for precise light work and fine accurate filing of metal parts—various sizes and shapes of excellent quality and price files. So, You can reach even the tiniest crevices. 1 X Knife file, Half Round file, Dead File, Round file, Squarefile, Trianglefile, Half-round file, Flat file. However, it’s a great tool so that you can use it comfortably.

Features of Multipurpose

  • The set is best for all work, great rubber gripper handle, for easy gripping
  • These small delicate tasks and light detailed sanding
  • Great quality and price files of varying shapes and sizes you can get into smaller crevices

Specifications of Multipurpose

Item Weight
6.4 ounces
Product Dimensions 7.5 x 3.5 x 0.3 inches
Size Mini
Color Red, Blue, Black, Silver
Finish Diamonds
Material Metal
Style Needle File Set

Multipurpose Metal Needle File Set


  • Free bonus micro cutter
  • Great for delicate work
  • Provide great quality
  • It comes in various shapes
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Some users are not satisfied with the quality

5. Finder Round Hand Rasp File Set

Finder 8'' Semi Round Hand Rasp File Set with Rubber GripFiles with teeth of this type are suitable for use on metal surfaces, glass, plastic, and other materials. Therefore, they can be used to polish metal surfaces, clean glass, and polish plastic surfaces.

So, This tool is durable due to the high-carbon steel it’s made of. However, the ergonomic rubber handle provides comfort and a sturdy grip. However, some users find that the tool does not perform well on wood, and its unfinished top is an additional downside.

Features of Finder

  • A finder round file is an excellent tool with hardened steel, long-lasting and secure single-cut teeth
  • The filehandle is made of quality plastic and rubber material and ergonomic features
  • The half-round cut hand file can use for trimming, deburring and polishing, chamfering, and heavy-duty usage.

Specifications of Finder

High carbon steel, Rubber, Plastic
Hand file size200mm / 8 Inch
Hand file gradeSecond cut
Hand file teeth Single cut
ColorBlack, grey, orange
DIY SuppliesMetalworking

Finder Round Hand Rasp File Set


  • Large holes and flat surface
  • Best for professional use
  • Ergonomic design and comfortable grip
  • Hardness and frequency quenching ensures strength and longevity
  • Single cut teeth put
  • Uniform and precise, clear teeth
  • Professional and DIY tool


  • Not extensively work on wood

6. SE Diamond Needle File Set

SE 10-Piece Diamond Needle File Set with 150 Grit It is important to remember that the files in this model are not very sharp and small. The user should therefore take more time to complete the tasks. Although so, they have been known to be comfortable because of their dipped handles.

Moreover, users can choose from ten distinct files included in this collection, thus offering them a more significant amount of choice. Most of the files can also be used on square or horizontal surfaces.

Features of SE Diamond

  • The set includes crossing, knife, barrette, three square, tapered rounds, and round
  • The dipped handles for an excellent and comfortable grip when exposed to moisture
  • Every file is diamond coated to make any task a breeze

Specifications of SE Diamond

5.5 inches
The grit of diamond150
Length of diamond
2-3/4 inches
Weight2.88 ounces

SE Diamond Needle File Set


  • Comfortable handles
  • Versatile
  • Diamond-coated
  • Dipper handles


  • Teeth aren’t sharp

7. Crescent Rectangular Axe File

Crescent Nicholson 8" Rectangular DoubleDespite the name, this file is made of metal, which makes it ideal for sharpening other tools made of metal. For this reason, it has a rectangular shape with a single and double-cut on each side.

Therefore, A hole in the handle made it easier to store, and the hole made it easier to store. In addition, the files can be hung on the wall with them. However, this product has not been described as comfortable. A lack of coating and sharp edges contribute to this.

Features of Crescent

  • Axe sharpening file is an excellent tool with the single and double-cut side
  • The rectangular shape has a large surface area for filing work
  • The file has safe stages of working in restricted confines without any damage
  • The handle has an eight-inch length, which is great

Specifications of Crescent

6.4 ounces
Length8 inches

Crescent Rectangular Axe File


  • Comfortable handles
  • Best for sharpening metal tools
  • Double & single cuts for more options


  • Edges are very sharp, which may harm your hand

8. kapoua Needle File Set

Needle File Set, 6 Pieces Hand Metal Files, Hardened Alloy Strength SteelIt’s a set of complex alloy metal files comprising six different shapes, including flat, square, triangle, round, half-round, and flat warding. Carbon steel is the only material used in the manufacture of these files, making them highly durable.

Moreover, Cutting performance is long-lasting. Unique designs are used to build them. Handles with rubber grips provide a comfortable grip. Hence, A metal file’s cutting teeth are very durable and come in a gear pattern. So, As well as removing, reshaping, and scraping, they can also be used for other tasks.

Features of Kapoua

  • These metal files are made of carbon steel which had hardness
  • The unit includes six different design such as a flat file, square steel file, triangular steel file, round file
  • The gear teeth of metal wood are clear, which promote cutting efficiency

Specifications of kapoua

3.84 ounces
Product Dimensions
6.1 x 3 x 0.5 inches
Size Small
Color Black-6pcs
Material Stainless Steel

kapoua Needle File Set


  • Carbon steel materials
  • Great quality design
  • Comfortable, rubberized handle
  • Great tool for beginner
  • Durable gear pattern


  • Significantly smaller

9. Basecent Carbon Steel Hand File Set

Basecent 20 Pcs Metal & Wood File Rasp Set, T12 High Carbon Steel Hand File SetA few of the tools included in this product from Basement include flat, round, half-round, needle files, craft files, and other tools that are needed in wood, metal, and other similar applications. A 20-piece set is included in the package.

Moreover, The files are bigger (flat, round, rattail, triangle, and half-round). Additionally, 14 small needle files and two brushes can be used to file various materials, such as wood, ceramics, metal, and plastics. Steel or alloy is used to make them, and the forged design ensures long-term durability. Handles made from rubble plastic are perfect for gripping.

Features of Basecent

  • The unit includes four large files, 14 mini needle files, and two brushes for different uses
  • All files set are forged with T12 carbon steel, which contains 1.15 to 1.24% carbon in steel
  • The handle of the file is made of rubber material which is easy and comfortable to handle
  • The files kit comes with the tool bag, which makes it convenient

Specifications of Basecent

Item Weight
2.79 pounds
Package Dimensions 13.7 x 6 x 2.2 inches
Material Carbon-steel
Part Number

Basecent Carbon Steel Hand File Set


  • Premium forged alloy steel
  • Tight and comfortable handles
  • Portable tool bag
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Easy and convenient to use


  • The case isn’t made of good quality

10. Meterk Needle File Set with Brush & Storage Bag

Needle File Set, Meterk 19pcs T12 Carbon Steel File Tool SetMeterk offers this product, which provides a T12 carbon steel file toolset, which includes four large files (flat, round, half-round, and triangular). However, The needle files contain two flush head flat files, two pointed flat files, two square files, one semicircular file, two triangle files, one round file, one elliptical file with a double semicircular file, one triangle file, and one knife file. In addition, the metal file set comes with an ergonomic handle design, which ensures a secure grip.

Features of Meterk

  • The unit comes with 19 pcs with four large files and 14 mini needle files
  • Best quality handle improves the accuracy, comfort and reduces fatigue
  • The files are great and come with the portable carrying case

Specifications of Meterk

Item Weight
2.59 pounds
Package Dimensions 14 x 6.2 x 1.9 inches
Style 19 PCS
Material Carbon Steel
Handle Material Rubber

Meterk Needle File Set with Brush & Storage Bag


  • The handle design is ergonomic
  • For DIY, it’s a great tool
  • T12 Alloy steel material
  • Portable carrying case
  • Exquisite brush
  • Widely used


  • Hard to find

Things to Consider Before Buying Best Metal Files


Choosing the suitable material for Best Metal Files is of twofold importance. First, it should be made of hardened carbon steel for optimum longevity. Second, in addition to considering what type of material you will file, you should also think about how often you will need to file metal. Still, you may also need to file plastic or glass occasionally.


The shapes of metal files vary greatly. They can be square, rounded, pointed, half-round, or any other shape. Depending on the item or project you are working on, you will need a particular shape.


Often when working with jewelry, the size of the file is just as important as the shape. For example, a plumber’s metal file is a lot smaller than a jewelry file. In addition to the size, the weight also impacts how easy it will be to use and how comfortable it will be to wear.


Choosing a comfortable handle is essential if you plan on using multiple files. Not all files come with handles – you can interchange them if you use several different kinds.

Safety Edge:

It is essential to protect surfaces that you do not want to file by using a safety edge. A safety edge is the flat, smooth side of a flat-file. It is used when you need to work on surfaces adjacent to surfaces that do not need to be touched.


Several teeth are available based on your needs, but teeth are arguably the essential aspect of your file. Also, keep in mind that longer files have fewer teeth, i.e., the corser it is, the more teeth it has. I will cover the teeth and cuts below.


Are metal files available in different shapes?

There are many different types of metal files on the market, so we'll outline the most popular shapes. It is convenient to use the round files, which have teeth all around, to enlarge round openings. The three-square or taper files have two sides for cutting and one for smoothing. Many people use it for sharpening the teeth of a variety of tools. Finally, there are half-round files. These are half-flat and half-curved, while the square shape has four sides. In addition to the flat and mill files, as can the flat file and mill file. They are all cutting tools with teeth aligned parallel to the surface.

What are the most common uses of metal files?

When a large amount of material accumulates on the surface where a person works, a metal file is needed to remove it. The purpose of these tools is to shape and mold wood and metal. In addition to this, they are also used for other purposes like sharpening.

How is cross filing different from draw filing?

The typical use is to push across a surface to remove the material or sharpen an axe head. Draw filing is typically used for metalwork. Two ends of the file are held together, and it is moved across the workpiece backward and forwards.

What does a safe edge mean?

The safe edge is one with no teeth on it but is not created to protect the user! Instead, it's designed so that when you file a corner or a step, you can remove material from one side without removing it from the other.

How are files and rasps different?

This one usually causes some debate, but here is our definition: a file is a solid object with teeth on one side. It can be used on metal, wood, and other materials. An ordinary rasp is a woodworking tool with teeth punched out of a sheet, leaving a series of holes that allow you to remove wood shavings from the work area. Another kind is round with coarse teeth and is used for removing material quickly rather than for finishing work.

What materials are they made of?

Carbon steel is the standard material used in files due to its durability and resistance. In addition, some models are entirely hardened, or case hardened.


All in all, selecting the best metal files can prove to be more challenging. In part, this is because there are a variety of sets that contain tools of various sizes. Furthermore, these files are ideal for a variety of tasks. Therefore, the buyer has a choice. To find the best metal files that meet their needs and requirements, they should determine their priorities and analyze their needs and requirements.

It can be challenging to distinguish which metal file is the best one for your project when there are many options available. In light of that, we have presented the reviews above to help guide you to the best metal file. Hence, For keeping your metal tools in top shape, we recommend the Crescent Nicholson 8″ Axe Metal File. Finally, We highly recommend the KALIM Flat Medium Cut File 6″ Carbon Steel if you want something more affordable. It’s a fantastic file that will work well for a variety of projects.


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