best non stick omelet pan

Best Nonstick Omelet Pan 2022

An omelet pan is a must-have kitchen tool that can be used for many things, such as cooking breakfast, making egg salad, and even cooking pizza. The best nonstick omelet pan is a great investment. This is because it will help you make the perfect omelets every time. It will also help you save money by reducing the amount of oil that you need to cook with.

If you’re looking to purchase a nonstick omelet pan, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve done the research for you and put together the best nonstick omelet pan reviews. So, you don’t have to waste time researching every product on the market. Just pick one, read our reviews, and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into.

Best Nonstick Pan

Tramontina Nonstick Restaurant Fry Pan

  • Commercial-grade 3004 aluminum
  • Riveted cast-stainless steel handle
  • Dishwasher and oven-safe
Top Rated Pan

Nordic Ware Italian Frittata and Omelette Pan

  • Hinge design eliminates mess
  • Compact design
  • Nonstick coating
Best Pan for Omelette

TECHEF – Frittata and Omelette Pan

  • New Teflon nonstick coating
  • Electric Stovetop Compatible
  • Dishwasher Safe


Why You Need The Best Nonstick Omelet Pan?

There’re many chances that you moved into a new house; hence there’s just a need for one. Or maybe everyone in your family is a fan of an omelet.

Everyone complains about how the fatty eggs are and want to ensure that it doesn’t stick in the pan. Here you need a break and a permanent solution for this poor thing.

The features, user satisfaction, online review, buying trends have a focus when coming up with this recommendation list. The list contains the top 10 best nonstick omelet pans.

How to Use Nonstick Omelet Pan

Here are some steps that will help you to utilize an omelet pan to prepare exceptional food items.

  1.  You can start the process by mixing all the ingredients for the perfect omelet
  2. Turn on the flame, heat the omelet pan. After that, keep pan over the medium heat.
  3.  Add some butter, tile the pan when you’re adding the butter because it helps to coat the entire surface of the pan.
  4.  Pour in mixed ingredients.
  5.  From the edges, push the cooked omelet part into the center. Use an inverted turner for the turning process. It allows the eggs to reach the warmer part of the pan.
  6.  Adjust the omelet and tilt the pan based on what you want to heat first.
  7.  In the end, fold the omelet in half and slide it off of the pan at the end. The omelet shouldn’t stick to the frying pan.

Our Pick Up of Top 10 Best Nonstick Omelet Pan

  1.  Tramontina Professional fry pan
  2.  Nordic Ware Italian Omelet Pan
  3.  TECHEF Nonstick Omelet pan
  4.  T-fal Professional Nonstick Fry Pan
  5.  Emeril Lagasse Nonstick Fry Pan
  6.  Ozeri Stainless Steel Pan
  7.  All-Clad Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Pan
  8.  Calphalon Contemporary Aluminum Nonstick Omelet Fry Pan
  9.  Calphalon Classic Nonstick Omelet Pan With Lid
  10.  T-fal E93808 Professional Nonstick Pan

1. Tramontina Professional Fry Pan

Tramontina Professional Fry PansThe Tramontina’s Professional fry pans are manufactured and designed to withstand the rigors of a professional kitchen, and quickly adapt to non-commercial use. The pan is ideal for frying, scrambling, searching recipes, heavy-gauge aluminum construction distributes heat evenly and quickly. The reinforced nonstick interior allows food to release from the pan that provides effortless cleanup and cooking.

Moreover, the cast stainless steel handle of the pan is riveted for features and support a silicone, removable, and soft-grip for versatility. The pan is NSF certified, compatible with electric, gas, and ceramic glass cooktops that can use in the oven up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. These fry pans provide optimized performance on both sides of gourmet and restaurant kitchens. Material, design, and fixtures are selected to provide durability to match the expectations of chefs.

The satin exterior finish appeals to home chefs and commercial kitchens alike. The high performance nonstick allows the food to release from the pan that provides effortless cleanup and cooking. The riveted handle of the pan provides support, and the silicone grip is versatile for use in and out of the oven. The pan comes with a lifetime warranty.

Features of Tramontina

  • Thee satin exterior finish consequently adds décor to the kitchen
  • Aluminum used to allow the even and quick distribution of heat.
  • Its reinforced nonstick coating eases the removal of food from the pan.
  • It has a riveted stainless steel handle of the pan that adds support for durability.
  • The pan is safe to use on ceramic glass, gas cooktops, and electric cooktops.
  • Use into the oven at a temperature of 400 Degree Fahrenheit.

Specifications of Tramontina

Specifications Values
Is Dishwasher Safe
Item Diameter 8 Inches
Has nonstick coating
Is oven-safe
Item Dimensions 16 x 3.5 x 9.25 inches

Tramontina Professional fry pan


  • The satin finish adds a great look
  • Silicon grip is comfortable to add & remove onto panhandle.
  • Compatible with different stovetops, such as electric and glass surfaces


  • Some item stick like eggs

2. Nordic Ware Italian Omelet Pan

best non stick omlete pan reviewThe Nordic ware has all the benefits required to make a fantastic omelet with ease. The pan is specially designed to cook and wrap omelet once done; you’ll be the perfect of the kitchen with the pan into the time. Its hinge design helps you to eliminate mess, so clean up afterward will be easy.

The interior of the best omelet pan is coated with nonstick. The nonstick pan layer will allow you to get the food quickly released. The pan is quite easy to clean. Once folded, you can turn to over the side on your stove for even top to bottom cooking.

The pan is manufactured with an industrial-grade aluminum core; it’s durable. The core helps you to distribute the heat evenly to all areas of the pan. It’s also ergonomic and safe to work with the two handles that provided with the unit are comfortable to use.

Features of Nordic

  • Now make a perfect omelet with ease
  • Nonstick coating is easy to cook and easy to clean
  • The hinge design eliminates the mess
  • The compact design of the pan

Specifications of Nordic

Has nonstick coating
Item Dimensions
18.88 x 9.5 x 2 inches
Is oven-safe
Material Stainless Steel
Model Name Italian Frittata and Omelette Pan

Nordic Italian Omelet Pan


  • The hinge design prevents mess
  • Has all the features for folding and cooking a great omelet
  • The fold-type design makes the pan easier to store
  • Nonstick interior surface enhances its productivity
  • Aluminum core of pan allows for durability and even heat distribution
  • Best handle hole for hanging storage


  • Hinge joints are not leakproof
  • Handles heat up

3. TECHEF Nonstick Omelet pan

Frittata and Omelette PanWhen it comes to omelet pans, various items are best for making an omelet for large and medium serving. But it seems like there’re fewer pans that are great for a smaller omelet for small families. This pan comes with a small compact size, with each compartments being 5.3 inches wide, which is best if you don’t need to make a big omelet.

The pan is designed to have two compartments, which make it the best kitchen utensil for anyone, skilled to make perfect frittata or omelet. The body of the pan is made of high-quality aluminum, which makes it long-lasting and spread the heat evenly through the omelet. If you’re struggling with transferring omelet from pan to plate, this product will be the best option for you.

The durable riveted stay-cool handle of the pan, which 7.2 inches long, stays cool after cooking. For a long time and helps you to cook comfortably and safely. The hinge on the left side needs to be handled with an oven glove because it warms up during cooking.

Features of TECHEF

  • World’s finest best nonstick cookware coated with new Teflon
  • The perfect pan for fluffy frittatas or omelets easily
  • The long brushed stainless steel double handle remains fresh on the stovetop for durability and strength.
  • Oven save pan up to 450F and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning

Specifications of TECHEF

Specifications Values
Product Dimensions
9.5 x 9 x 3.5 inches
Item Weight 1.6 pounds
Manufacturer TECHEF
Color Purple

TECHEF Nonstick Omelet pan


  • Used easily to make omelets or frittatas with filling
  • Non-sticky Teflon coated inner makes easy cleaning and smooth omelets
  • The compact size makes it ideal for small families
  • The aluminum body makes it durable and spread even heat
  • The stainless steel pan is durable and stays cool during cooking
  • Comes with a bonus potholder, so there is no need for kitchen gloves while using pan


  • Not for traditional round shape omelets

4. T-fal Professional Nonstick Fry Pan

Professional Total Nonstick Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Fry PanThe T-fal has aspired to make the lives of home cooking easier to provide ingenious, user-friendly, and high performing pan that enables a shortcut to desired results. It started with the single idea of the nonstick pan that revolutionizes food preparation, clean up, and transfer allow you to spend time enjoying moments with your loved ones.

The T-fal continuously strives to develop innovative product solutions that remove the guesswork and stress in the kitchen. When the pan is perfectly preheated and ready to begin cooking, the unique indicator technology shows a T-fal thermo spot.

The heavy gauge aluminum construction provides even and fasts heating, while stainless-steel warp-resistant bases make the cookware compatible with the cooktop that includes PFOA. It requires little or no oil or butter and provides healthier cooking. The best non stick pan without teflon works well for cooking a wide range of different items, from breakfast to dinner entrees. Oven safe up to 400 degrees and safe dishwasher cookware that offers versatility and ultra-convenient use.

Features of T-fal

  • The pan has a thermal-spot indicator, which lets you know once a nonstick omelet pan is hot enough.
  • Pan depth is 1.75 inches thus cook various meals
  • It’s oven safe and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning
  • Up to 400 degrees use the pan into the oven
  • The stainless steel disk ensures even heat distribution

Specifications of T-fal

Specifications Value
Item Diameter 8 Inches
Has nonstick coating
Is oven-safe Yes
Item Dimensions
8 x 6 x 2.5 inches
Material Nonstick coating

T-fal Professional Nonstick Fry Pan


  • Thermo spot indicator
  • Durable titanium nonstick interior
  • Riveted silicone handles
  • Silicon handle offers a secure grip
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Scratch when you add metal utensils to the pan
  • Doesn’t work well for hot items over 400 degrees

5. Emeril Lagasse Nonstick Fry Pan

best non stick omelet pan to buy in 2020When you want to enjoy a fantastic omelet for breakfast with your family, you need a great quality fry pan. We come with the great omelet pan, Emeril Lagasse. In designing the pan, manufacturers thought about what for pans and pots that they both use in homes and restaurants. The pan comes with durability, high performance, and dependability.

Who is best to make a product than someone who has the experience a share of issues doing what you need to do with a pan? It’s those challenges that have prompted me to look for a solution. The Emeril who have been consulted is a professional chef owning 12 restaurants.

Features of Emeril

  • The pan comes with a triple-layer nonstick coat, which is not easy to clean but safe when using metal utensils for cooking.
  • The heavy-gauge aluminum construction allows both even and quick distribution of heat.
  • Its riveted stainless steel handle of pan provides safety as well as comfort.
  • It has a tempered glass lid helps you to monitor cooking.
  • The pan is oven safe and cookware safe for up to 350 degrees and 450 degrees respectively.
  • Both nonstick and anodized aluminum coating is dishwasher safe.

Specifications of Emeril

Product Dimensions 19.27 x 1.78 x 14.65 inches
Item Weight 1.7 pounds
Manufacturer Emeril Lagasse

Emeril Lagasse Nonstick Fry Pan


  • Easy to clean
  • Tempered glass lid to keep the temperature consistent
  • Produce even heat distribution


  • Bit Heavy
  • It takes extra time to heat pan due to the triple-layer

6. Ozeri Stainless Steel Pan

Ozeri 8-Inch Stainless Steel PanOzeri is a top manufacturer, especially when it comes to nonstick omelet pan. These pans come in different sizes, such as 8, 10, and 12 inches. The 8 inches pan is available in 2 different colors. The Ozeri is a safe and durable nonstick coating pan developed in the USA.

The stainless steel pan to achieve nonstick perfection without using APEO or PFOA harmful chemicals often found in traditional cookware. The conventional pans achieve nonstick performance with the lid, a potential carcinogen that EPA has classified as a persistent pollutant of the environment.

According to EPA, the PFOA is capable of remaining in people for a long time and has been shown to cause developmental and other adverse effects in animals. European studies have shown toxic to aquatic life and have the potential to act as endocrine disrupters. With the stainless steel coating under the high temperatures, no controversial chemicals are released into the environment.

Features of Ozeri

  • Stainless steel is used to make the handle of the pan heat resistant for a comfortable grip when cooking.
  • The stainless steel nonstick interior makes its performance easy to clean and tremendous
  • The base of the pan is magnetic to guarantee safety even when using an induction stove.
  • Health is a priority because it’s 99.9% APEA and PFOA free and its completely eco-friendly pan.
  • The pan is scratch resistant and durable for comfortable cooking even when using metal utensils.

Specifications of Ozeri

Black Interior

Ozeri Stainless Steel Pan


  • Doesn’t scratch when utilizing utensils on the body of the pan
  • Secure rivets keep the pan steady
  • Doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals


  • Hard to clean off the surface
  • Not large enough for family’s meals

7. All-Clad Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Pan

Stainless Steel omelet PanCooking is a passion; we come with the ultimate experience for cooking that invests in what they like to do dedicated to growing and accomplishing, sharing, and creating passing down stories, even secret recipes. We have obsessed over detail. Building on the heritage of metal craftmanship born in PA, Canonsburg, we continuously innovate a growing range to top tier products to meet the changing requirements of cook who demand uncompromising quality in the kitchen.

From cookware to accessories, all products are thoughtfully made of uncompromising standards and ensures durability and ultimate performance for a lifetime. The extended professional handles are designed for the chef’s underhand grip. The capacity of the pan is etched on the base of the pan. It’s a dishwasher, safe pan.

Features of All-Clad

  • It is PFOA free for healthy purposes
  • The flared shape of the pan makes it easy to remove food from nonstick omelet once it’s ready
  • The exterior is safe for both traditional and induction stoves.
  • The three-ply steel bonded construction guarantees you a high-quality pan.
  • The Nonstick surface facilitates easy emptying as well as cleaning.

Specifications of All-Clad

Product Dimensions
18.25 x 10.5 x 4.13 inches
Item Weight 3.2 pounds
Department Unisex
Manufacturer Groupe SEB
Color Silver

All-Clad Tri-Ply Stainless Steel Pan


  • Well polished for better resistance
  • Preserve natural flavors of food
  • Professional long handle
  • Capacity is etched on the pan’s base
  • Dishwasher safe product
  • Aluminum core allows heat to move around all its body


  • Nonstick surface wear after a while
  • The handle is not all comfortable.

8. Calphalon Contemporary Aluminum Nonstick Omelet Fry Pan

best non stick frying pan for omeletThe Calphalon introduces the best nonstick omelet pan that comes with a lot of features. Its stylish, sleek, and modern design looks great in the kitchen while offering reliable everyday performance. The design of the frying pan is thick, flat bottom with gently sloping sides that make it ideal for preparing omelets, eggs, browning potatoes, and sautéing vegetables.

Moreover, the heavy-duty gauge and hard-anodized aluminum construction ensure even heating. Thank its multilayer nonstick surface that increases its durability and makes it easy to clean. The Calphalon contemporary nonstick frying pan is oven safe to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and backed. The Calphalon offers a full lifetime warranty so you can buy it without any worries of breakage.

In addition, this 8-inch fry pan for an omelet is dishwasher safe for quick and easy cleaning. It is compatible with gas, electric, electric ring, halogen, or glass-ceramic stovetops. However, you should be used with nylon, wooden, or coated utensils to protect the nonstick surface from damage. If you are looking for the best non stick, non toxic cookware or pan for an omelet, then the Calphalon frying pan is a great choice for you.

Features of Calphalon

  • Heavy-gauge aluminum construction ensures even heating for durability.
  • The interior of the pan includes three layers of nonstick coating. They offer comfortable release performance, and two layers provide durability.
  • The brushed and long stainless steel handle is designed to stay cool on the stovetop; it’s also oven safe.
  • Wide flat bottoms heat evenly and provide plenty of room for cooking
  • The frying pan surface means you can cook healthier using less fat, with effortless cleanup

Specifications of Calphalon

Is Dishwasher Safe
Is oven-safe Yes
Has nonstick coating Yes
Item Dimensions 14.25 x 8.5 x 1.75 inches
Material Aluminum

Calphalon Nonstick Omelet Fry Pan


  • Durable and stylish frying pan
  • Flat bottom with sloping sides
  • Hard anodized aluminum for even heating
  • Nonstick surface for easy cleaning
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe up to 450 degree


  • Outside coating pealing badly
  • Skillet was extremely damaged

9. Calphalon Classic Nonstick Omelet Pan With Lid

Calphalon Classic Nonstick Omelet Pan With LidThe Calphalon classic has sloped sides of the pan and flared edges a perfect environment for making the delicious omelet. The interior cooking surface is coated with a dual-layer of nonstick, to ensure you to get easy food release. You can make perfect food items without or little oil or butter.

At the core of the perfect omelet pan is hard aluminum material. The material type helps you to spread heat evenly to provide consistent results. The handle is built with cold-cast stainless steel and use comfortably without any gloves.

For better and faster cooking convenience, a lid also comes with the pan. The lid of the pan helps you to lock flavors in for proper flavor absorption. It will speed up cooking time as you don’t lose any heat in comparison to the lidless unit. The lid is see-through, so all guesswork is out of the question. It’s oven-safe up to 450 degrees and with its lifetime warranty, this model is all-round complete.

Features of Calphalon

  • For easy food release and quick cleanup dual-layer nonstick pan
  • The unit comes with the tempered glass lid
  • Durable hard-anodized aluminum construction provides great quality food
  • Cast stainless steel long handle that stays cool while the pan is on heat
  • Oven safe up to 450F

Specifications of Calphalon

Product Dimensions
Item Weight 3.5 pounds
Color Gray
Size 10 inches

Calphalon Omelet Pan


  • Super dual coat nonstick
  • Ensures heat distribution for great results
  • Ever cool handle
  • Oven safe pan
  • A see-through glass lid helps lock moisture and flavors in


  • Not a dishwasher safe pan
  • Best for medium and low stovetop heat

10. T-fal E93808 Professional Nonstick Pan

Professional Nonstick Fry Pan, Nonstick CookwareWhen you need a pan with high quality and superior results, we recommend you to choose the T-fal pans. Be prepared for any culinary adventure with the T-fal nonstick cookware. The innovative thermal spot heat indicator technology ensures pre-heated pans when it comes to sealing in flavor and juices, and searing. The pattern is center turns to the solid red spot; the pan is ready to cook.

The cookware’s heavy-gauge aluminum construction provides even and fast heating. Stainless steel warp-resistant bases make the pan compatible with any cooktop that includes induction. The pan is PFOA free. It needs little or no fat or oil that allows for healthier cooking, quick cleanup, effortless food release. The cookware silicone handle stays cool to touch for a comfortable grip and its vented tempered glass lid with handle trap in moisture and heat and makes it easy to monitor the cooking process.

The T-fal fry pan works well for cooking a wide range of menu items from breakfast to delicious dinner entrees. The pan is oven safe up to 400 degrees and dishwasher safe. It offers exceptional versatility and ultra-convenient use.

Features of T-fal E93808

  • The heat master system is a three-ingredient recipe for delicious cooking results, long-lasting and superior nonstick coating even heat base, and patented Thermo spot technology
  • The ring around the spot turns red to show when the pan is preheated and ready to add ingredients, preheating is a key to sealing in cooking food evenly
  • Scratch-resistant and toxic-free, reinforced nonstick interior stands up to rigorous use and allow for cooking
  • The riveted silicone handles are secure and comfortable to use
  • The pan is suitable for stovetops that include induction, its oven-safe up to 400 degrees, lifetime warranty, and safe dishwasher pan

Specifications of T-fal E93808

Item Diameter
8 Inches
Item Dimensions 8 x 6 x 2.5 inches
Material Nonstick coating
Color Black

T-fal Professional Nonstick Pan


  • Titanium nonstick interior
  • Easily washed in a dishwasher
  • Silicone handle offers a secure grip
  • Thermo spot indicator in the center provides a great readout for planning cooking


  • Doesn’t work well for hot items over 400 degrees
  • Scratch if you add metal utensils to the pan

Top Things to Be Consider Buying The Best Nonstick Omelet Pan

Nonstick omelet pans are very aesthetic. There’re various features that you should consider when choosing the best nonstick omelet pan.

Sloping sides

The gently sloping sides help move the omelet around the pan when you cook food by the flipping and swirling. If the frying pan has a flared edge, it will ensure the omelet out of the pan and onto the plate ideally without breaking. Presentation is paramount when you produce great food.

Thick flat bottom

The thick bottom allows you to cook at the medium or high flame and evenly distributes the heat. It also reduces the risk of hot food and warping the pan. It’s essential to have the right material in the base, such as aluminum in the base, to ensures even and fast heat distribution.


The Nonstick pans composed of many materials. However, the pan must be food safe. So, marked as chemical-free. Many nonstick surfaces are resistant to a higher temperature, but it’s the best to use over the low and medium flame to maintain its effectiveness. While that’s the case, some pans have upgraded coatings that can use their nonstick on a slightly higher heat surface.

Right cooking surface

If the egg burnt and sticks to the omelet pan, then the omelet will ruin and come out looking like rotten scrambled eggs. Then it can be little tricky to clean the burnt non stick pan. Make sure the surface is nonstick that ensures the omelet never sticks and takes it out of the pan is easy and straightforward.

Great handle

The handle of the pan guarantees safety and comfort. The best option is a pan with the bakelite handle or any other heat-resistant material. However, no matter what type of handle it is, it will get hot in the oven. There’s the need to maneuver the pan to get great results, and it’s essential to make sure that you have a high handle that is easy to hold and keep fresh.

The innovation of manufacturers has no limit on handle shape; flat, curved, and ergonomic. The essential thing is that the handle is suitable and comfortable to use. Hence, check the rivets that hold it in place. Choose the handle that best protects from contact with the hot zone. A short handle is not high for remains or handling uncomfortable to use, as it keeps hand too close to the fire.


Some pans have high resistance to scratches or abrasion. The best omelet pans are durable, as long as you don’t push too hard metal utensils while cooking. The nonstick coating provides the best durability when used with silicone, wooden, or plastic utensils.
However, to be on the safe side, you should opt for a model that offers you a level of resistance against scratches and abrasion.


A nonstick pan is usually round or oval. They opt for a model with higher sides that slope slightly to aid in a flipping omelet. It’s a great idea to choose a pan with a flared edge because you’ll have a better option of sliding the omelet from the pan without breaking it.

Flip-over lid

If you’ve trouble flipping an omelet without breaking the omelet, a pan with a flip-over lid can lifesaver. You being cooking the omelet on one side of the pan, select the lid, and then you turn the whole thing over to flip the omelet without any breaking chance.


Generally, the omelet pans range start from 13 to 150 dollars. You will pay between 15 to 35 dollars for smaller nonstick pans, 35 to 150 dollars for mid-size pans, and 150 to 200 dollars for large pans.

Pan size

The size of the pan is also an important feature. It’s just for one, or are you making the omelet for a big family, 8 inches pans are best for single while the 10 to 12 inches pans are bet for accommodating families. The bigger pan, the harder it will make the perfect omelet, though.


A portion of delicious food is always a treat. However, proper cooking can be achieved when you do not just have the perfect ingredients but also the right cooking tools as well. To make omelet as high as they can be, so here you need the best nonstick omelet pan. They are designed for making fantastic omelets.

You will become the star of the kitchen in little time. Also versatile enough to handle other uses, it’s an indispensable tool for the kitchen. Moreover, we suggest that you should go through our buying guide. In it, you will find excellent options for the best nonstick omelet pans and tips to use and buy them.


What is a nonstick omelet pan?

Nonstick omelet pan is a pan with the shallow sloping sides, a long handle, and flat bottom. It's designed for smooth movement, turn and remove an omelet or other egg mixtures. The omelet pan range starts from 6 to 12 inches in diameters and makes of aluminum, plain or stainless steel, or cast iron.

Why should you feel the need for an omelet pan?

You will feel the need for an omelet pan when you want to make a quick mean or a delicious breakfast. If you want a perfect meal without any worry, all the messy culinary tastes. Moreover, if omelet one of the famous dish in your family.

How large is an omelet pan?

Like other cookware, the omelet pans come with a variety of different colors and sizes. It depends on the serving size. The omelet pan can vary from 8 to 12 inches.

What is the best nonstick omelet pan?

Our experts analyze various pans and after analyzing hundreds of omelet pans. They found the best nonstick omelet pan due to its performance, user reviews, and durability.

What's make a tremendous nonstick omelet pan?

Consider the following feature that makes the pan as an excellent nonstick omelet pan: Shape: omelet pan is typically between 8 to 12 inches in diameters. Size: Oval or round shapes are good Material: omelet pans made of different materials include carbon steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and anodized aluminum. Handle: with a long handle that balanced so that you will have a better grip on the pan Nonstick surface: choose an omelet pan with nonstick coating, so omelet release even if you never use a ton of oil or butter. Price: the reasonable price is recommended.

How to use folding omelet pan?

Preheat the folding pan over medium flame. Ladle beaten eggs into both sides of the omelet pan. One full spoon is enough for a full omelet, use about half a ladle for each side. Let's cook eggs for two minutes.


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