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Best Oil Drain Pans For Efficient Oil Change

The oil drain pans are specially designed to avoid mishandling and inconvenience to disposing and draining of vehicle engine oil. These plastic drain pans are a comprehensive and effective solution to protect your garage floor from oil spillage. Moreover, there’re many drain pans with different capacities and designs.

The best oil drain pans are the tools car owners think they should not have in the garage. Why you need to pay money to acquire a bucket is the kind of thought they have in their head, but they do not know the importance of the best oil drain pans till the day comes when they’ve to carry out an oil change on their cars but by themselves?

When they look at a large amount of oil spillage that spread slowly and tried to cover the driveway, then they would regret not having invested in any of the oil drain pans. Never be among the category who think that they do not need to make use of an oil drain pan someday. But ensures that spending some money in advance and buying an excellent oil drain pan, which will not just prevent oil spillages and splashes but would also ensure that changing oil is much easier than expected.

In this article, we’ll show you the best oil drain pans that we complied with so you’ll not see any difficulty in finding that which meets your expectations and requirements.

Best Tips To Change Oil

Dispose of Previous Oil Completely

You must take old oil to local auto parts store so that they can recycle that previous oil instead of dumping old oil somewhere. You’re damaging the environment when you dump oil outdoors, and it potentially causes more significant harm than you’re aware of. If you dump old oil, it has a chance of getting into the rainwater when it rains, killing sorts of wildlife and animals. You can find if you’re caught illegally dumping oil outside.

Wear Gloves

When you feel the need to change oil, you’ll go to get the dirty form working underneath your vehicle and handling oil filters and old oil. It is a great idea to put on some nitrile gloves to protect your hands from all grease and grime of oil changes. It has some more benefits of adding another layer to hands to protect them. You should wear gloves while doing your oil change, but if you get oil on them, they’re not easy to clean, that is why we recommend disposable gloves.

Storing Old Oil

Few people cleaned out used milk jugs and then store their used engine oil in milk jugs so that they could transport them to the local auto parts store. If you have another fluid storage container with a tight-fitting lid, then that would work better, but an old jug is also an option. Make sure that whatever content you choose to store old oil has a tight-fitting cap so that it doesn’t have to chance to spill or leak out.

Transport Old Oil

We usually put down old boxes underneath the oil drain pan when we go to transport previous oil to the local auto parts store to help protect the carpet of any vehicle. If you do a great job of making sure that the oil drain pan is clean after use, then it should not matter as much, but we like to do it as extra protection anyway.

Cover Garage Floor

If you’re new to change oil or want to help protect the garage floor, it may not bad to put down a protective barrier between the garage floor and oil that you’ll be draining from your vehicle. Grab the cardboard boxes and put them down on the garage floor and put an oil drain pan on top of them to make a barrier between the garage floor and any oil that splashes onto it. As you get batter at draining the oil and use a specific oil drain pan may no longer need to put cardboard.


When you decided to go with the sealable oil drain pan, make sure that you unplug or open a vent cap on the side of the top before draining oil. The vent cap is designed to allow your oil to flow smoothly into a container, and if you never open up the vent cap, then the used oil can spill over the sides of the container. We have made this mistake before, so don’t be like me.

Use Jack Stand and Vehicle Ramps

If you plan to change oil frequently, it may not be wrong to invest in some vehicle ramps. Vehicle ramps allow you to drive vehicles onto the ramps so that underside of the vehicle is easy to access to make changing oil easier. Get vehicle as high in air using a floor jack, but using vehicle ramps such as the ones listed below to make it more comfortable as you don’t have to mess with jacking up the vehicle in the air.

Our Pickup of Top 10 Best Oil Drain Pans

  1.  Capri Tools Portable Oil Drain Pan
  2.  Lumax Black 15 Quart Drain Pan
  3.  Custom Accessories Oil Drain Pan
  4.  Hopkins Oil Drain Container
  5.  Lumax Black 5 Gallon Plastic Oil Drain Pan
  6.  FloTool Hopkins Oil Drain Pan
  7.  WirthCo Funnel King Oil Drain Pan
  8.  Capri Portable Oil Drain Pan
  9.  Behrens Seamless Oil Drain Pan
  10.  Sherman Hopkins Oil Drain Pan

1) Capri Tools Portable Oil Drain Pan

Capri Tools CP21024 Portable Oil Drain Pan, 2 gallon, BlackIf you are searching the reliable and versatile oil drain pan, then your search ends now because the Capri portable oil drain pan is it. The pan is made from polyethylene is resistant to extreme temperature and lasts for a long time. The black color oil drain pan with a capacity of 2 gallons.

It’s a lightweight construction and molded. The size of the pan is around 5 x 5 x 8 inches. It is a compact oil drain pan that builds from heavy-duty polyethylene to ensure long-lasting service. You’ll find it super easy to clean your oil drain pan and maintain it. You can take the pan anywhere you like due to its small size.

The large opening of the pan allows the fluids to flow directly onto the base. And due to the anti-splash lip, the pouring from the container is much more comfortable than ever. You’ll not spill any oil that makes it comfortable to hold. The anti-splash lip prevents the splatter when pouring and collecting. It holds up to eight liters of fluid.

Features of Capri

  • Easy to carry portable oil drain pan and easy to clean
  • Comes with the cleaner oil changes, provides easier, fluids drain into the large opening
  • Anti-splash lip contains fluid when pouring and the molded handle makes carrying easy
  • The total capacity of holding the oil is just 2 gallons which means eight litter
  • Constructed of tough polyethylene materials for durability

Specifications of Capri

Specifications Values
Item Weight 1.2 pound
Item Dimension 5 x 5 x 8 inches
Size 2 gallon
Color Black
Included Components Oil drain pan
Material Polyethylene

Capri Tools Oil Drain Pan


  • Durable polyethylene material
  • Anti-splash lip prevents spills
  • High-quality construction
  • For easy carrying molded handles
  • Easy to clean
  • Eight liter capacity of holding oil


  • Without lid
  • Never designed for transporting
  • Never comes with wheels
  • Not designed for transport

2) Lumax Black 15 Quart Drain Pan

best oil drain pan review Its’ quite durable. Simple and easy to use. The Luma’xs, 15-quart tank, holds the oil from almost any kind of car or trunk. The eight inches opening catches draining oil without the making of any mess or needs a funnel. Once you collect the oil, engage the exclusive o-ring seal to close the opening.

Now you can take the container to the oil recycling center without any worry about spills or leaks. The container sits on its side when collecting oil. Once sealed, you carry it upright with no-slip handle. The pour spout at the top allows for quickly move the oil collecting center or disposal location.

The heavy-duty construction of the oil drain pan is durable, flexible, and freeze resistant. The E-Z roll wheels allow you to roll the container across the garage floor without having any issue about sloshing or spills.

Features of Lumax

  • The pan comes with the 15 qt, which is 14 letters.
  • It’s the best choice for oil recycling.
  • No oily tub, mess, or funnel because the drain is direct
  • The heavy-duty construction with the E-Z handle and roll wheels
  • The unit is large eight or 20mm opening with the screw cap

Specifications of Lumax

Specifications Values
Product Dimension 19 x 16 x 5 inches
Brand Lumax
Item Weight 2.55 pounds

Lumax Drain Pan


  • 15-quart tank with eight inches collection opening
  • The O-ring seal keeps the oil safely inside the container
  • Made from heavy-duty plastic
  • Easy to transport and clean


  • Need five inches clearance underneath the car

3) Custom Accessories Oil Drain Pan

Oil Drain PanTo keep your garage floors neat and mess-free, get the custom accessories 31118 oil drain pan because it’s the best option. The capacity of the pan is 6 quart improves the efficiency of pouring and minimize the spillage of any liquid.

The black color is lightweight, dependable, and easy to use. The oil drains pan weight around 4.6 ounces and has the dimensions of 13 x 13 x 4.2 inches. It features a pour spout that helps you to transfer oil to any travel container quickly. The oil drain pan works perfectly for almost all kind of vehicles.

Especially smaller vehicles such as scooters, cars, and motorcycles. So, if you’re in search of a motorcycle oil drain pan, you can opt for this. The pan has a 6-quart oil capacity, and dimensions are 13 x 13 x 4 inches. If you never mind the limited oil capacity of the oil drain pan, then it must be what you are looking for. It’s an affordable and more durable pan than it looks.

Features of Custom

  • The pan keeps your garage floors free of mess and clean.
  • It holds 6 quarts and great for all kind of liquids
  • Reduce the spillage and improve efficiency in pouring liquids with the oil pan
  • Oil drain pans are best for any liquid when working on a car, motorcycle, truck requires.
  • It comes with various car auto accessories to customize vehicles.

Specifications of Custom

Custom Accessories
Product Dimensions 13 x 13 x 4.25 inches
Brand Custom Accessories
Item Weight
4.6 ounces

Custom Oil Drain Pan


  • Made of lightweight, durable plastic
  • Has a capacity of 6 quart
  • Durable and inexpensive
  • Works for most liquids
  • Ideal for various usage
  • Pour spout helps in easy drainage


  • Too small capacity
  • Offers the features, grooves or handles

4) Hopkins Oil Drain Container

Hopkins Oil Drain ContainerThe Hopkins 11838 is uniquely designed to make oil drains less tedious and faster. The unique model is made of fantastic material to ensure longevity and comes in a portable and compact design. The lid is enough stable and lockable to not move from its place, which ensures you never have to worry about leaks or oil spills without spilling it on the ground.

Moreover, the draining filter is made effortless and faster when using the oil drain pan due to its molded grooves. Because the top section doesn’t come off, it’s hard to clean the oil drain pan thoroughly. Hence, with lot of great features, there’s no need to pay a lot of attention to ease of cleanup.

Features of Hopkins

  • The pan comes with the 15-quart oil drain container
  • Comes with a lid to protect the oil and is easy to transport
  • The oil drain pan weights 2 pounds

Specifications of Hopkins

Hopkins Manufacturing
Model 750-732
Item Weight 2 pounds
Product Dimension 19.15 x 19.1 x 6.6 inches

Hopkins Oil Drain Container


  • Easy pour and carry
  • Quick drain vent plug
  • Includes molded grooves
  • Portable and compact


  • Hard to clean

5) Lumax Black 5 Gallon Plastic Oil Drain Pan

top best oil drain pan for cookwareThe Lumax is the robust oil drain pan made of sturdy, resistant polyethylene materials that never rust or dent and can withstand average temperature. The material of the pan is resistant to gasoline, anti-freeze, and oil.

Moreover, the black color of the oil drain pan makes it more beautifull to look. And its weight is almost 1.04g and 18 inches in diameter and 6 inches in depth. It has a capacity of 5 gallons. The durable pan features rolled edges that prevent spillage. The wire loop handle of the pan makes it easy to carry and push the pan under the vehicle. Due to the excellent and straightforward design, you can clean it easily.

Features of Lumax

  • The black plastic oil drain pan with the wire loop handle
  • The pan is constructed of tough polyethylene material
  • Impervious to gasoline, oil, anti-freeze
  • 20 liter and 5 gallon capacity of holding oil
  • Measures 18 inches diameter and 6 inches hight makes it perfect

Specifications of Lumax

Product diameters
18 x 5.25 inches
Material plastic
Item weight 2 pounds
Color Black
Capacity 5 Gallon

Lumax Plastic Oil Drain Pan


  • Easy to clean
  • The metal handle is removable
  • Has the capacity of 5 gallons
  • Rolled edges that prevent the spillage
  • Made fo sturdy dent and rustproof material


  • Not appropriate pout angle

6) FloTool Hopkins Oil Drain Pan

Crude Control Oil Drain PanIf you’re finding the best oil drain pan with the mega capacity, then nothing can beat this FloTool heavy-duty oil drain container. Hopkins has a massive capacity of 58 quarts. It makes it perfect for various oil changes in case of domestic reasons and commercial use.

The black color closed rectangular container that is build of heavy-duty plastic with the red color oil drain plugs. The weight of the pan is just 14 pounds, with the dimensions of 37 x 26 x 10 inches. The built-in wheels of the pan make it easy for transportation. Hence, it is the best oil pan drain plug gasket, also features the vent that ensures smooth pouring and filling.

The rugged design of the pan makes it a long-lasting product and saves from the mess that comes with the oil changes. There’s a drain spout together with the four large handles with an excellent grip to makes it easy to empty the pan. The leak-proof design of the oil drain pan makes it one of the great products in the market.

Features of FloTool

  • A huge capacity for many oil changes or commercial use
  • Closed container constructed from a heavy-duty plastic in black color
  • The pan includes a drain spout for emptying the drain pan
  • Built-in wheels aid
  • For long-lasting products use rugged, durable designed

Specifications of FloTool

Product Dimension 37.5 x 26.75 x 10.25 inches
Item Weight 13.97 pounds
Brand F3 Brands

FloTool Oil Drain Pan


  • Comes with a great capacity of 58 quart
  • Features leak-proof heavy-duty seals and caps
  • The rectangular basin can accommodate the oil stream, causing less mess.
  • Robust, ergonomic handles
  • Easy transportation and handling despite large oil capacity.


  • On small plug, the gasket is missing
  • Drain portion almost flat while funneling oil and splashes allover
  • Small opening for oil to enter the tank that makes the process of draining slow

7) WirthCo Funnel King Oil Drain Pan

Oil Drain Pan with E-Z GripThe wirthCo is funnel king oil drain pan comes with the 4-gallon size. The roundish black color is the best choice. It is made of durable, sturdy material. The pan is leak-proof and convenient while pouring oil into a container. The weight of this best drain pan for an oil change is robust around 2 pounds.

The dimension of the pan is 22 x 18 x 7 inches. The splash guard lip prevents all kinds of oil spillage. The pour spout has a diameter of 1 work perfect while pouring the oil. Moreover, the EZ grip handles of pan offer an excellent grip while carrying and pouring the pan from one place to another.

Features of WirthCo

  • Splash guard lip of the pan
  • EZ grip handles make it perfect choice
  • One diameter pour spout

Specifications of WirthCo

Color Black
Brand WirthCo
Item Weight 2.2 pounds

WirthCo Oil Drain Pan


  • Easy to clean
  • Sturdy oil pan
  • EZ grip handles offer great grip
  • Made of heavy-duty materials without drips


  • The angle of the spout is inconvenient
  • The neck of sprout is long enough to get into a jug

8) Capri Portable Oil Drain Pan

Portable Oil Drain PanIt is made of polyethylene materials that are resistant to various chemicals, anti-freeze, different solvents, and ensures long-lasting durability.

The open style green color oil drain pan is round in shape and has a massive capacity of 4.5 gallons, which are almost 16 liters. The pan weighs around 2.1 pounds and comes with a dimension of 23 x 19 x 6 inches. Moreover, the pan comes with the anti-splash lip that will help you to contain the fluids while draining them out from your car.

There’s a 1-inch pour spout to aid natural drain used oil into a storage container. The smooth molded handles on both ends will make the pouring fluids easy. Hence, the open design of the pan will make it easy to clean and comes with a one-year warranty.

Features of Capri

  • Carry portable oil drain pan using Capri tools and easy to clean
  • Provides cleaner, easier oil changes, fluids drain directly into the large opening
  • Anti-splash lip contains the fluid when pour and mold the handle makes carrying, storing and pouring easy
  • The pan is constructed of tough polyethylene material for long-lasting durability
  • The total capacity of the pan is 4 gallons

Specifications of Capri

Capri Tools
Item Weight 1.75 pounds
Product Dimension 23 x 19 x 6 inches
Color Green
Material Manmade

Capri Oil Drain Pan


  • Easy to use pan
  • Made of durable and rigid quality plastic
  • A wide basin helps in easy oil collection
  • Being anti-freeze can use in freezing temperature


  • The nozzle angle is in an awkward position

9) Behrens Seamless Oil Drain Pan

best oil drain pan If you want a much cheaper oil drain pan, then the Behrens will be the best choice and work well for you. The pan is made of steel & has a huge mouth that collects all the oil from your vehicle with no spills.

The inexpensive oil drain pan will deteriorate or deform like others made from rubber or plastic, and you can use it confidently for a long time. The 3-gallon capacity will not be the largest on oil drain pan views but is excellent enough, so you don’t have to tension about oil overflowing from pan.

Moreover, generally, the oil drain pan is natural to use that should also not take a lot of effort to store or clean up. The absence of lid and the relatively shallower design mean that it will not very appropriate pan for storing the oil. However, if you do not have a lot of oil, the pan still works.

Features of Behrens

  • Various uses from oil drip pan to pet dishes
  • Galvanized steel won’t deform or flex
  • Will never soften or degrade like rubber or plastic
  • The great Behrens products made in the USA
  • Dimensions of the pan are 17 x 17 x 5 inches with one 1/2lbs

Specifications of Behrens

Product Dimensions
17 x 17 x 5 inches
Manufacturer Behrens
Item Weight 1.34 pounds

Behrens Oil Drain Pan


  • Highly affordable oil drain pan
  • Great quality steel construction
  • Doesn’t degrade or soften
  • Simple and easy to use


  • Relatively shallower
  • Never come with a lid

10) Sherman Hopkins Oil Drain Pan

 Gallon Open Top Drain PanIf you feel the need for the best oil drain pan, you should go and buy the Sherm Hopkins oil drain pan because it’s something that quickly fulfills your requirements and demands. The capacity of the pan is 5 gallons, which are enough. You can move the pan quickly anywhere you want. Moreover, it’s the best motorcycle oil drain pan.

The pan has an open lid design for the ability to hold a large capacity of oil. Additionally, the cleaner oil changes, fluids drain directly into the large opening. The anti-splash lid contains the fluid when molded or pouring handles make carrying storing and pouring easy.

Features of Sherman

  • 5-gallon oil drain pan for cleaner oil changes and easier.
  • The pan allows you to pour fuels and another kind of liquid from one container to another without wasteful and messy spillage
  • Directly fluids drain into the large opening
  • The oversized lip of the pan contains the splatters
  • Spout and handle make for easy pouring and carrying control

Specifications of Sherman

Brand Sherman
Hopkins 11845MI FloTool 5 Gallon Open Top Drain Pan
Item Weight 1.5 pounds
Product Dimension 17 x 1 x 0.25 inches
Item model number 11845MI

Sherman Oil Drian Pan


  • Plastic burr on the spout
  • High edges on sides and spout
  • Easy to use
  • The capacity of 5-gallon liquid


  • Cheap plastic
  • The bottom seems a Little weak

Buying Guide of Best Oil Drain Pans

Oil capacity

You should probably make the number one consideration when selecting an oil drain pan is the oil capacity that it could hold. You may want to take old oil to the auto parts store every time you replace the oil in your vehicle if you get the best oil drain pans that have large capacity than you should drain your oil three times before the need to take oil drain pan to auto parts to be emptied.

If you choose the oil drain pan with an oil capacity of 16 quarts. Mostly the cars have the capacity of 5 quarts, which means it could drain the oil of the car three times before the need to empty the oil drain pan if I wanted.

Sealable Container

When you choose the best oil drain pans, another consideration you should make is a sealable container. Some oil drain pans will be open. It may not big a deal to you if you have the truck and never care about oil splashing around the truck bed but if you need to transport old oil to an auto parts store like you will probably need to go with an oil drain pan that can be sealed up so that you can transport it without getting oil everywhere.

Hose Length

Once you’ve used the oil drain pan with the pump and filled it with engine oil, you might need to get rid of oil. Luckily it’s quite easy to do since the pump pushes the oil out of the pan using an extraction hose. Use the extraction hose to move the oil in a large container or disposal location.

But if you need to reach other containers easily, you may have a considerable hose length with an oil drain pan. It includes the hose length ratings like 6 or 8 feet. Out of these two, a higher hose length is better for ease of use and flexibility.

Size of Wheels

Another essential factor to consider before getting an oil drain pan with a pump is it’s wheel size and. Most oil drain pans mentioned above, offers wheels on the bottom.

The car is handy if you want smoothly and quickly move pan while it’s filled with oil. In these situation, you need to have smooth and large wheels on pans to move it to various location as per needs. The wheel size of 6 inches is better than a wheel size of 2 inches or 4 inches.

Pump Type

Though all the oil drain pans mentioned above, Some of them are comes with a pump, but not all these are the same. The pump is used to move the oil out of the pan and different containers. Because the pump offers such a simple function, not all these oil drain pans come with an electric pump.

You can find manual hand powered pumps in some models. As expected, an electric pump moves all oil faster and quicker compared to a manual hand-driven one. That being said, the oil drain pans with manual hand-driven pumps are affordable and make for a great budget option if you do not need to use it for heavy-duty usage.


The oil drain pan with the pump that you’re buying should be reliable and durable enough that it lasts for a long time. While there’re a lot of factors that make a given oil drain pan durable, checking the warranty of the pan is the first thing you should do.

Moreover, these oil drain pans with a pump come with either one or 2-year extended warranty, which should be decent enough for users. You must check the build quality of the oil drain pan to ensure that it can last for a long time. Generally, the pans are made out of cast iron, and stainless steel is better than plastic and aluminum ones in terms of their strength.

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Here you have every relevant information regarding the best oil drain pans at your fingertips, and we urge you to make use of this information very well in buying the product that would best be suited for your needs.

When servicing cars, oil spillages are something that the car owner hates. Most oil stains are everlasting and need special treatment to remove, so it’s better to have a high-quality oil drain pan when changing car oils.

Whether you want something with a large capacity or a simple pan to use for a single car, they’re something to suit particular requirements. We highly recommend the best oil drain pan for all oil changing needs as it’s a very high-quality all-in-one tool.

However, every single product that we have rounded up and discussed all the excellent quality and have to makes an oil change an elegant experience and would not go wrong by setting for these products that we have talked about in this review.


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