Best Steam Press For Clothes Ironing

A steam press is a must-have tool for any home or professional laundry room. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to remove wrinkles and creases from clothing, making it easier to iron. The best steam press is also the most compact. It’s a small appliance that takes up little space in your laundry room. The best steam presses are also easy to use and operate and can save you time and money when it comes to ironing.

There are so many different types of machines available when buying steam pressing. With so much choice, how can you know which machine is best for you? So, to ensure that you get a good steam press for clothes ironing, I’m going to share with you some of the best steam presses for clothes ironing.

Amazon Choice

Steamfast SF-623 Steam Press

User Choice

Compact Ironing Steam Press

  • Extra cover & foam underfelt
  • Lightweight & durable
  • Easy-to-use
Affordable price

Elna EP850 Heat Press

  • Great quality
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Quick heat uptime

How to Use a Steam Press

You will need to find a large work area where you can easily set up your best Steam Press and have space for clothing you need to steam. When you set up, fill the water tank and choose the appropriate temperature for items you’re pressing and wait the recommended time for the press to heat up.

If you are pressing various models, start with delicate ones since they will need a lower temperature setting than other fabrics, and there’s no need to risk the press being too warm when you put them in. Hence, once your clothes are laid out on plates, you can use the press to release a burst of steam. Carefully lower the pressing plate over the clothing. Leave it down for 10 seconds at a time. Lift it to check on items, and you need to apply few bursts of steam between lowering press to release them.

Our Top Pickup of Best Steam Press

  1. Steamfast FS-680 Digital Steam Press
  2. Compact Ironing Steam Press
  3. Speedy Press 35.5 Iron Press with Temperature Setting
  4. Steamfast SF-623 Steam Press with Multiple Fabric setting
  5. Elna Press EP150 Ironing Press
  6. RiCOMA PSP Steam Press
  7. Reliable Aria 350SP Steam Press
  8. SINGER Intelligent Steam Press
  9. Elna EP850 Heat Press
  10. SINGER Electronic Steam Press

1. Steamfast FS-680 Digital Steam Press

Steamfast SF-680 Digital Steam Press You’ll like the working of the Steamfast Digital Steam Press. This more considerable tabletop-size press includes a nonstick steaming surface that is 25 inches by 10.5 inches. The press can be bolted for more secure stockpiling and transport. This press is specially designed with an assortment of settings for steaming the entirety of your dress and texture things. It offers five diverse texture settings for nylon, silk, fleece, cotton, and material.

Furthermore, two distinctive steam burst alternatives permit you to send a solid eruption of steam to handle difficult wrinkles. You’ll track down this model as simple to work. It has computerized controls to rapidly and precisely select the correct setting, dependent on the thing you need to steam. The tank has a 10-ounce limit that permits you to utilize it to give steam explosions to control through extreme wrinkles. When you top off the water tank, it just require three minutes to warm up and be prepared to utilize.
Your buy of this item accompanies a three-piece frill pack. The frill in the pack includes a spray bottle, pressing cushion, and a measuring cup. This item doesn’t need the use of any synthetic substances that might be utilized in your attire if you somehow managed to take them to the cleaners to be squeezed. You will enjoy proficient-looking outcomes utilizing just the press and regular steam.

Features of Steamfast

  • 10-ounce water tank heats up in just a few minutes, and the steam press automatically shuts off
  • It has digital control with five fabric settings, two steam burst buttons located on the handle produce a great burst of steam
  • Nonstick pressing surface measure 25 x 10 inches, with press lock feature allow for storage
  • It includes a spray bottle, pressing cushion, and one measuring cup
  • You can sanitize your clothes with steam by removing germs and bacteria

Specifications of Steamfast

Product Dimensions 25.59 x 8.19 x 21.38 inches
Item Weight
12 pounds
Department Small Appliances

Steamfast Digital Steam Press


  • Digital controls allow for easy and accurate operation
  • The press comes with the large steaming surface
  • There’re two steam burst options
  • Five different fabric settings to safely press fabrics


  • It doesn’t open very wide

2. Compact Ironing Steam Press

Compact Ironing Steam Press (+ Free Extra Cover & FoamFor pressing or dry iron, you can use the speed press. This tool is designed to be set up for use on a table or any other flat surface. It has 21.6 inches by 8.6inch steam, which allows you to iron or press various clothes. Moreover, you can find this product shortens the length of time it takes you to iron your clothing to be designed to be safe to use on various types of fabrics, including the setting options to let you control temperature.

The press gives the equivalent of 100 pounds of pressure to clothing. The tool is designed to safe to use on various fabrics and includes setting options to control the temperature. However, the press gives the equivalent of 100 pounds of pressure to your clothing, leaving them to wrinkle and crisp free.

It’s a very lightweight product with 19.8 pounds and has a carrying handle. It’s pretty easy to move from your storage space to the work area whenever you need to freshen up or press your clothes. It comes with a one-year warranty.

Features of Compact

  • Speedypress import and manufacture professional ironing equipment for 40 years.
  • The tool comes with the spray bottle, measuring cup, and pressing cushion
  • Seven times regular iron at 21.6 x 8.6inches, lightweight with only 19.8 lbs
  • Use to dry ironing press or as steam press using steam with a burst setting that removes stubborn wrinkles
  • Best for delicate fabrics with temperature to control for various fabrics

Specifications of Compact

Product Dimensions
24.02 x 9.84 x 22.05 inches
Item Weight
19.77 pounds
Manufacturer SpeedyPress

Compact Ironing Steam Press


  • Use it for pressing or for dry ironing
  • Press has a carrying handle to make it easy to move
  • Adjust temperature setting for various fabric types


  • The steaming surface is not large

3. Speedy Press 35.5 Iron Press with Temperature Setting

Speedy Press Oversized Iron PressThe Speedypress oversized press provides a larger pressing surface than most other models. If you want to press other items like sheets, drapes, or tablecloths in addition to clothing, this is a great product to consider. Having such a large surface area also allows you to work on multiple smaller items simultaneously.

It provides an easy-to-use digital touch screen that lets you select the proper temperature settings, activate automatic steam burst settings, and choose different options between the different dry and steam setting options. The press works with nylon, cotton, wool, linen, and silk.

This unit applies a pressing pressure of 100 pounds to your items, making it possible to press through multiple layers simultaneously. This can simplify the pressing process. Included with your purchase are spray bottles, measuring cups, and pressing cushions. These can be used for both personal and commercial purposes.

Features of Speedy

  • Speedypress extra large tool with the unsurpassed versatility, host of automatic features, and ease of operation best for ironing clothes
  • Oversized steam iron press offers a larger ironing surface than other various competitors
  • Great value and quality of pressing pressure that allows you to iron various layers of fabrics
  • Easy to handle and customary design, robust and lightweight tool makes easy ironing

Specifications of Speedy

Product Dimensions
35.5 x 12 x 12.5 inches
Item Weight
33 pounds
Manufacturer SpeedyPress

Speedy Press Iron Press


  • Press more than one item at the same time
  • Has digital controls for choosing the right setting
  • It gives you with larger pressing plate than other steam presses


  • Expensive item

4. Steamfast SF-623 Steam Press with Multiple Fabric setting

Steamfast Mid-Size Steam PressA Steamfast Mid-Size press is another option you’ll want to check out. It has a 20-inch by 8-inch nonstick pressing surface and also has a lock to make it easier to store or carry the machine. It only takes about three minutes for the press to get hot and ready to operate. If you leave it running for an extended period without using it, the automatic shut-off feature turns the press off to prevent accidents or injuries.

A quick burst of steam can be sent through the handle, and it has five settings for linen, cotton, wool, silk, and nylon. Steamfast guarantees your satisfaction with your purchase by providing you with a press, measuring cup, and spray bottle.

Features of Steamfast

  • Easy to fill water tank heats up in just a few minutes, and steam press automatically shuts off
  • Five different fabric settings and two steam burst buttons located on the handle
  • Nonstick pressing surface 20 x 8 inches, tabletop size with press lock feature allow for easy storage
  • Accessories include a spray bottle, measuring cup, and pressing cushions
  • Steam sanitizes by removing bacteria and germs with proper applications

Specifications of Steamfast

Product Dimensions
20.47 x 17.16 x 6.73 inches
Item Weight 15.8 pounds
Manufacturer SteamFast

Steampress Steam Press


  • The unit has an automatic shut-off safety feature
  • Five great fabric settings
  • Tow year guarantee protects your buy
  • Press lock feature
  • Three great accessories


  • Small steaming surface

5. Elna Press EP150 Ironing Press

Elna Press EP150 Ironing PressThis compact still boasts excellent features and quality comparable to the EP850, which would put an advanced Steamfast to shame. Let’s see how. First, it is most noticeable for its silent machine. Being 95% quieter than a traditional iron, it does its work without any noise, making us fall in love with it even more. This also means you can switch it early in the morning when your spouse and kids are sleeping.

Elnapress default features include the ironing plate made from natural materials such as Finnish Birch and Swedish Pine. This VapoJet system produces natural vapor to stop wear-and-tear and leaves fibers untouched by the build-up and a rich aesthetic. If you need a giant ironing board, you can buy the Jeannette sleeve board by Elnapress. We discussed it in detail while reviewing model #3 on this list.

This compact, high-quality Elna steam press was made in Italy, so it’s a pleasure to own, give your clothing a professional appearance, and handle all types of fabrics. This is a tremendous first steam press for your home or small boutique shop.

Features of Elna

  • No sound is made during the operation.
  • It is easy for fabrics to be vaporized by nature.

Specifications of Elna

Product Dimensions 10 x 25 x 5 inches
Item Weight 23 pounds
Manufacturer Elna

Elna Press Ironing Press


  • Great quality ironing board
  • A lightweight tool with 23 pounds
  • Easy to use, sit and operate
  • Automatic steam press for patchwork


  • Not find yet

6. RiCOMA PSP Steam Press

RiCOMA Steam Press Iron SeriesIf you haven’t heard of Ricoma, all you need to know about the Chinese company is this: it is one of the most popular apparel tools. The PSP-990 steam press iron is one such example and one of their best. The PSP-990 is equipped with five temperature settings so that it can handle almost all types of fabrics. Whether jeans or t-shirts or drapes, you can turn them into crispy, new items with a renewed surface.

Have you ever noticed denim that’s dulled from wearing it too much or by over-pressing it? This Ricoma model eliminates this concern as it employs a steam supply system that switches on and off automatically based on the type of fabric being pressed. For example, it will press harder to press denim jeans and less on a cotton t-shirt. A modest 22.5-inch ironing plate is enough for most sizes of garments. It also has a sleeve pad for shirts so that the entire sleeves and cuffs of the shirt are ironed.

Ricoma is a trusted brand and has been lying in the market for many years. It shuts down automatically once idle for more than 10 seconds. An alarm function – which is absent in some of the models above – lets you know if your eyes are getting overexposed. This durable product is solid proof of that claim.

Features of RiCOMA

  • The temperature can be adjusted from 0 to 5 degrees Celsius
  • An easy-to-carry handle for easy portability.

Specifications of RiCOMA


RiCOMA PSP Steam Press


  • Sleeve pad to aid in shirt pressing
  • Alarm and automatic shut-off
  • Durable built


  • Digital control panel

7. Reliable Aria 350SP Steam Press

Reliable Aria 350SP Steam Press Digital Steam PressProviding mind-blowing features that elevate the steam pressing experience, this Reliable steam press does what is expected of it and even more. This steam press is different from the rest as it has a larger water tank than the other models. This means you won’t need to refill it now and then. This is a larger-than-average size ironing plate, helping you steam press most fabrics: from denim jeans to tablecloths.

What makes Reliable so successful, especially since it’s as popular as other brands, as its digital LED thermostat. It has an LED display displaying a temperature (in Celsius) and the temperature coming out of the pores. Depending on the fabric type, the temperature can now be adjusted accordingly, where cotton requires more steam and silk/nylon needs less. Our favorite feature is the anti-scale filter in the water tank. US households tend to fill the reservoir with tap water containing several minerals that can cause calcium build-up.

The Aria 360SP model by Reliable, added with the comfort of steam pressing for a professional finish on all clothes, makes a valuable addition to our list. It’s not uncommon for manufacturers to be considered pioneers of certain products. Reliable’s position is close to Speedy Press in this case.

Features of Reliable

  • Automatic steam press function
  • It has an easy to use an LED thermostat that performs an excellent job
  • Protect aria steam and reduce calcium built-up
  • Features a large nonstick soleplate for care when pressing a wide variety of fabric
  • 9x significant than a conventional iron and perfect volume for steam

Specifications of Reliable

Item Weight
39 pounds
Manufacturer Reliable Corporation

Reliable Aria Steam Press


  • Automatic steam option
  • Digital LED accuracy does the best job
  • Nonstick soleplate for care
  • x-large water capacity
  • anti-scale water filter


  • heavy product at 39 pounds

8. SINGER Intelligent Steam Press

SINGER Intelligent Steam PressHow would you handle the pressing problem if you needed to make steam in half the time? This Singer Intelligent Steam Press is the answer to that. Its 27-ounce water reservoir heats water in less than 2 minutes, while the ironing plate heats in 90 seconds. Perfect for boutique store owners, designers, and hospitality service providers. Because the tank is so large, you can press countless fabrics for a brief time using a minimum amount of water.

This iron’s 26-inch wide plate is large enough to accommodate shirts, pants, tablecloths, drapes, and dresses. The continuous steam and steam burst features let you complete your tasks quickly, especially when you’re on a tight schedule. At 26 pounds, it is rather heavy, which could present portability issues.

But Singer compensates with a better heat coil, faster steam pressing, and ergonomics. The handle is cushioned and soft so that when you open and close the plates frequently, your hands do not get tired. However, with the Singer model made to make your life simpler, it gives quality, fresh, and lasting output.

Features of SINGER

  • Non-stick 26 inch pressing surface
  • The nonstick pressing surface heats up to the nylon setting in 96 seconds
  • The tool continuous steam and an on-demand burst of steam
  • Easily refillable water tank
  • Automatic shut-off system
  • The nonstick pressing surface heats nylon setting in 98 seconds

Specifications of SINGER

Product Dimensions
8.2 x 21.2 x 21.1 inches
Item Weight
2.2 pounds
Warranty 1 year

SINGER Intelligent Steam Press


  • Great heating options
  • Removable water tank
  • Wide ironing plate


  • Not a portable tool

9. Elna EP850 Heat Press

Elna EP850 Heat PressThis machine looks like a medical piece of equipment, and for the amount of thought and design that went into its production, it is not less than one. We have the best steam presses on the market, but the EP850 stands out among its competitors. Moreover, Ironing boards 24.7510-inches in diameter are made from natural materials such as Finnish Birch (11 layers), whereas heating panels are tested for nonstick properties (Peraluman).

Elna’s VapoJet system is what sets it apart from other products and makes the clothes look vibrant (colorful) and brand new for a long time. The design of a steam press must keep fabrics looking brand new and shiny for a long time. This product eliminates limestone build-up, which is a thoughtful function by Elnapress. This is very useful if you own a laundromat that works with white fabrics.

Qualities of Elna

The other reason why we love Elnapress is their Jeannette sleeves boards. It is available in two sizes, and it is a unique accessory that you sit on top of the steam press to reach hard-to-reach areas like sleeves, collars, and cuffs. With the Intégrée, an ElnaPress original product, the EP850 is in its upper league of the most advanced steam presses in the world. A majority of fashion designers use this type of press, as do boutique owners.

The feature set includes built-in LED lights (only on this model), a silent operation, an aluminum alloy and steel body (for resistance against rust), and a dust cover. The Elnapress EP850 is one of the very few products out there that both do their job and make me happy every time I use it. As an advanced system that gets everything right, it’s a wildly popular and best-reviewed steam press in the market.

Features of Elna

  • Jeannette sleeves are used for pressing hard-to-reach areas on a fabric.
  • Elna Vapojet uses natural heating of water and produces natural vapor with no limestone build-up.
  • Regenerates fibers and lessens aging

Specifications of Elna

Product Dimensions
10 x 25 x 5 inches
Weight 26.5 pounds

Elna EP850 Heat Press


  • A great heating system takes extra care of fabrics and aids in fabric regeneration
  • Built-in LED lights
  • Heavy-duty built, made of aluminum steel and alloy
  • Silent heating process
  • Great temperature indictor


  • Limited portability

10. SINGER Electronic Steam Press

SINGER | Magic ESP-2 Electronic Steam PortableAn iron press with a larger pressing surface than iron for quickly releasing wrinkles and pressing your items is expensive. Singer Magic ESP-2 has a die-cast aluminum base to ensure that it stays stable as you use it. With the display, you can select whether you are pressing nylon, silk, wool, cotton, or linen and adjust the temperature accordingly. Or, you can choose to release a concentrated burst of steam for quick results.

Moreover, It also has features to protect against potential injuries. If the machine is left on too long without being used, it will automatically turn off. Additionally, if you hold down the handles too long while pressing clothing, an alarm will sound every 10 seconds to stop the fabric from becoming hot or damaged. The purchase of this product includes a measuring cup, pressing cushion, and spray bottle. Singer also offers a one-year warranty.

Features of SINGER

  • It provides professional pressing results at home
  • Large pressing area and adjustable steam and heat setting
  • A portable unit is easy to store and has an automatic shut-off button for safety
  • The handle of the model ensures that fabrics are exposed to heating plate long
  • Electronic steam press is ten times larger than conventional iron

Specifications of SINGER

Brand Singer
22 pounds
Product Dimension 25.8 x 21.2 x 8.2 inches

SINGER Electronic Steam Press


  • Accurate electric fabric temperature setting
  • A great burst of steam at your fingertips
  • The extra-large pressing surface
  • Portable tool
  • Automatic shut-off system
  • Die-cast aluminum base


  • The power button is placed at the back of the model, which is quite tricky to reach

Buying Guide of Best Steam Press

The best steam press will simplify pressing clothes and remove the need to pay for a professional service. When you use the best steam iron press, you’ll also be in control and quickly know that your clothes are pressed without harmful chemicals. There’re various features you’ll need to keep in your mind as you’re deciding which unit to buy.

Fabric setting / Temperature

You need to pay attention to the fabric setting and temperature offered by the steam pressers. Must ensure that you will be able to press various fabrics safely. Also, look for products that offer at least five settings for nylon, wool, linen, silk, and cotton.

Heat-up Time

It refers to how long every single press takes to get hot enough to be ready to use. A shorter heat-up time would mean you need to wait less time to get the work and get completed with the task of pressing clothes.

Pressing Area

It’s another essential feature to consider the size of the pressing surface. Selecting a product with a larger surface area will allow you to steam larger items and shorter the total time spent using a press.


Finding a model that offers safety features can quickly provide you peace of mind, especially If you’ve kids in your home. A great safety feature to look for is an automatic shut-off that powers the press off if it has not been used for a set amount of time. Locking the handle is also a feature that can easily prevent kids from opening the press and getting burned accidentally.

Easy to Transport

It’s essential to know how comfortably you can transport the press from one place to another. There are few features to look for when thinking about the ease of storage or transport, including lightweight products and carrying handles.

Warranty / Guarantee

You can consider whether the manufacturers offer a guarantee or warranty to protect your buy. If you’re dissatisfied with the product or it malfunctions, so here is an option to return.


Accessories are another essential thing to look for before placing an order is whether the various models you’re considering come with accessories. These accessories include a press cushion, a measuring cup, a spray bottle, press cover. Choosing the best that comes with accessories you will need can make it easier to use and save your money since you don’t need to make a separate buy.


Hopefully, this guide will help you find the best steam press for business or home use. If you are still on the fence, you are sure that these are the best steam presses on the market right now. However, we must cover the best brands like the steadfast, speedy press and Elnapress but consider other models and ranges to suit your needs.

The Steamfst SF-680 is one of the best all-purpose perfect steam press tools; consider this to make your life easier. Moreover, if you’ve any specific requirements, you can read all our products’ pros and cons and get more clearer idea about them. Go ahead and bring home a steam press now.


Steam press is used for which purpose?

The best steam press is used to iron your clothes or easily remove wrinkles from the fabric and freshen them up. It's the best option if you are looking to renew the pleats in pair of pants or provide a fresh crease to your shirt.

How to take care of the steam press?

One thing you never forget to do is to clean your steam press. Our experts suggest you clean it once a week to prolong the life of the steam press. All you need to do is wait for the steam press to cool down, then wipe it down with the towel that is damp with water. If you find some annoying stains that can' remove through the method, consider using the mixture of baking soda with water.

What are essential safety tips to know about the best steam press?

Remember that steam press temperature can reach up to 100 degrees Celsius, which can cause nasty, permanent burns. Don't touch the surface when it's hot, and you should be fine. If you've kids or pets around, we suggest you consider looking for a steam press that comes with more safety features for their sake.


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