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Ten Best Trolls Toys For Kids (2022 Reviews)

Are you looking for a troll gift for a young fan? If so, they will surely enjoy the best Trolls Toys based on DreamWorks’ 2016 movie Trolls. Trolls are one of the most popular movies among children today. Based on the movie’s characters, these toys are detailed troll-themed toys. The toys are designed to utter several catchphrases and sing; they are safe and generally great for family fun.

Poppy, the princess, and Branch are the most popular characters. They are created exactly as they appear in the movie. An excellent way for your child to keep entertained, these trolls feature soft plush hair and other features from the movie.

No matter the reasons, fans of the movies and characters can’t get enough of these toys. Getting a suitable Trolls toy is hard with the market being saturated. In our review of the best Trolls toys, we have chosen ten that we would purchase as the best place to buy trolls toys and, in some cases, have purchased for the children in our lives.

Amazon Choice

Franco Kids Bedding Plush Cuddle Pillow

  • 100% Microfiber
Perfect Music Box

eKids Sing-Along Boombox With Microphone

  • Kids Microphone
  • Great gifts for girls
  • Elegant design
Trolls Kit

Crayola Dreamworks Trolls Glitter Scrapbook Kit



Our Top Pickup of Best Trolls Toys

  1. Franco Kids Bedding Plush Cuddle Pillow
  2. LEGO Trolls World Tour Pop Trolls Tree House
  3. eKids Sing-Along Boombox With Microphone
  4. Dreamworks Trolls Poppy & Twins Celebration Pack
  5. Crayola Dreamworks Trolls Glitter Scrapbook Kit
  6. Tara Toys Trolls Necklace
  7. DreamWorks Trolls Coloring Book Set
  8. Trolls DreamWorks Poppy Hug Time Harmony Figure
  9. Play-Doh Trolls Press N Style Salon Model Kit
  10. DreamWorks Trolls Poppy’s Fashion Frenzy set

1. Franco Kids Bedding Plush Cuddle Pillow

Franco Kids bedding super soft plush pillow The Poppy toy is 22 inches high and 8 inches wide. The plushie is quite firm while giving just enough that it will stand up when leaning against a wall, pillow, or another item. Many of the fashion essentials are accurate to the Poppy seen in the movie, including her dress, headband, hair, and lots of the details like her freckles on her cheeks.

Poppy’s dress is also made of microfiber and can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth if necessary. A Poppy shaped cuddle pillow will give you a touch of the fun and excitement of Trolls World Tour in your own home. Hence, The super soft plush travel pillow from the musical DreamWorks feature is sure to keep fans of Trolls in the mood for rock, roll, or naps. However, The Poppy-shaped character pillow has a high-quality microfiber plush material that is soft and snuggly, and the polyester fill provides plenty of cushioning for bedtime or playtime.

These Trolls cuddle pillows feature embroidered facial details along with Poppy’s signature bright pink hair, flower dress, and headband. This high-quality “What a Poppy Wants” cuddle pillow buddy lets kids take part in the energy of the Dreamworks Trolls gang, whether they’re belting out a favorite song or looking for a bit of snuggle time.

Features of Franco

  • Poppy, the musical character from “Trolls World Tour,” deserves a colorful, cuddly pillow.
  • Trolls’ costume details and their recognizable hairstyle carry on the spirit of a beloved DreamWorks character. They would love to cuddle up with their favorite character.
  • This super-soft plush toy is perfect for cuddling in your sleep or playing with during playtime.
  • These cuddle pillows bring Poppy to life with her bright pink faux hair, attached styling dress with matching flower headband, and embroidered face details like the character in the movie.
  • A great travel companion for use in the home, car, camping, and sleepovers for cuddling and napping.

Specifications of Franco

Product Dimensions
22 x 8 x 5 inches
Item Weight 1.52 pounds
Manufacturer Franco Manufacturing Company Inc
SizeOne Size
Color Trolls World Tour Poppy

Franco Kids Bedding Plush Pillow


  • Great vibrant color
  • Perfectly stitched with no stray threads to unravel
  • Perfect made
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Few kids would’ve liked hair that could be styled & brushed

2. LEGO Trolls World Tour Pop Trolls Tree House

LEGO Trolls World Tour Pop Village Trolls Tree HouseThis set is an excellent set for existing Lego fans, and this set is also a perfect introduction to the world’s favorite Danish building bricks for a Lego newbie. It is a simple build that doesn’t require a lot of time, help, or experience. The set comprises traditional LEGO building bricks combined with much larger Trolls-specific pieces.

We can take the pods and mini-scenes, and our kids can take them with them when they’re on the go. Poppy, Branch, and the gang can be styled with a wide array of Trolls accessories. Build this fantastic best Trolls World Tour toys Pop Village Celebration Trolls treehouse with incredible detail to open up with an imaginative play for Trolls fans.

There are two pods: Guy Diamond, Tiny Diamond, & Cooper, exclusive to the LEGO Trolls characters. Featuring tons of interactive features and fun accessories, kids will love creating their own stories in this Troll’s playhouse.
The Trolls’ pods are portable, too, so they can enjoy the fun anywhere! The LEGO Trolls world tour building sets are great for little ones who love the Trolls movies. Each set comes with printed instructions and Instructions PLUS to assist in building.

Features of LEGO

  • The Trolls World Tour Tree House playset is an action-packed toy inspired by the movie.
  • A fun building challenge awaits with five Trolls Minifigures, including exclusive characters Guy Diamond and Tiny Diamond.
  • There are many new LEGO Trolls toys in this set, including hanging the two pods, Poppy’s Pod from the LEGO Trolls World Tour set, and Poppy’s Pod.
  • Build-and-play fun abounds with this LEGO Troll on the World Tour movie toy.
  • This treehouse is close to 8 inches high, with removable, portable pods that are just over 4 in.

Specifications of LEGO

Item Dimensions 15.04 x 10.32 x 2.78 inches
Educational Objective Creative Thinking

LEGO Trolls World Tour Trolls Tree House


  • The model comes with five trolls world tour mini-figures
  • Select between rainbows ad sunshine on weather wheels
  • Style her hair with the cute accessories
  • Elegant colors with perfect style


  • Many small toys, so only six years and up can use them.

3. eKids Sing-Along Boombox With Microphone

ekids Trolls World Tour Sing Along Boom Box Speaker with Microphone for Fans of Trolls ToysThis brilliantly colored boombox from eKids comes with various features, such as a genuine microphone that allows your budding singing superstar to perform like their favorite Trolls: World Tour figure. There’re two different ways to listen to music. The first is to sing along to the built-in music, including the “Trolls Just Wanna Have Fun” tune.

Additionally, the boombox can be connected to any compatible MP3 player so you can sing along with whatever tickles your vocal cords. The kit comes with flashing lights to add excitement to your child’s musical experience. The lightweight design of this troll kit makes it easy to take it anywhere. It’s also small enough to hide if things get messy.

Features of eKids

  • It connects easily to MP3 players and other devices that have an Aux-in jack and have kid-friendly buttons.
  • Built-in music Children’s sing-along with songs and songs from the movie
  • You can use the built-in microphone to sing along to the songs or connect your device’s microphone and sing along to the music.
  • You can now perform in style, sing-along, or connect your iPod, and the eye-catching flashing lights will enhance your party.

Specifications of eKids

Package Dimensions
13 x 11.2 x 4 inches
Item Weight 1.8 pounds
Connectivity Technology AUX
Supported Standards MP3
Media Type Micro SDXC

eKids Sing-Along Boombox With Microphone


  • Real working microphone
  • Flashing light
  • Character speech & sound effects
  • Great gift for kids
  • Lightweight & portable design
  • Trolls world tour Design


  •  Microphone card is short

4. Dreamworks Trolls Poppy & Twins Celebration Pack

Dreamworks Trolls Poppy & Twins Celebration PackThere are many Trolls figurines on the market, most of which are relatively small with fixed poses and body parts. They are the best of the Trolls figures we looked at because they are articulated and large enough to play with and enjoy nine inches tall. They come with three removable outfits you can combine with the hair accessories included in the package. There is even a piece to clip together like they are dolls for the first Troll movie.

With brightly colored hair, DreamWorks Trolls Satin and Chenille look fantastic and are great stylists for a princess, DreamWorks Trolls Poppy. Kids can style these DreamWorks Trolls dolls’ hair with Fuzzy Flair pieces and accessories after dressing them in their removable outfits.

A barrette joins the twins’ soft hair ends together, and they’re ready for fashion doll fun! This set contains three figures plus clothes, accessories, and shoes. All rights reserved by DreamWorks Animation LLC.

Features of DreamWorks

  • The package includes poppy & stylish twins stain & chenille to get ready for coronation day
  • The unit comes with three outfits and lots of accessories that kids can match & mix
  • It’s fun to style these DreamWorks Trolls With their long hair and multiple accessories.
  • The Fuzzy Flair pieces or clip the DreamWorks Trolls toys’ hair together to recreate their look from the movie

Specifications of DreamWorks

Product Dimensions
2.99 x 17.99 x 10 inches
Item Weight
1.46 pounds
Manufacturer recommended age
four years and up

Dreamworks Trolls Poppy & Twins Celebration Pack


  • Three different figures for various opportunities
  • The great value of your money
  • Sheet of elegant stickers


  • Tiny accessories could be lost easily

5. Crayola Dreamworks Trolls Glitter Scrapbook Kit

Crayola Dreamworks Trolls Glitter Scrapbook KitThe Crayola DreamWorks glitter scrapbook kit is an excellent tool for your kids. In addition to the Trolls logos and words already included in this book and art kit, Crayola has taken all measures to make this a complete Trolls experience. The set also includes a pencil sharpener, three tubes of glitter glue, a glitter glue stick, 48 crayons, 12 short coloring pencils, and 15 fine line markers.

Additional pages include scrapbooking pages, coloring pages, and glitter sticker sheets. The art case is beautifully decorated with a wrap-around scene of numerous Trolls with a handle and latch.

Features of Crayola

  • It’s everything you want for a vibrant scrapbook that comes with 12 short colored pencils, 15 markers, three tubes of glitter glue, 20 sheets of scrapbooking pages, and 15 pages of coloring.
  • Best coloring stickers and sheets inspired by trolls movie
  • A vibrant collection of colored pencils, crayons, and markers

Specifications of Crayola

Product Dimensions 2.25 x 15.5 x 11 inches
Item Weight 3 pounds
Manufacturer recommended age
5 - 15 years
Colored pencils 12

Crayola Dreamworks Trolls Glitter Scrapbook Kit


  • Perfect kit for creative people
  • Crayola art kit helps you to keep things organized and clean
  • Colorful scrapbooking pages and creative colors
  • Markers for easy clean-up from clothing
  • Fun accessories will appreciate your little fan
  • Sturdy case with handle for transport & storage


  • Need a scrapbook for placing scrapbooking items

6. Tara Toys Trolls Necklace

Tara Toys Trolls Necklace Activity SetThe Tara Toys Trolls Necklace Activity Set is the ideal gift for the little ones at Christmas time. Its case includes 150 colorful beads and their favorite characters from the Trolls movie so they can enjoy creating fun jewelry of their own, combining them the way they please.

Make your jewelry Trolls by mixing and matching beads of different colors to have the most original pendants go with their favorite character. These colorful beads can be combined with charms and amulets to offer the most attractive pendants ever. Create these Trolls necklaces for yourself and your friends using the Tara Toys Trolls Necklace Activity Set. No two necklaces are alike!

All the components that make this toy are manufactured with children’s safety in mind and do not contain elements dangerous for children. Children are also able to make their jewelry without the assistance of an adult. With the set of 150 beads, you can create five different pendants, each accompanied by a large bead in the shape of a musical note.

Features of Tara Toys

  • Create your jewelry with a silicone necklace, colorful beard, and fun character charms
  • Simply design your jewelry with beads and add a rubber charm to finish
  • Everything stores neatly inside the carry case

Specifications of Tara Toys

Product Dimensions
8.18 x 2 x 9.7 inches
Item Weight 9.6 ounces
Manufacturer recommended age
three years and up
Color Trolls

Tara Toys Trolls Necklace


  • The tool comes in a storage case with the handle
  • Best for traveling and time away from home
  • The kit has enough to make five necklaces


  • The beads slide off if the necklace gets undone

7. DreamWorks Trolls Coloring Book Set

DreamWorks Trolls 2Pack Coloring Book SetThis two-pack includes two Trolls coloring books that are packed with images and activities. Each book is approximately A4 size and has around 200 pages of potential fun. The paper is a standard off-white, not an excellent quality paper expected in a coloring book. Since markers tend to bleed through the other side, we found that the children should use crayons or coloring pencils instead.

Color and entertain your Trolls fan with these Coloring & Activity Books. Includes 2 Trolls coloring books, each measuring 8×11″. However, These DreamWorks Trolls coloring books include activities, puzzles, games, mazes, and coloring pages. This Trolls coloring book set is a great party favor, Trolls party decorations, Troll’s supplies, and much more. The perfect gift for any Trolls fan. Ideal for party favors and party supplies. Officially licensed Dreamworks Trolls products; for boys and girls alike.

Features of DreamWorks

  • Now delight your kids with activity and coloring book
  • The trolls activity and coloring book set filled with puzzles, mazes, games, and activities
  • Best gift for trolls fan and trolls party
  • Make your kid more creative through this book

Specifications of DreamWorks

Package Dimensions
10 x 7 x 0.6 inches
Item Weight
10.1 ounces
Manufacturer recommended age four years and up

DreamWorks Trolls Coloring Book Set


  • Various dot-to-dot activities
  • Essential pictures which are pretty easy for your kid to color
  • Variety of pictures in a coloring book


  • Not best with paint pens and markers

8. Trolls DreamWorks Poppy Hug Time Harmony Figure

Trolls DreamWorks Poppy Hug Time Harmony Figurekids of different ages have been captivated by the story’s main character, a relentlessly positive princess named Poppy with a never-failingly upbeat and happily cheery personality. Poppy Hug Time Harmony Figure includes a dress, a tiara, and instructions so that kids can play it correctly. You can now bring home that beautiful voice for any kid in love with the soundtrack ‘Get Back Up Again.’

Your kids can press the button on the watch to have the figure sing the song. She can also say some phrases from the movie. When placed next to each other, Poppy Harmony Figure can harmonize and any other toy in the same line. If you put the Poppy figure next to the Branch troll, they’ll tune into the song “True Color.”

Features of Trolls

  • Best gift for a birthday party or any other special occasion
  • Great product comes with elegant color collection
  • Not harmful so that you can buy confidently for toddlers

Specifications of Trolls

2.5 x 10 x 10 inches
Item weight
10.6 ounces
Recommended age four year

Trolls DreamWorks Poppy


  • Plush, soft hair with the elegant color
  • Can harmonize and sing with other troll dolls
  • Catchy phrases from the movie


  • Without volume adjustment

9. Play-Doh Trolls Press N Style Salon Model Kit

Play-Doh Trolls Press N Style Salon Model KitIt is regarded as the signature look of the trolls in DreamWorks’ troll movie that they have magic hair with delightfully bright colors. The Play-Doh Trolls Press N Style Salon Model Kit lets your kids be the hairstylist to do what they like with the colorful hairs and let their creativity grow. The playset contains two troll figures, an unassembled chair, a hair book mold, scissors, and seven different colors of Play-Doh compound.

To grow silly hair with the unique hair flair chair, kids need to load the chair with a Play-Doh compound, place a troll figure on top of it, then press it. With the included safe scissor, they can also cut the hair with the more complex they press, the longer the hair will grow.  Children can also customize the troll’s hair by creating flowers, bows, or similar embellishments with the book mold. They can use the mold included in the package to create the troll’s preferred hairstyle for a more elaborate effect.

Features of Play-Doh

  • Now, lets your kids take the lid off imaginations and explore creativity
  • Offer all kinds of open-ended play
  • The model comes in various themes and offers many creative role plays

Specifications of Play-Doh

Color Multi
Age Range (Description) 36 months to 1188 months
Item Weight
1 Pounds

Play-Doh Trolls Model Kit


  • From trolls movie colorful figure
  • The model comes with play-doh compounds
  • For growing hair, hair flair chair


  • Difficult for toddlers to get Play-Doh through the troll’s body

10. DreamWorks Trolls Poppy’s Fashion Frenzy set

DreamWorks Trolls Poppy's Fashion Frenzy SetThe DreamWorks Trolls Poppy’s Fashion Frenzy Set lets you join the fluffy-haired fun. The brightly colored hair they all share binds Chenille and Satin together to design styles and clothes for each other. Begin playing with these ergonomic classics on classy adventures with the Fashion Frenzy multi-pack of the Poppy. The characters in the set are Chenille, Fuzzbert, Poppy, and Satin, which the film has inspired.

More importantly, this colorful figure is adorned with fur and wild hair that are in fashion. it’s one of the best brands that provide the best troll toys for toddlers. Additionally, a headband and comb are included for a wide range of hairstyles. It is undoubtedly your best bet if you are looking for a holiday gift.

Features of DreamWorks

  • Make your kids creative through these characters from Trolls movie
  • The model includes poppy, chenille, satin, and Fuzzbert
  • The accessories include Headbands and comb

Specifications of DreamWorks

Product Dimensions
2.01 x 10.98 x 7.99 inches
Item Weight 4.9 ounces
Manufacturer recommended age four years and up

DreamWorks Trolls Poppy's set



  • Four different characters
  • Additional accessories such as comb and headband
  • Best toy to keep your kids engaged
  • Portable sized and lightweight


  • Twins are not conjoined

Buying Guide of Best Trolls Toys

More and more toy companies are making Trolls-themed toys, with DreamWorks movie Trolls becoming a craze. Children who like the blockbuster Trolls will love these colorful toys and playsets. Troll toys aren’t just for fun; they can teach your children a lot about the world around them and help them to learn some skills while they play.

You may find it challenging to choose the best Trolls toys for little Trolls fans among a wide variety of Trolls toys. Here’re some essential factors you must consider before picking out the toys. Please continue reading to learn more about what you should look for in a toy.


Best Trolls toys are generally geared toward children. Therefore, they pose no potential risk. But you should also check with the manufacturer’s guidelines on age recommendations and sizes for your Trolls fan to ensure their safety. In addition to the size of the product, watch out for tiny parts that can be swallowed accidentally, especially if it is a baby or young child.

Kid’s preferences & Interest

Additionally, you need to consider your child’s interests and preferences, such as the characters and toys they like, when picking out a video game. Most girls will love Poppy figures, but other Trolls characters may be more appealing to them. Some kids prefer playing with figures, while others prefer other activities such as coloring or singing.

Features & Design

Since the movie has become a blockbuster, many toy companies have been making toys based on the movie theme. Toys on the market come in a variety of designs and functionality, so each toy is unique. To grab the one ideally suited for your children’s desires, as well as their age recommendations, you can choose from several options.


Toys with multiple functions offer kids the chance to improve their overall skills and stay engaged for a longer time. Kids can be creative with Trolls toys, for instance, to create stories around their figures. Additionally, they also aid kids’ problem-solving skills, creativity, and logical thinking.


Ensure the toys can be durable for your children to play with for a long time and not overlook the materials’ durability. Toys are mostly made from plastic, making them highly durable.

Educational impacts

Parents would love educational toys for their children. One thing that is good nowadays is that so many toys belong to this category. There are books, coloring books, and puzzles available. Choose one that lets your kids have a good time while remaining educational for the kids’ overall development. There are many books now with trolls theme.

Increase creativity

Lots of toys can encourage imaginative play for children most of the time. Some products stand out among the others. Pick toys that come with action figures, changeable clothes, and accessories. With these additions, the kids can express their creativity as they style the toys.


When it comes to the best Trolls toys, there’s something for everyone. If you have a little girl, you can choose to buy her the Poppy doll or the Nail Art toy set, as both items are well-liked by little girls. Trolls action figures are perfect for little boys, who’ll love the wide variety of toys on offer. If you want gender-neutral toys, you can choose their famous board games or the Hopper Ball for your kids.

This type of toy is fun for the whole family, not just children. You need to take your child’s age and interests into consideration when deciding on a troll toy. There are sure to be at least one or more trolls toys on our list of the best trolls toys for kids.


Troll toys: what makes them the best?

Under Hasbro, DreamWorks Trolls, a leading toy manufacturer, is known for its colorful and creative toys for kids.

Does this plush toy or hair styling toy appeal to boys?

Let the kids enjoy the toys they feel comfortable with. Don't worry much about gender-specific toys. Neither dolls nor cars are exclusively for girls. Both genders can have fun with their toys. With the best Troll toys for kids, any kid who loves the movie will have fun and captivating playtime while their skills are enhanced.

Toys from Trolls toy company are safe for kids?

In general, Trolls toys pose no particular safety risk. Make sure to stick to the manufacturer's recommended age guidelines. Make sure there are no parts that are small enough to be swallowed accidentally. While the movie's synopsis sounds a bit scary, most younger children will enjoy the movie. Despite the Bergens trying to eat the Trolls, there is no graphic violence on-screen. Plus, by the film's end, the Trolls and Bergens become friends.


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