How To Clean A Broom And Dustpan

How To Clean A Broom And Dustpan

We sweep up the following things regularly: Food particles, pet fur, hair, dirt, bits of paper, and dead skin. Due to this, your broom can get pretty grimy, so you should clean it regularly. Brooms should be stored upside down (the bristles should face up) to keep them in perfect shape. How To Clean A Broom And Dustpan is a common question well you will be clear and comfortably clean your Broom after reading this blog. By doing this, you will prevent the bristles from bending in the wrong direction. The products we feature are selected by our editors independently. Through our affiliate links, we might earn a commission if you purchase something.

Broom and dustpan cleaning

Worker ensures the cleaning in the house on blurred background. Take a moment to think of all the things you sweep up regularly: food debris, pet fur, hair, dirt, paper bits, and dead skin. Your broom may get rather grimy as a result, so regularly making sure you clean it ensures you aren’t spreading that filth around your home. From filthy to clean, here’s how! Unfortunately, these cleaning mistakes are making your home dirtier.

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How to Clean a Broom

According to Maids by Trade, a professional home cleaning company, you should give your broom a light cleaning now and then. It can be done by smacking it against a large tree or pole outside. If you don’t whack it hard enough, the dust and any loose particles will be removed. Make sure the dirt is not blown in through open windows when the wind blows.

Step 1:

Broom the floor without the head. The broom head can easily be unscrewed from the broomstick when the broomstick is threaded. In addition, it may be easier to clean your broom if the head is separated from the stick.

Step 2:

Broom bristles should be vacuumed. Ideally, you should remove any debris from the bristles before you get them wet. Broom debris can be removed with the upholstery attachment. However, it is possible to use your hands to remove debris without an upholstery attachment.

Step 3:

Use a hard surface to bang your broom. The bristles can only be cleaned to a certain extent with your hands or vacuum. The broom should be tapped against the ground to loosen up and shake off any dirt that may be stuck to it.
Reduce household dust with these cleaning tips.

Fill a bucket with soapy water, warm water, and place your broom in it. Soak your bristles in water for 30 minutes (natural or synthetic bristles). Clean the handle of the broom with a disinfectant while it is soaking. Let the broom dry for 30 minutes, then rinse it with warm water. You can also place a rug under it to catch the dripping water if you want.

The site Maids by Trade suggests that brooms should be used for different home parts to avoid spreading germs. For example, a kitchen cabinet, a bathroom cabinet, and a living room cabinet could all be used.

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Broom Storage

It is so easy to forget that brooms need regular cleaning, but they perform so much cleaning. The broom head and handle should be washed and disinfected after being soaked in water. Clean your brooms by removing debris from them before getting them wet.


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