How To Clean A Burnt Nonstick Pan [Five Simple Techniques]

A Burnt Nonstick Pan

It’s a great blessing you have a nonstick pan in your kitchen. Because you can try every delicate recipe in this pan, and it never sticks the food on the surface of the pan. But some recipes have to use extra sauces which can burnet the food on the surface. But it doesn’t mean that your nonstick pan is damaged.

You need to clean it very carefully to use it again. There are some reasons for sticking food on the surface of the nonstick pan. One of the common reasons is that you cooked on a high-temperature level so the food will burn and stick on the surface of the nonstick pan.

If you worry about how to clean a burnt nonstick pan? Then don’t worry! Here, we describe some important techniques to clean the burned nonstick pan so you can use it again to cook your favorite foods.

Five Simple Techniques (How to Clean A Burnt Nonstick Pan)

1) Simple Detergent

If you cook your food on a high-temperature level, then the simple way is that clean it with water and a nylon scrubber immediately. You can also use vinegar with soap. Use the vinegar with warm water and then clean it with a nylon cloth or scrubber. It will clean the pan gently.

2) Baking Soda

Baking soda is a beneficial and common technique to use for cleaning the burned nonstick pan. Because it is the easiest way. Mix the baking soda into water and make a paste. Then apply this paste on the surface of the nonstick pan and leave it for fifteen minutes. After then wash it with water and a nylon scrubber. You will see satisfactory results.

3) Vinegar Soak

Another method is vinegar soak. It is also a straightforward technique. You have to sock the cloth into vinegar and place this cloth on the surface of the pan and leave it for an hour. After one hour, you will see that the vinegar breaks all the reliable and burnet food from the pan easily. Now you can wash it with simple water and detergent.

4) Saltwater

You can also use salt to clean the burned nonstick pan. Mix the salt in warm water and soak the pan into it. Then leave it for a half-hour. After a half-hour, uses a nylon scrubber to wash the nonstick pan. It will remove all the burned food from the pan.

5) Olive oil

Using oil is another excellent technique. It is a straightforward technique to follow. You need to add some salt into olive oil and paste it into the pan. Then warm it on medium flame. Then leave the pan for cooled. After then, use a soft scrubber and detergent to remove the burned food from the pan. It will take a maximum of half-hour.

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Taking care of nonstick pan is very important. Because it will help you to cook delicate food items at home. So the common mistake is that people cook food on high flame so it will burn the food into the pan. But it doesn’t mean that you have to buy a new nonstick pan. But here in this article, we described five simple techniques to clean the burned food from the nonstick pan. So if you want to keep safe your nonstick pan, you must follow these techniques.

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