How To Connect Wireless Headphones To Tv

How To Connect Wireless Headphones To Tv

Wireless headphones are the best way to enjoy your Favorite shows and music in depth. If you are trying to watch TV at night and don’t want to disturb other sleeping members at home, use wireless headphones. But the question is that How To Connect Wireless Headphones To Tv? There are several ways to connect wireless headphones to the TV, but what type of TV do you have?

Dedicated wireless headphones:

Most people don’t have a TV with a built-in Bluetooth option. Anyhow connecting wireless headphones is a straightforward process. Dedicated wireless headphones are the most common and easy way to connect with TV. These headphones come with a base station that you have to lug into the TV through a 3.5mm analog jack then work over the radio frequency rather than Bluetooth.

The radion frequency gives you a great benefit, and that is RANGE. Usually, Bluetooth headphones have a limited range to 30 feet. But on the other side, the wireless headphones come with a superior range of up to 300 feet. However, if not having any other radio device, use that jack to connect the audio device with the TV like a soundbar.

Keep in mind that you need to switch the headphones to go for the wireless option. Furthermore, if you use either optical cable or digital outputs for coenenctions, leave the headphones connected without changing the normal audio playback. The good news is that you can buy your wireless headphones from anywhere at a reasonable price with good audio quality.

Bluetooth headphones:

The dedicated set of headphones indeed has its advantages, but what if you already have a nice pair of headphones that you don’t want to leave. Anyhow you can make it work with already existing things. You have to buy a Bluetooth transmitter. These transmitters are available online or at your local store quickly.

Usually, the transmitter has 3.5mm or RCA output that helps TV to transmit Bluetooth signals. You need to use a power source like a USB, and you have to tap the USB into the port in TV and plug the power strip into your Bluetooth headphones. Now the setup is complete, so you can watch your favorite TV shows on TV by using your same Bluetooth headphones.

Media streamers:

Some of the set boxes of TV, such as Apple devices or Android, already have the option to listen to your favorite TV shows in private. These TV sets are most easy to connect with wireless headphones.

Steps to follow for Android TV:

It might be a hit or miss to support Bluetooth devices on Android. Some of the boxes support wireless headphones via Bluetooth but only by using a keyboard or mouse. Others may support wireless headphones directly, same as you connect it with any other android device such as mobile or tablet, turn on the Headphone, and go to SETTINGS in TV. Open Bluetooth and search for your headphones. Click on it for pairing up.

Steps to follow for Apple TV:

The APPLE TV allows you to connect wireless headphones directly. Turn ON the Bluetooth on your device and GO into SETTINGS on TV. Open the REMOTES AND DEVICES option and click on Bluetooth. When you see your headphones appear on the list, then click on them to connect.

Play station 4:

Play station 4 is another way to connect wireless headphones with TV. The play station four is specially designed for Bluetooth headphones, but you can make it work for the wireless device. You need to use a USB adapter to circumvents the restriction. Anyhow keep in mind that this process isn’t for all types of headphones.

How to check that your TV has Bluetooth option?

Almost every TV came with a remote. It doesn’t matter what type of remote you’ll have, and you can still check the Bluetooth option via settings. Go to SETTINGS and select sound; click on Sound Output. If the screen shows the option of Bluetooth speakers list, then it means that your TV has Bluetooth.

Use a secondary device:

Suppose you are using any other device such as a gaming console or media streaming, etc., with your TV. Check that this device has a Bluetooth option. Usually, these devices have a Bluetooth option. For example, the Roku has a jack on its remote to connect with the TV to listen to audio wirelessly.

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Wireless connection is the best way to enjoy your privacy. And the best part is its reliability. People don’t know how to use their wireless headphones and Bluetooth headphones to enjoy their TV shows on Tv alone. Anyhow, no problem because we described different methods to connect wireless headphones to the TV. You can try all of these options.

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