How to Restore The Non Stick Pan [Complete Guide]

how to restore the non stick pan

Every cooking lover wants to have a non-stick pan for cooking. Because the non-stick pans are great for cooking, and they never damage the shape of food by sticking it on the surface of the pan. But sometimes it gets hard to clean the sticky food from it. Because with time, it may deteriorate. Mostly when you ignore the special care about it. Scratches, while cooking, reduces its capacity for non-sticking technology, which will be very frustrating.  So here in this article, we talk about how to restore the non stick pan?

If you don’t want to buy a new fancy pan for you, then you must consider the tips we describe here to follow. Because by following these tips, you can quickly restore your non-stick pan. So, Let’s take a look.

Deep Cleaning

It is essential to clean the non-stick pan after using it, so make sure that there will be no strain or scratch on it. And also, remove all the particles of food you cook. For an in-depth cleaning process, you can use water by adding baking soda and vinegar to wash the pan. Moreover, Then boil this material on medium heat in the pan. Boil the water until the vinegar and baking soda is mixed. Then off the heat. And now wash your pan with this boiled material to clean all the particles and scratches of food. After doing this process, use a tissue or soft cloth to dry the surface of the pan.


If you don’t want to use the baking soda to clean the pan, then there are many other ways to restore the non-stick pan. For example, you can use a spray to restore the non-stick pan. There are many types of pan spray available in the market, but if you don’t have time to grab the market, then you can order it online. The spray will indeed wash the pan and also remove all the particles from the surface of the pan. The method is that after spraying; leave it for a few minutes for drying out. Make sure that you applied a thick layer of spray on it and then leave it for a maximum of 30 minutes. And after this process, it shifts it into the oven for ten minutes on 500 degrees heat level. The use of simple dishwashing soap to remove the spray.

Service Manufacturer

There is another way to restore the pan. And that is contact the service provider and asks for extra coating. They are professionals and experienced people, and they must know the process of extra coating. So if you get the idea from them, then we are sure that you can make a new pan after coating.

Furthermore, another way is that you can contact the manufacturer of the pan directly. For this process, you need to choose a reliable and famous company to buy the non-stick pan. Because some famous brands offer warranty for many years, and in case of damage pans, they will offer new non-stick pan to replace the older one. Or may they repair the pan?

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In this article, we describe the methods to restore the non-stick pan instead of buying a new one. So if you want to save your money, then you must follow the different methods we describe.


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