Blue Diamond Pan | Non Toxic Ceramic Non Stick Pan [Complete Review Updated 2022]

Blue Diamond Pan is a new type of pan that has been designed to cook healthier, more nutritious meals. It is made from a special material and has the ability to heat up quickly and evenly. Blue Diamond pans are ideal for those who have busy lifestyles but want to enjoy delicious meals without compromising on nutrition. This review will show you what you can expect when you decide to purchase this product.

Is Diamond in the Pan?

Well, it’s the marketing scheme that there’re diamonds in the pan. The reason for using is because It’s one of the best heat conductors, even better than copper. However, it’s also the toughest; for that reason, the nonstick coating will be durable. While the diamond is a great heat conductor and sturdy, its nonstick coating isn’t. Here are various reviews on Amazon that their coating is already flaking off after a few uses.

Hence, manufacturers will use a small vial of an industrial diamond to harden the coating of the pan. It is such a low content that it makes a minor impact on the performance of the pan. Well, in my opinion, it’s a marketing ploy. It needs to be made out of a solid piece of diamond for the pan to have the durability and heat of the diamond.

The core of the pan is either aluminum and stainless steel. The base of the nonstick coating of the pan is ceramic. If you want the advert, all the ceramic pans have weirdly imbued into their pans. But they say that to make it stronger. Some say granite and some say titanium.

Complete Review of Blue Diamond Pan

Top Ceramic Pan

Blue Diamond Pan

12 inch non-stick pan with lid

This 12-inch non stick Blue Diamond Pan is perfect for your everyday cooking needs. It made with a diamond-infused coating which makes it a great heat conductor and non-stick.

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The blue diamond pan is 9.5 inches, scratch-resistant, and nonstick pan that has the outer coating of ceramic, which enhances the diamond. The company claims that the pan is 5x more durable, lasts 10x longer, and comfortably transfer heat 4x faster than the other nonstick pan. Being able to fry with the pan, it can be placed in the broiler or oven and can be heated safely up to 850 degrees.

Most of these nonstick cookware models are impressive at first, yet are likely to deteriorate with the continued usage. The pan is made worse by the exaggerated advertising demonstrations that my team found challenging to recreate successfully.

Non-Stick Coating:

Through experience, my team found that nonstick coating of these pans will help them last longer, but mostly majority of ten dots handle them like a traditional pan, only to discover the nonstick surface rapidly degrading subsequently. There’re few instructions on how to care for the blue diamond pan.

For testing, we buy two of these pans and use one according to the demonstrations and the other closely aligned with the instructions. After use, we found that the nonstick surface washed easily no matter how much scratched it or caked materials onto it.

As far as food sticks without oil at all, that seemed to be based on items in the pan. For example, the egg still sticks to some degree, but the pan cleaned up nonetheless effortlessly. However, melted cheese will become no issue, nor ware shrimp or chicken breasts. Additionally, using the sandpaper on the pan surface barely made a scratch, although using a mixer caused the damage. Hitting the bottom with the hammer caused the visible dent.

After despite mixed results to extremes, we followed the instructions low to medium flame, hand washing, using non-abrasives, the pan delivered impressive results. Nothing stuck, it cleaned up quickly. My only real complaint about the pan is other than the advertising demonstrations, is that the handle of the pan tends to get hot; however, if you avoid the advertising demonstrations and stick to instructions.

Features of the Blue Diamond Pan

  • The blue diamond pan comes with the sturdy ceramic coating
  • Its completely non-toxic, chemicals free, PFOA, PFAS, lead, or cadmium free.
  • To prevent warping base of the pan is forged
  • Contains nonstick coating which is perfect for making delicious food items
  • 5X more durable than regular nonstick cookware
  • Nonstick coating of the pan lasts 10X longer than average
  • The pan cooks 4X faster as compared to the traditional nonstick pan
  • Heats up to 850 degree
  • With cooking utensils, it is safe to use and dishwasher safe

Design of the Blue Diamond Pan


The shape of the pan is a traditional French skillet. These designs are best for tossing food with the wrist. Hence, most people purchase the pan won’t be skilled enough to do that luckily; the sidewall of the pan is low so that you can flip the omelet spatula right under. The pan makes it challenging to pour the liquid, and there’s no rolled lip on the pan.


Although new to the market, the pan has received by the customers. They provide the coating to the test and found that if the pan is used according to the care guidelines provided, the coating is durable, and the pan is sturdy. The manufacturers recommend using the pan on low and medium flame, use bit oil or butter for best results. They also advise hand washing to lengthen the lifespan of the nonstick coating.


Even with the forged base, secure, the pan is comfortable and lightweight to work with. The silver handle of the pan is comfortable and stays cool. However, most customers commented that the handle got hot on the stove and needed a mitt to work it.


The handle of the blue diamond pan is made of metal material. Usually, a metal pan is made for high-end cookware. Its because professionals usually finish cooking in the oven. Since it’s not covered with the plastic or silicone, it has a higher oven temperature. The blue diamond pan, have impressive temper safety of 850-degree Fahrenheit. The handle of the pan gets hot soon. So you may need any mitt to work and make delicious food.


The reason why people like this pan is that it’s not very costly. You can buy an excellent pan without paying any massive amount of high quality. Hence, The pan is only 29 dollars, at this price point. We won’t believe in their marketing gimmick. When you buy this pan, you will feel how great for just 29 dollars you got a great bargain. However, it’s one of the cheaper nonstick pans. The pan includes 90 days money-back guarantee and a lifetime limited warranty.


So there’re various reviews they’re saying how perfect and excellent the pan is. The issue is that they are testing a brand new pan. If you get another brand new nonstick pan, you’ll get the same perfect performance. These pans, like another nonstick pan, are made at the same place.


The blue diamond nonstick is part of the cookware test program at consumer reports. In our lab tests, cookware sets models like ceramic nonstick are rated on various criteria; these are listed below.

Evenness of cooking

Cooking evenness reflects the power of the frying pan to turn out evenly browned pancakes on the gas range.

Nonstick food release

The nonstick food release score reflects the qualities of the pan interior by cooking many eggs consecutively without oil. An excellent score indicates all eggs slid off the pan without assistance. A poor score indicates scraping needed to release an egg from the pan, and some egg residue was left on the pan.

The durability of a nonstick pan

To access durability, we intentionally abraded fry pan surfaces with steel wool units. The coating was worn through or up to 2000 strokes. The scoring reflects the pan’s durability coating and its nonstick quality after abraded.

Blue Diamond Pan


  • Offers an excellent and healthy coating, which is durable.
  • The blue diamond pan is suitable for stovetops and is entirely broiler and oven safe up to 850F
  • The pan coating is needed to withstand the scratches that come from metal utensils and constant use.
  • Heats 4x faster than other pans
  • Easy to use the pan and leaves no mess behind
  • Super nonstick coating to prevent food from sticking when cooking
  • Designed with forged base for sturdiness, warp prevention, and strength
  • Without PFOA, cadmium for healthy cooking
  • Cook different recipes with little or no oil
  • Triple granite layer and superior pressed aluminum inner component
  • Devised to heat instantly and maintain the best temperature for cooking food
  • Efficient and versatile at cooking functions and deliver exceptional results
  • Smooth surface ensures food glides out of the pan without a hitch
  • Uncomplicated, simple, and easy to maintain


  • The handle of the pan heats up soon
  • The ceramic coating comes off when you use metal utensils
  • Prone to scratches
  • Develop bruises and scratches
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Whether you’re a passionate home cook or chef, the blue diamond pan is a product that you might need to consider. Despite the few shortcomings, features the pros and cons of the pan are overwhelming. You get a high-quality pan that is versatile, durable, easy to clean, and use with a decent amount of safety features.

The blue diamond pan is a high-quality set that comes with an array of features to revolutionize your experience in the kitchen. It’s a durable pan and made of high-quality stainless steel for long term use. The diamond ceramic and infusion coating helps in heat retention and transfer, which makes it the best pan for fast meal preparation.

It’s a perfect pan that never develops mistakes like elevating in the center with food running toward the edges do not cook food evenly. It is easy to clean, needs no elaborate cleaning procedure that makes hassles and consumes time. The pan is oven safe and performs the broadest range of functions, including baking, which adds to its preference and functionality.


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