Cuisinart FP 8SV elemental 8 cup food processor silver

Cuisinart 8 Cup Food Processor – Review

The usage of food processors is increasing rapidly because people are getting busier. So they don’t have enough time to waste on the preparation of food. But the fact is that this increasing growth also increases fake brands in the market. So it is hard to choose the best food processor for your kitchen. Choosing the best Cuisinart 8-cup food processor isn’t easy, but scrolling down to check the features and manufacturing may help you out.

Another issue is price. Not everyone can easily afford to buy the best food processor on their limited budget. Don’t worry because here we are to solve all these problems. We found Cuisinart FP-8SV elemental 8-cup food processor. The best part is that this food part proved essential to do any job in the kitchen. Let us tell you the features of this food processor in detail.

Description of Cuisinart 8 cup food processor:

Overall this Cuisinart food processor has an 8 cup capacity of 350 watts. Plus, all the parts are removable and dishwasher safe. The plus point is its price which everyone can afford. So do not waste your time and grab this product to meet all your kitchen requirements.


The performance depends on the motor, and the good news is that the motor uses 350 watts. This power is enough to prepare any food. First of all, we checked the chopping of this machine and were surprised to see the results. We took an onion as it is the essential ingredient in the kitchen to use. However, the blade of the machine cuts the onion in perfect shape within seconds. Second, we choose the grinding option to review it, and again, it did a great job.

There is no need to put extra effort, and you have to use chopping blades with pulse settings for proper grinding. Next, slicing the bread is also good. A disk attached in the box is called a slicing disk; put it and see the results. Finally, the kneading department is also impressive. Because most of the food processors cant give perfect job in making dough. But Cuisinart food processor did well.

Work bowl:

Here we discussed the overall look of the FP-8SV elemental 8-cup food processor. The 8 cup size is enough with measurement markings on the sides. The size is just perfect for larger families, and you can even host a party at your home. It will help you prepare party-sized chicken pieces and salads easily. plus more space can give you peace of mind while processing food without overloading it. Furthermore, the food processor comes with an integrated food tube. Through this tube, you can easily add more food ingredients without stopping the processor.

Shredding discs and blades:

Shredding disks and blades are other noticeable features of the FP-8SV elemental 8-cup food processor. You’ll be happy to see that the disks and blades are made with stainless steel material which you easily adjust at any volume. Plus, the chopping, dough, and slicing blades also come with a package. So you don’t need to buy them separately.

In addition, these incredible features increase the usage of the FP-8SV elemental 8-cup food processor by making it multifunctional at one time. It doesn’t matter what we are going to do to prepare foods, either chopping, slicing, grinding, etc., we are sure that you will love the performance in every field of performance.


Finally, the most challenging task in the kitchen is cleaning at the end of cooking. But the amazing thing is that the FP-8SV elemental 8-cup food processor is simple to clean. Even you can clean all parts of the FP-8SV elemental 8-cup food processor in the dishwasher. However, the machine’s center cannot be removable, but it can be cleaned by hand easily.


The touchpad is another amazing feature of this FP-8SV elemental 8-cup food processor. The buttons include all programs, including high, low, on and off, etc. this easy process will help all users in every level of food preparation. On the other side, the brushed chrome exterior makes the look very attractive and nice. That’s why we can say that the processor is good-looking enough to place on the counter to enhance the kitchen décor.

Features of Cuisinart FP 8SV elemental 8 cup food processor silver:

  • 8-cup capacity with patented blade lock system
  • Easy to clean all the removable parts
  • 350 watts of motor power is enough to process food
  • Tube used to add more food ingredients without stopping the processor
  • Adjustable slicing disk and chopping blades

Specifications of FP-8SV elemental 8-cup food processor:

Manufactured byCuisinart
Item dimensions 7.6 x 9.58 x 15.19 inches
Total weight 6 pounds
Color Silver

P-8SV elemental 8-cup food processor


  • Easy to operate
  • Simple cleaning process
  • Reversible slicing and shredding disks
  • Stainless steel attachments


  • The Center point isn’t removable


If you love cooking, then the FP-8SV elemental 8-cup food processor is the essential product for you. Plus, the silver color is completely matching with every kitchen theme. On the other side, this processor used high-quality materials for manufacturing. These all are good reasons to choose this food processor for your kitchen. Another attractive thing is the price. So there is no reason left to ignore this incredible product.


why you need to buy a food processor?

food processor becomes an essential part of every kitchen. It helps you to save your time and energy on cutting food ingredients. However, you can easily host big parties at your home. That's why a food processor is necessary to buy.

is it washable in the dishwasher?

yes, the FP-8SV elemental 8-cup food processor is easy to wash in a dishwasher because all the parts of this FP-8SV elemental 8-cup food processor are removable. Nut keep in mind that the central part isn't removable, so you have to clean it by your hand.


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