Cuisinart Dbm 8 coffee maker

Cuisinart Dbm 8 [Review & Buying Guide 2022]

No one would believe us at first when we said the Cuisinart provided an electric burr grinder at a reasonable price compared to other high-level products in the market. But it’s true. Usually, people considered that low price means low quality, but Cuisinart failed this phenomenon by providing the best products at a lower price. That’s why we choose the Cuisinart dbm 8 to prove that all hearing. Read the details to know more about the Cuisinart dbm 8.

Description of Cuisinart dbm 8:

The Cuisinart is budget-friendly that attracts the most. On the other side, the grinding process also impresses by providing the best taste in coffee. Also, this Cuisinart brings back all my memories of starting the coffee. Honestly, at first, I bought this product due to its elegant looks and reasonable price. With that said, it can provide the best way to grind coffee beans.

Let’s check the features of Cuisinart dbm 8:


The Cuisinart is designed to fulfill all your coffee needs. The best thing is that the overall look is small, compact, and beautiful. The small design also makes it easier to operate. On another side, the Cuisinart Dbm 8 comes with ceramic block burrs, which is best for beginners especially. Well, the Cuisinartdoesn’t mention its motor power on manual, but we are telling you that it has the loudest grinders compared to any other product. Besides, the grinder doesn’t run until you placed coffee beans and hoper in the right place. This will save you from wasting the time you spend on transferring coffee beans back to the ground from coffee equipment. That’s why you must appreciate the safety feature of Cuisinart dbm 8.

Hopper and ground beans:

The Cuisinart dbm 8 has a removable plastic hopper with an 8-oz capacity. Plus, the plastic ground bean can hold almost 32 cups of ground coffee easily. But the fact is that the ground coffee isn’t airtight, so it would be good to leave the coffee in the ground to use later.


The product meets all standards of premium products even with a plastic body; however, the machine’s exterior used aluminum material with black accents. This design makes sure that the machine will look good on your kitchen counter.


The 4.7 weight of Cuisinart makes it light weighted enough to take anywhere. Also, the small size doesn’t occupy much space on the kitchen counter. Even you can keep it inside the cabinet when you are not using it.

Cleaning process:

All of the grinders required cleaning to keep them longer. But the Dbm 8 makes it easier for you by adding a removable hopper. The top burr is a grinder attached with a base hopper and comes out with it. So you can quickly dust off the residues from the bottom burr. However, keep in mind that the coffee dust can stick on the ground bin due to plastic bodies. So you should be careful while taking off the ground bin. Otherwise, it will end up all coffee dust around you.


It is right that low price of products cant be longer. Anyhow, according to price, the quality is pretty much. You can use it for longer by putting some effort into the maintenance. Furthermore, it comes with 18 month warranty which is enough with that level of price.

Control panel:

We are happy to tell you that the dbm 8 is very simple to use. You have to plug it into the switchboard, put the coffee beans into the hopper, then select the grind setting from the panel. Keep in mind that you placed the beans at the exact place in the hopper. Select the number of cups you want to make. The machine allows you 1 to 18 cups at one time. Hit the start button.

Key features of Cuisinart dbm 8:

  • Grinds the coffee without using blades
  • The plastic body makes it light weighted
  • Offers to make coffee 1 to 18 cups
  • Affordable price with good quality
  • It comes with a cleaning brush
  • Easy to read the instructions
  • The product gives 18 months of warranty
  • Simple to handle all settings
Specifications Values
Manufactured by Cuisinart
Item dimensions 10.75 x 7.13 x 6 inches
Total weight 4.5 pounds
ColorStainless steel

Cuisinart dbm 8


  • Easy to assemble
  • Simple cleaning process
  • Grind without blades
  • Affordable price


  • Required some extra maintenance to use longer


It is true that most people are searching for a reasonable coffee grinder. But it’s not easy to find the best one with good quality. For those people, the Cuisinart dbm 8 would be an ideal option. Also, if anyone wants to move from a traditional grinder to an advanced one, this would be the best to choose. However, we described all the details above.


Is this Cuisinart Dbm 8 grinder is conical?

No, it's not. The Cuisinart Dbm 8 grinder has block burrs, so you can't compare the quality of Cuisinart dbm 8 with any conical grinder.

Where the Cuisinart Dbm 8 made?

The Cuisinart Dbm eight grinder made in china. It doesn't mean the low quality. Cuisinart follows strict manufacturing standards to make all products.


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