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Cuisinart slow cooker [Review 2023]

Cooking with a Cuisinart slow cooker sets a new trend in the cooking world. It allows you to start preparations in the morning, cook through the day, and be ready to serve in the evening. The slow cooker is compatible with all included single women/men or larger families. Perhaps the quantity of food depends on the size of the cooker. So many people question that why they have to waste their time cooking for the whole day? But the fact is that slow cookers are famous for producing mouth-watering food by adding high flavors.

When we go out in the market, there are so many brands which produce slow cookers, so it is hard to choose the best one. According to our research, no other brand can match the Cuisinart brand to produce amazing slow cookers at a reasonable price rate. Here we choose Cuisinart central 6-quart multi-cooker for review.

Description of Cuisinart central 6-quart multi-cooker:

Cuisinart slow cooker

We choose this product due to having top reviews from consumers. This cooker is also known as the Cuisinart MSC-600. We think that slow cookers are the best choice for people who still like traditional cooking techniques or new to enter the new cooking world. But not suitable for those who choose to buy their first slow cooker. However, we are sure that the Cuisinart central 6-quart multi-cooker has all the functions you need with an automatic system. Let us explain the features of this slow cooker.

Control panel:

This is one of the most impressive features of the Cuisinart central 6-quart multi-cooker. The control panel was placed in front of the slow cooker with 2 Blue LCDs. The LCD display is used to show the exact timing and temperature of cooking. Next, it has + and – buttons to increase or decrease the temperature. Also, three buttons are placed below the LCD displays called STEAM, SAUTE/BROWN, and SLOW COOKER. Also, there is a button to start and stop, placed below the cooking mode buttons.


In addition, steaming food is a healthy way to eat anything because it keeps all the nutrients in food. Even it doesn’t require any butter or oil for preparation. The steaming rack allows you to place the vegetables and meat with just 2 quarts of liquid. You have to cover the LID and push the steaming button to start the process.


This cooking mode in the Cuisinart central 6-quart multi-cooker allows you to prepare many foods. So you don’t need to use a sauté pan or skillet for the process anymore. The mode is automatically set at 350 degrees Fahrenheit, but you can increase the temperature up to 400 degrees. Also, you can use this mode to reheat the food.

Slow cooker mode:

This model is basic for which we reviewed the article. A slow cooker is an excellent option for those foods that require simmering for longer hours, including soups, stocks, stews, etc. on the other side, this model has three options of temperature and time: LOW SIMMER and HIGH. Usually, LOW temperature is used by most people, which can reach 200 Fahrenheit degrees temperature. SIMMER reached up to 185 degrees Fahrenheit. And the HIGH almost reached up to 212 Fahrenheit. The HIGH mode is used in case of a hurry or emergency.

Tip: another best thing is that the Cuisinart central 6-quart multi-cooker automatically turns to WARM mode once the food is ready, or you forget to open the cooker after 24 hours.


The Cuisinart central 6-quart multi-cooker used stainless steel material in construction, allowing you to brown or sauté the food directly in the unit. Plus, the stainless steel construction means that the product is durable for years.
Also, the Cuisinart central 6-quart multi-cooker is famous due to its high-quality construction. Plus, the product has an Aluminum pot to distribute the heat in food properly.


The handles of the pot remain cool even if you put the pot on the stove for 24 hours. Plus, you don’t need to use any cloth to touch the handles due to the aluminum material.

Specifications of Cuisinart central 6-quart multi-cooker:

Manufactured by Cuisinart
Total weight16 pounds
Item dimensions 12 x 19 x 9.5 inches
Size 6 quart

Cuisinart slow cooker


  • Automatic ON/OFF option
  • Multiple options for cooking
  • Larger capacity to cook food for five people
  • Washable in dishwasher
  • Glass LID display allows keeping an eye on food


  • Slow programmable


Slow cookers are famous in the market due to providing mouth-watering food as we choose the Cuisinart central 6-quart multi-cooker, which is best due to several features that can perform multiple functions. Plus the reasonable price also attracts the people. However, to get the complete information, you have to read the article.


: why the slow cooker getting fame in the cooking world?

Because it can prepare the food by adding different flavors. Also, the slow cooker is the best choice for people who like the old traditional cooking methods. Plus you’ll get healthy food.

Why is it necessary to buy the Cuisinart central 6-quart multi-cooker?

Several other options are available in the market, but the Cuisinart central 6-quart multi-cooker is best due to providing amazing features at a reasonable price.


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