How Much Electricity Does A Dehumidifier Use

How Much Electricity Does A Dehumidifier Use

In summer, the humidity got higher in houses, and it will causes germs and bacteria in the air, which has a terrible impact on health and skin. The dehumidifier is one of the most important pieces of equipment in any home. It’s used to remove moisture from the air by using the process of evaporation. It also helps to keep the air in the house fresh and clean. However, it can be a very expensive piece of equipment. How much electricity does a dehumidifier use? We will take a look at this and find out.

How Does An Electric Dehumidifier Work?

Here, we will explain the proper functioning of an electric dehumidifier. So it’s easy for you to understand it. A fan is used in a dehumidifier to moist the air. There is also a metal surface used in a dehumidifier, which will remain cool even after cold air absorption. The cool air has more liquid content as compare to warm air. The liquid will drop on the surface, and a plastic bucket is used to collect the water you need to empty regularly. Most dehumidifiers are designed with a temperature level of 65 degrees. So, below the 65 degrees temperature level, the water will be freezing on the metal surface.

How Much Electricity Does A Dehumidifier Use?

How much electricity does a dehumidifier use? You can find your device’s electricity level on the manual bar, the numbers mentioned in kilowatts per hour. Most of the dehumidifiers used 280 watts per hour. Another option is 0.28 kilowatts per hour. Now the question is that how can you understand this consumption level? The answer is that you can put kilowatts per hour to check the energy level per hour. Moreover, if you want to learn other ways to measure different energy levels, you can learn on the internet with the best guides.

How Can We Calculate The Actual Cost Of Electricity?

As with other home appliances, the dehumidifier consumes energy in the same way. The total energy consumption will appear in an electricity bill every month. So it is essential to know how you can reduce the cost of a dehumidifier. There are three essential steps to consider for this purpose. The first one is to check the total energy level of a dehumidifier, and the second step is to figure out the best efficient way to use energy, and the third step is to check how much you have to pay per kilowatt?

There is an energy star on the device that will help you check the device’s efficiency level. So you can also compare the different dehumidifiers on their efficiency level. For this purpose, you will need to buy a dehumidifier with an energy star option. Another benefit of using a dehumidifier with an energy star is that it uses ten to fifty percent less energy level as compared to other regular dehumidifiers.

Furthermore, must check that how much are you paying per kilowatts? The electricity rate is different in every city. But the option is that you can easily switch the expensive supply to a cheap supply in the US.

How Can You Efficiently Use Your Dehumidifier?

If you want to use your dehumidifier most effectively, then there is a need to consider some of the essential factors. The great way is to purchase a dehumidifier with an energy star because it will consume less energy than other regular dehumidifiers. Another way is to place the dehumidifier at the best-suited place because it also impacted cost. The familiar areas include a basement or laundry room etc.

Moreover, if you want to use your device for a more extended period, it requires some maintenance. Never leave any dust on the device because it can affect its performance. You have to take care of the cleaning process, clean the blades, fan, motor regularly. The most crucial factor is that you don’t need to entirely depend on the device, which means you should be careful about cleaning your home.

How Can You Eliminate Humidity Without Using Dehumidifier?

If you want to use your dehumidifier efficiently, you need to take care of the necessary things. Must use calcium chloride while cleaning your home because chloride has salt in it, reducing the growth of mold in the air. Must use venting fans in kitchen and bathrooms. Always keep an eye on the leaking tabs in a home, which can save your water also. Moreover, try to make space for indoor plants in your home, eliminating the humidity level with less mold growth in the air.

Buying Guide For Dehumidifier

There are some particular factors to consider before buying a dehumidifier, especially an electric dehumidifier.
Usually, the electric cost depends on the device’s working, which means that it all depends on the room size and environment. Also, the temperature level affects performance. If you have a small room, then you can buy a small dehumidifiers for bedroom, but electric dehumidifiers are necessary for large rooms. Must check the performance level of the device. Some devices in the market will create some noise while working. It will create a disturbing environment, so you must check it. There must be space in your home to have an electric dehumidifier because it will cost you heavily after buying. There is no need to buy extra-large sizes for batter performance. You have to buy a decent size according to the room size and according to your budget.


A dehumidifier is the most important for every home to eliminate the air’s humidity, especially in the summer. Here, we provided all information about how much electricity does a dehumidifier use? If you know nothing about the device, there is no need to worry because you can read the article and know everything, even the actual cost of having an electric dehumidifier at your home.

We hope you enjoyed our article about how much electricity does a dehumidifier use. Our goal is to make it easier for you to understand how you can use a dehumidifier to control the moisture in your home, while also helping you understand how much electricity you can expect to use while running your dehumidifier.


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