Connect Multiple Microphones To A Computer

How To Connect Multiple Microphones To A Computer

Recording multiple audio tracks at once has become pretty standard in the music industry as of late, but connecting multiple microphones to a computer can be confusing if you’ve never done it before. But don’t worry! In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know about how to connect multiple microphones to your computer, including how to make sure they all work together. Let’s get started!

How To Connect Multiple Microphones To A Computer

How to Use Multiple Microphones

To use multiple mics, you must first consider monitoring. Each microphone must be heard clearly so that you can identify any audio problems. If you’re the one producing and hosting your podcast, you’re usually more concerned with securing that killer interview than you are with audio monitoring. It is important to ensure that all of your mics are set up properly and that you sound-test them each individually.

Depends on setup, you may have to monitor multiple microphones simultaneously when you have multiple mics connected to one input, so you’ll need to be more focused to catch issues. The different options are below, which will let you monitor each mic separately, while others won’t.

The placement of each mic – as well as distance – is another important factor.

Trying to record each mic separately (possible with some of the options below) will defeat the purpose if the mics are too close together. In another mic, for example, you can remove the cough in the post, but if the other person is speaking when the cough occurs, you won’t be able to remove it. Likewise, if the cough is happening as the other person is speaking, there would be no way to remove it.

It’s essential to realize that using a splitter cable will result in a weaker signal when using one of the options. A good preamp in your input device would be an advantage to combat this, as it doesn’t usually weaken the signal by too much and shouldn’t cause too many problems.

Last but not least, consistency is important. Whenever possible, use the same mics when using multiple microphones. When mixing different brands and models, you may not get the best results, but if you keep each mic the same, you eventually become familiar with the sound and know how to manage it when you produce your show. Setting up just one mic is much easier – every mic has its characteristics, so keeping track of three or four can quickly become very stressful and difficult.
Now that you know what to consider let’s look at the options available for connecting multiple microphones to one input source. Next, we will move on to three and four mics.

Guide and options for connecting multiple microphones to your computer

A computer can be connected to multiple microphones in several ways. If you are trying to obtain the best audio quality, you should choose the method to help you do so. In addition to recording each mic onto its audio track, some people prefer editing each track separately. So, you may wish to consider this criterion as well.

Therefore, we will examine four methods of making connections in the following paragraphs. You can find out how to connect multiple microphones to a computer by reading on.

Through USB Audio Interface

Connecting multiple mics is made easiest by using an audio interface. As cheap as $50, you can find a USB audio interface. Of course, you should always ensure that you are purchasing a quality product. You will only need to connect your microphones to your audio interface once it has several XLR inputs. Then, a USB cable is attached to the interface, and you can now start recording. Furthermore, you can record each mic’s audio into a separate audio track by using a DAW like Audacity (it’s free). When editing is necessary, you retain flexibility. It would help if you simply had your recording microphones, an XLR cable, and the audio interface.

Using An Audio Mixer

Connecting the mics to your computer via an audio mixer is another way to run a multiple mic podcast. There is no requirement for a full-blown mixer, but it should have multiple channels. It’s also important to note that a mixer is expensive to connect multiple mics to a PC. Despite this, its simplicity more than compensates.

When you record your podcast using an audio mixer, you open up new possibilities. Any PC, iPad, or another device can be connected to the mixer without any issue. It is also easier to invite quite a few guests to your podcast. It’s possible to bring an entire band if you want! Having a mixer allows you to balance all sounds conveniently.

How to connect two USB microphones to a PC

Making the connection now is the next step. Using an audio mixer to connect several microphones to your computer is surprisingly simple. XLR cables are all you need to connect the microphones (and any other inputs) to the mixer. Once this is done, connect your mixer via a USB cable to your laptop. Again, you can do it with simple steps! It is convenient to assign up to four mic channels for your microphones on some audio mixers.

Several audio mixers are capable of handling more input options if you need them. If you want to record onto separate tracks, you must use a DAW that allows that. You can connect multiple USB microphones to one computer (for example, two). However, to make the VoiceMeeter app work, you must first download the VoiceMeeter app.


Voicemeter is a free PC mixer application that lets you connect multiple USB microphones. In your audio hardware settings, select Voicemeeter as the input and output device. One thing, however, you need to know. All microphones will be recorded into one track by this app. As a result, you will have limited editing options. Fortunately, you’ll be able to use all your USB microphones together for recording. But, make sure your best computer microphones are set to the same volume so that none overshadows the other. You might have a much harder time post-processing your project otherwise.

So let’s take a look at how multiple USB microphones can be used with Voicemeeter.

  • Connect your mics to your PC’s USB ports first. At least two ports are usually found at the back or side of most computers.
  •  In the background, launch the Voicemeeter app.
  • Once your computer has discovered the USB microphones automatically, wait a while.
  • Your USB microphones may get confused if the brands and models are the same. It may be necessary to distinguish the two mics if this occurs manually.
  • Before you begin recording, crosscheck the levels of each microphone and make sure they are at equal volume.
  • Keep in mind that Voicemeeter records every mic input as one audio track.

If you want to record multiple USB microphones on separate tracks, you have another option but don’t want to record them simultaneously. A program called ASIO4AII can be downloaded instead. This app must be purchased, however. Getting it up and running also involves some advanced configurations. We advise you to stick with Voicemeeter while you learn the ropes of the podcast world.

Points to Keep in Mind When Recording with Multiple Microphones

As you know now, connecting multiple microphones to a computer is easy. Recording sessions can be highly effective if you consider several factors. To find out more, keep reading.

Sound Consistency

Because you are recording with multiple microphones, you should be concerned about the sound quality of each mic. Therefore, whenever possible, we suggest that you use mics of the same model and brand. If you do this, you’re more likely to achieve similar sound consistency. If you cannot, do not stress. The same applies to other brands of mics. There are some specifics to beachten, however, such as the volume range. Also, keep in mind that each has unique characteristics, even if all mics sound the same. Keeping track of this across the board is key.

Distance Between Mics

You should probably avoid placing them too close together if you plan to record each microphone’s sound onto a separate track. A separate track would defeat the entire purpose if other people’s mics could capture yours.


The solo podcaster faces an entirely new challenge when recording with multiple mics. Thus, you should invest in high-quality equipment to ensure a smooth transition. A test run with each mic is also needed to ensure there are no issues. Recording issues are usually prevented more often than not by high-quality equipment.


It is always a blast creating podcasts with other people. However, to make it work, you will need the appropriate recording equipment. Having read this article, we hope you’ve gained a deeper understanding of how to connect multiple microphones to a computer. This is a quick and easy way to connect your microphone to your computer. Whenever you find yourself having a problem, you can contact us by clicking here. Play around with your recording!


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