How To Connect Wireless Headphones To PS4

How To Connect Wireless Headphones To PS4

The wireless headphones are best to use because it not create any mess. Also, it gives better sound than wired headphones. But the problem is that people don’t know How To Connect Wireless Headphones To PS4 and it is still challenging to connect wireless headphones to Xbox One or some devices such as Ps4. For example, you are trying to connect your favorite wireless headphones to the console, and suddenly, a blue window shows up on the screen to tell you that the Bluetooth audio system doesn’t support PS4.

Keep in mind that PS4 doesn’t support ordinary Bluetooth headphones. So you have to use special featured PS4 headphones from SONY (Gold wireless headset or Platinum wireless stereo headset). If you don’t own any of these, we will cover you by introducing three other methods to connect your wireless headphones to PS4.

Procedure 1 to connect your wireless headphones with PS4:

  • The first procedure required a male-male audio cord with a built-in mic. After that, you have to follow some simple steps:
  • First of all, connect the audio cable with a built-in mic to your wireless headphones
  • Plus the end of the audio cord with a PS4 controller and turn on your wireless headphones
  • From the PS4 menu, go into SETTINGS and click on DEVICES
  • Click the AUDIO DEVICES and scroll down to find the OUTPUT DEVICE option
  • Select USB headset option
  • Again scroll down the options to click on OUTPUT TO HEADPHONES OPTION to select ALL AUDIO

We recommended AUX audio cable because of many reasons. Such as this cable has a 3.5mm replacement audio cable that is compatible even with mobiles, tablets, or Mp4. Furthermore, you can change the setting from headphones to simple hands-free via remote.

Procedure 2 to connect wireless headphones with PS4:

  • For this procedure, you need to have a Bluetooth adapter and mic. Then follow these simple steps;
  • First of all, connect the Bluetooth USB adapter to the PS4 console.
  • Please turn on the wireless headphones and wait until they are connected to the PS4 controller
  • Open the main menu of PS4 and go to SETTINGS and then click on DEVICES
  • Open AUDIO DEVICES and find the INPUT DEVICE option
  • Select the “Headset connected to controller” option
  • Go to the back and scroll down to select the USB headphones option

Procedure 3 to connect wireless headphones to PS4:

This procedure is a third option to use. You have to use the PS4 remote play app, which allows you to access the console through a WIFI connection. You can use your mobile as a controller and communicate via your phone’s mic. Keep in mind that this method may not be supported for some games or devices, but still, it is useable if you don’t want any mess.

  • At first, go to the play store and download PS4 remote play
  • Open PS4, go to settings of PS4, and click on Enable remote play
  • Activate this procedure by opening ENABLE remote play option
  • Click on ADD DEVICE and then click on CODE
  • You’ll see an 8 digit code appears on the screen
  • Now open your phone that you are using as a controller and enter this 8-digit code for registration of the Remote play app


You may find some problems due to poor network connection and your mobile speed.

Connecting supported wireless headphones with PS4:

Here we described the process to connect headphones that have special features to be compatible with PS4:

  • First, make sure that your headphones are charged
  • Connect your wireless headphones to PS4 via USB cable
  • Switch the headphone mode to pairing mode
  • Open your PS4 and go to SETTINGS and click on DEVICES
  • Scroll down the options to click on BLUETOOTH DEVICES
  • Wait, because your PS4 starting searching your nearest Bluetooth options
  • When you see your wireless headphones in the list, click on it to connect

And that’s it.

Why wireless headphones aren’t supported by PS4?

Most people raise this question why the PS4 doesn’t support wireless devices? The simple answer is that the PS4 doesn’t have A2DP (Advanced audio distribution profile) or any other audio Bluetooth profile. PS4 ignores the poor experience of audio profiles that show 100ms+lag in audio. This can disturb any hardcore gamer or music lover.

Another question is that can I connect my AirPods with PS4? Then the simple answer is that the PS4 doesn’t support AIR pods directly, so you have to choose any third-party adapter to connect the lick of Airpods to PS4. The good news is that you can use this third-party adapter to connect with several other Bluetooth devices, such as wireless speakers.

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In conclusion, the headphones have Bluetooth capabilities that enable you to connect your headphones to your PS4. This enables you to listen to music on your headphones without the need for a wired connection. You can use wireless headphones to enjoy the music in any room where you are.

Hopefully, you completely got the concept of connecting wireless headphones with PS4. And now, you can easily connect your favorite headphones to your PS4 without facing any issues. But still, if you have questions in your mind, you may ask us.


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