How To Keep Gaming Laptop Cool

How To Keep Gaming Laptop Cool

Do you love playing games but hate the heat? Maybe you like to surf the web in your spare time, or maybe you like to relax by reading books on your Kindle. Whatever the case may be, one thing that’s certain is that your laptop gets hotter when you’re gaming or surfing the web, and it’s important that you keep it cool.

If your laptop heats up, it could affect the performance and speed of the machine. In fact, if your laptop overheats, it may shut off completely, causing loss of data and hardware damage. And while it’s certainly not advisable to take your laptop off-site when you’re playing games or surfing the web, there are ways to ensure that your laptop is kept running efficiently. Here are some of the best laptop cooling tips you can try.

Step one: Proper placement of laptop:

You must place your laptop on a solid or flat surface while using it, especially when putting a heavy load on the CPU. In placing laptops on a soft surface such as on a lap or bed, the laptop’s fans obstructed the airflow and stop the cooling system from working properly. On the other side, when you put it on a flat and hard surface, the fans allow the cooling system to sufficiently pull the cool air.

  • If you don’t have any solid or flat surface near to use, you can follow the simple techniques.
  • First of all, if you put the laptop on your lap, then make sure that you are not blocking the fan intakes
  • Secondly, you can elevate the laptop by using any book or similar object

Step 2: Cleaning:

After consideration of airflow, check the inevitable dust by fan intakes. There is no way to stop it, so it would be best to clean the laptop regularly. Cleaning the laptop isn’t very difficult. You have to follow few simple steps.
First of all, buy a can of compressed air because compressed air is the only way to clean the laptop without opening it.

Before starting the process, make sure that the laptop isn’t powered and cool down

  • Hold the laptop from the side where fans are placed
  • Check the fan grills from bottom
  • Bring the compressed air can close to the grills and spray out


Hold the can in an upright position. Otherwise, the liquid air can damage the hardware of the laptop

  • Move the laptop to clean from every angle
  • Continue the process until the dust stops coming out
  • Repeat the same process regularly

Step 3: Extra cooling process:

Aside from checking that your laptop’s inside cooling system is working properly or not, you can use another cooler for the laptop or cooling pad. The more excellent or cooling pad is the most common and inexpensive way to solve overheating issues in laptops. The process of using these cooling pads is simple. You have to place the cooling pad on the surface and then place the laptop on them. Plug the cooling pad into the USB port of the laptop. Now you are ready to play heavy games easily without affecting the cooling system.

Additional issues:

If still facing some overheating issues even after trying all of the above methods, there must be an issue with the laptop’s hardware. This issue can be severe, so address it adequately. If your laptop still overeating even after using the cleaning method and cooling method, you can do two more things.

In-game setting:

Lower down the in-game setting to make that GPU work less complicated to generate less heat. On the other side, it would be best to start with GPU-Intensive features, including ambient occlusion and anti-aliasing.

External GPU:

This is an excellent way to keep the desktop graphics on a laptop generating less heat. Anyway, this process is a little bit expensive. Plus, you have to make sure that the GPU is ready to handle the other GPU you are planning to attach.

Faulty fans:

Most modern gaming laptops come with several internal fans to keep the heat lower. If one of these fans stops working, you will notice while increasing the temperature of the laptop. Another best way to check this issue is that use your ears. First of all, put all the laptops under heavy loads, so all the fans start working. Listen to them carefully to check each fan’s intake.

There are also two important tips:

The fan which is not working properly creates some rattling or heavy noises before breaking down completely. If the faulty fan doesn’t make any noise, it means that it is not operating at optimal capacity.

On the other side, it is understood that all fans will create some noise when you put the laptop under heavy loads. When a fan doesn’t make any noise, the fan is broken and required a replacement.


The best laptops are made to withstand the rigors of the work environment. And that means they need to be able to keep your gaming laptop cool when you’re playing. If you want to use your gaming or digital marketing laptop for longer, you just need to do some care. Here we described some standard methods to keep your gaming laptop cool. You can follow these simple methods. Thank you.


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