how to restore the non stick pan

How to Restore The Non Stick Pan [Complete Guide]

If you’re a cook or enjoy baking, you’re likely familiar with the benefits of using a non-stick pan in the kitchen. Not only does it make cooking a breeze, but it also promotes healthier cooking practices. The non-stick surface prevents food from clinging to the pan, making it easier to cook with and clean up afterwards. However, as time goes on, the non-stick coating may start to wear off, resulting in a sticky and frustrating mess. Scratches from regular use can also diminish the pan’s non-stick capabilities. Fortunately, there are methods available to restore the non-stick surface. In this article, we will discuss effective techniques to restore your non-stick pan, ensuring it remains a valuable tool in your kitchen.

How to Restore The Non-Stick Pan

Deep Cleaning

It is crucial to clean a non-stick pan thoroughly after each use to prevent any staining or scratching. Additionally, ensure that all food particles are removed. For a thorough cleaning process, you can use a mixture of water, baking soda, and vinegar to wash the pan. Here’s an optimized method:

  1. Prepare a solution by adding baking soda and vinegar to water.
  2. Place the pan on medium heat and bring the water mixture to a boil.
  3. Allow the water to boil until the vinegar and baking soda are thoroughly mixed.
  4. Turn off the heat.
  5. Use this boiled solution to wash the pan, ensuring you remove all food particles and any scratches.
  6. After cleaning, use a soft cloth or tissue to dry the surface of the pan.


If you prefer not to use baking soda for cleaning your pan, there are alternative methods to restore its non-stick surface. One option is to use a specialized pan spray, which can be easily found in various types at your local market or ordered online if you’re short on time. The spray effectively cleans the pan and eliminates any residue on its surface. Here’s a step-by-step process:

  1. Apply a generous layer of the pan spray onto the pan.
  2. Allow the spray to sit for a few minutes to dry.
  3. Ensure that you have applied a thick coating of the spray and let it sit for a maximum of 30 minutes.
  4. Next, place the pan in the oven and set the temperature to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 degrees Celsius).
  5. Let the pan remain in the oven for ten minutes.
  6. After this process, use regular dishwashing soap to remove any remaining residue from the pan.

By following these steps, you can effectively restore the non-stick properties of your pan without using baking soda.

Service Manufacturer

There is an alternative method to restore the pan by contacting the service provider and inquiring about obtaining an extra coating. These professionals and experienced individuals should be knowledgeable about the process of applying an additional coating. By seeking guidance from them, you can confidently create a rejuvenated pan through the application of the coating.

Additionally, you can directly reach out to the manufacturer of the pan. It is crucial to select a reliable and renowned company when purchasing a non-stick pan. Certain reputable brands offer warranties that extend for many years, and in the event of a damaged pan, they may provide a new non-stick pan as a replacement or potentially offer a repair service.

Conclusion: How to Restore The Non Stick Pan

Thank you for reading our article on restoring non-stick pans. We sincerely hope you found it valuable and practical. Armed with this knowledge, you can effortlessly restore your non-stick pan and swiftly resume cooking like a seasoned pro.


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