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How To Set Up A Fish Tank Filter | Step By Step Guide

Your fish tank filter is one of the most important pieces of equipment you can add to your home, yet a lot of people don’t know how to set up or maintain it properly. A properly installed fish tank filter keeps your tank water clean by trapping debris and waste before it reaches the fish tank. While your fish tank needs regular cleaning, your fish tank filter needs more attention than your fish tank itself. There are some basic steps that you need to take in order to set up your fish tank filter and keep it running smoothly.

Steps To Follow To Install A New Fish Tank:

Here we described all steps to install a fish tank in detail.

1) Cleaning

First of all, cleaning is an essential part of the fish tank. Because we all know that fishes are like human beings, they can not live in a dirty environment. That’s why cleaning a fish tank is most important. Keep in mind that never use any detergent or soap for cleaning because the ingredients can be highly toxic for fish. For proper cleaning, fill up the gravel with water and stir the water from gravel until you see the clean stirring water from gravel.

2) Filling Out the Tank

Now next step is to pour water into gravel to keep it in its place. But do not pour the water directly. Use a palate or source for pouring water in gravel. Then add a water conditioner in water for the de-chlorinate process. The best water conditioner is Tetra, AquaSafe, etc.

3) Airline tube Connection

You should buy an aquarium check valve to locate the air pump of your fish tank. Usually, a check valve is a small valve placed in the fish tank’s air tubing. Plus, the air tubing is used to stop the water from backing up or out of your fish tank after turning off the power.

4) Add Some Plants

Usually, people used plants to hide the equipment in a fish tank. If you also want to add some plants, remember that always grow plants in warm water and plant the roots gently on the surface of the gravel. Plus, try to moist the live plants until they are planted correctly.

TIP: you can use wet newspapers for the perfect growth of roots or use any aquatic plant fertilizer. For example, Tetra and Florapride are best for that purpose.

5) Add More Water

Next, fill the tank from bottom to top frame. But leave some air space between the water and the cover.

6) Set Up The Filter

Fill the fish tank with filter materials or use a filter cartridge. Position your fish tank according to the instructions. Anyhow make sure that the fish tank is filled with water.

On the other side, if the pick-up tube is small of your fish tank, hang on. Make sure that the tube is close to the bottom of the tank but not in gravel. So if it’s too long, you can cut it from the end and reattach the intake cage with the tube. Next, open the filter and make sure that it is also filled with water to prime the pump.

“Cycling the fish tank means that the fish are growing in a healthy environment because the filtration system helps to remove all toxins from water. You can also add some Tetra or SafeStart solution to cycle the fish tank quickly.”

7) Submersible Heater

Most people aren’t aware of reading the thermometer readings, so make sure that you must have a thermometer that you can easily read. And remember that most of the thermometers are placed outside of the tank. You have to plug it only when it is inside the water.

8) Start Power

Keep in mind that never turn on the heater if it’s not immersed in water because the heater’s heating element can create overheat on water that causes to break the glass or the tube can be shattered in too hot water.

Before adjusting the settings, check the air outlets. Check the power filter that the water is flowing properly

Adjust the heater settings to the proper temperature level because the heater can take almost 24 hours to stabilize. That’s why you have to adjust the settings. Before adding fish into the fish tank, make sure that all the fish tank equipment works appropriately.

9) Checking Temperatures

Commonly, the water in the new fish tank can be cloudy for one or two days. You don’t need to be worried because it will disappear automatically. Furthermore, use a Tetra kit to check the PH level and hardness of the water in a fish tank.

Now it’s done. Your new fish tank is ready to keep fishes.


In conclusion, a fish tank filter is a device that is used to keep the water clean in a fish tank. The water in a fish tank is very important for the health of the fish. It is important to clean the water regularly in order to avoid all sorts of diseases. The best way to get your aquarium to start working is to get your filter in place and make sure you have the right tank for your fish. Once you’ve done that, you can get to work on setting up your tank.


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