How to Use Non Induction Cookware on Induction Cooktop

How to Use Non Induction Cookware on Induction Cooktop

Most homes are equipped with an induction cooktop these days, but what happens when you have to use cookware that’s not induction-ready? Although they technically do not conduct electricity, some people still choose to use non-induction cookware on their induction cooktops. The question that then arises is – how do you use non-induction cookware on an induction cooktop? This article explains everything about using non-induction cookware on an induction cooktop.

How to Use Non-Induction Cookware on Induction Cooktop

Converter disk:

You can use a converter disk to do this job. It is usually made up of steel or iron and has a heatproof handle that comes with it to hold it without any discomfort. You can place it over the cooktop and just use non-induction cookware of your liking. It is that simple! Moreover, if you are unsure or worried that it may slip or tip, then rest assured, that it is very thin, which is why this is not possible.

Netted steel:

Yes, you read it right! You can use a netted steel to use non induction non stick pans on the induction cooktop. This sheet is usually seen in windows and doors and is easy to find. You just need to place it on the cooktop and get started.

Computer thermal paste:

This is a one-time solution, so if you are going to use the cookware for only one time, consider this way. Apply it at the bottom of your cookware and place it on the disc. The reason which makes it an ideal method is that it is an excellent conductor of heat which enables us to use this method for one-time use.


There are many different advantages of using non-inductive cookware on an induction cooktop. First and foremost, using this type of cookware will drastically decrease the amount of heat that you are using in your kitchen. This is especially important if you cook on a regular basis or often. The reason for this is that most conventional cookware heats up water which cooks the food. It’s only a small amount, but over time it really adds up.

Conventional Cooking:

One more advantage to using non-induction cookware on your induction cooktop is that it is healthier for you than using conventional cookware. Because your cookware is not being inducted, any energy is being wasted. This is great news for those who are trying to lose weight! Non induction cookware will help you burn more calories than if you were to cook using conventional cooking methods. They are also great for families since they reduce the amount of time that your children will spend cooking on the stove.

Completely Safe:

Non induction cookware has many advantages over ordinary cookware. To begin with, they are completely safe. The only thing that you need to worry about with non-induction cookware is that it does not burn. With normal or conventional cookware, heat rises, food cooks, and eventually reaches the surface. In non induction cookware, the heat stays in the bottom of the pot until it begins to boil. The bottom is thus always hot, preventing scalding and burning.

Some people say that using non induction cookware on induction cooktops makes cooking better. They say it’s because the food doesn’t need to reach the hot element as long as it’s on the heating element. This is why many people say they find using non induction cookware easier.

Constantly Cooking:

There are many other advantages to using this type of cookware. The most important advantage that you will find is that your cookware will last you a significantly long time. Since it uses no energy to conduct heat, your cookware will last for a much longer period of time than your conventional cookware. Another benefit to using this type of cookware is that you will never have to worry about an energy emergency using this type of cookware. Your induction cooktop is always ready to go, and you do not have to wait for your other cookware to heat up. Your induction cooktop will keep constantly cooking, even when there are unexpected interruptions in your home’s electricity supply


One of the disadvantages of using non induction cookware on your induction cooktop is that the foods that you cook with it may sometimes retain a slight shape or don’t come out as completely as you would like them to be. The good news about this is that this is really not a problem. This is something that most people experience because they’re using cookware that doesn’t have a sufficient amount of heat circulating through the material. When you bring the pot or pan to the desired temperature, you simply need to turn the control knob to the desired setting and wait for it to reach that point. Because of this fact, it’s very easy to avoid burning your food and to evenly cook everything in your pot or pan.

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Final thoughts:

Overall, there are many advantages to using non induction cookware on an induction cooktop. First, it’s going to be much less expensive than a typical metal bowl. Second, it’ll allow you to cook with a lot more different foods than you could with a conventional type of pan or pot. Lastly, it’ll allow you to cook without exposing your food to too many extra dangers.


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