Twisted Waterfall Hairstyle

Waterfall braid is a unique and trendy hairstyle that can add a touch of elegance to your look. This type of braid is similar to braids, but with a twist in the waterfall braid, we only braid one side of the hair and leave the rest of the hair untouched, creating a beautiful flowy look. The best part is, it is quite an easy hairstyle to create, and you can wear it on any occasion.

To create this beautiful braid, start by taking three sections of your hair from the side. Then take the last section and cross it over the middle section, followed by taking the first section and bringing it to the middle section.

Next, take the last section and add a new section of hair into it. Repeat this process by taking a new section from the first section and continuing to do the same until you reach the end of your hair. Even if you do not know how to braid, you can still have this beautiful hairstyle as the waterfall braid is only a one sided braid.

So, go ahead and try this stunning hairstyle for your next event, and you are sure to receive compliments. In the article provided earlier, I have provided a detailed explanation of the waterfall hairstyle, including how to wear it and the steps to achieve the look. However, if you are interested in exploring different variations of the waterfall hairstyle, o recommend checking out the article below. It offers additional tips and tricks for styling your hair in unique ways.

Different Styles of Waterfall

In today’s world, where people tend to follow the latest trends and styles, standing out from the crowd can be quite challenging. However, there are several ways you can enhance your uniqueness and make a lasting impression. This could involve hairstyles and accessories you use until you find a look that feels authentic and true to yourself. There are several ways mentioned below you can use to make yourself look more unique in today’s trendy world.

  • Double braid waterfall with a bun
  • Waterfall twist with curly hairs
  • Waterfall twist with crimped hair
  • Waterfall braid with rainbow

Double Braid Waterfall With a Bun

If you are looking for a hairstyle that keeps your hair away from your face, the braid waterfall bun is a great option. To achieve this lovely double waterfall bun look, start by dividing your hair into three neat sections and braiding each section horizontally. Keep braiding each section until you reach the end of your hair. This beautiful braided bun is preferred for wearing with a long dress and is suitable for any occasion, be it a wedding or a festival. To add some extra charm to your braids, you can incorporate flower crystal pearls into the style. Additionally, to ensure that the hairstyle stays in place, bridesmaids can use any finishing spray that can hold the hairs to help the bride and bridesmaids look their best throughout the event.

Waterfall Twist with Curly Hairs

The waterfall twist with curly hair is an amazing hairstyle that works wonders for those who have naturally curly hair. However, even people with straight hair have been known to love this style by curling their hair prior to creating the waterfall braid. To achieve this wavy look, simply part your hair into three sections and start braiding horizontally. After that, all you need to do is brush the rest of your hair and if you desire, you can also add curls to your hair using any curling iron or other hair styling tools instead you using non heat to curl the hair as it takes a little longer.

Waterfall Twist with Crimped Hair

If you are looking for a bridal hairstyle that is both elegant and timeless, the twist with crimped hair is an excellent choice for bridesmaids. This hairstyle is especially designed to be suitable for bridesmaids and will provide a beautifully tight wavy look that will hold flowers securely throughout the day. To create this stunning look, start by dividing your hair into three sections and begin braiding it. Once the braiding is completed, use any hair crimper to crimp the remaining hair. The hair crimper will add extra texture to the hair, giving it a more volume and full appearance.

This will help the hairstyle hold its shape throughout the day, even in humid or windy conditions. One of the benefits of this hairstyle is that the crimping adds an extra level of hold and security to the hair, making it perfect for holding flowers or a veil. Additionally, the tight waves are flattering to any face shape, and the hair style is versatile enough to work with a variety of dress styles. Overall, the twist with crimped hair is a stunning choice for bridesmaids and is sure to help them look and feel their best on the special day. So give it a try to see it yourself.

Waterfall Braid with Rainbow

If you are looking for a hairstyle that is both eye-catching and easy to create, you might want to try the waterfall twist with a ribbon hair bow. This hairstyle is perfect for school or college going girls who want to look their best without spending too much time on their hair. To create this style, start by parting your hair to one side. Then, take a section of hair from the front and divide it into two sections. Twist the two sections together once, then add a small section together once, then add another small section of hair from the top of your head to the twist. Repeat this process until you reach the back of your head.

Once you have created the waterfall twist, secure it with a bobby pin or two. Then, take a ribbon hair bow and tie it around the twist. You can choose any colour of ribbon that you like, but a neutral colour like black or white would be perfect for a classic look. Not only is this hairstyle easy to create, but it is also very versatile. You can wear it to school, college, or even to a formal event. And the best part is that you can create it by yourself with no assistance required.


In this article, I would like to take a moment to summarize and bring your attention to some of the essential points discussed earlier regarding the waterfall hairstyle. The article provided a comprehensive explanation of what the waterfall hairstyle is, which involves creating a branding effect with your hair that resembles a waterfall. Additionally, the article provided step by step instructions on how to create this hairstyle in simple ways with minimal efforts. It discussed the different techniques required to achieve the look, such as using a curling iron, a hair brush and some hairspray. Furthermore, the article elaborated on different styles of the waterfall twist that one can try to achieve a unique and better look. It mentioned some of the popular styles, such as Double braid waterfall with a bun, Waterfall twist with curly hairs, Waterfall twist with crimped hair, Waterfall braid with rainbow. Overall, the article aimed to provide you with a comprehensive guide to the waterfall hairstyle and help you achieve a stunning and unique look with minimal effort.

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