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Volo’s Guide to Monsters PDF [Free Download]

Are you a player and Dungeon Masters? Then you will also love this Vole’s Guide to Monsters PDF this book providing something exciting and interesting story for the reader. This book is a great supplement for the Dungeon Master and also expands the DM’s choice of unique monsters to spice up the game.

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Volo’s Guide to Monsters is a 5th-edition of Dungeons & Dragons book that describes lairs and monster lore, playing monster character races, and gives the stat blocks of many old and a new monster. In this 5th-edition of Volo’s guide hordes of iconic monster, mind flayers, Tiamat, and the five-headed queen of evil dragons are described. It’s a time to learn more lesser-known beasts to shine and about the famous monsters as well.

Volo’s guide to monsters is the latest version that D&D publisher recently for the renowned role-playing game. This book contains the long-missing fan favorite Froghemoth, and the tome collects a batch of monsters that reaches back to the earliest editions of D&D’s.

Surely, you inspire this 5th-edition of D&D and explore the lairs and stories of various monsters, including goblinoids, giants, orcs, and mind flayers. Dungeon Master and players also find rules for playing a variety of new races, including the feline tabaxi and angelic aasimar.

It also included are some that hail from the past games and some new to the game, and also added are game statistics for scores of monsters. Its new playable races to allow you to enjoy new epic adventures and build characters to fit nearly any type of story in your Dungeons & Dragons game.

What You Can Explore in This Volo’s Guide to Monsters book

Volos Guide

This book monster lore has almost 226 pages that focusing on Gnolls, Beholders, Hags, Giants, Kobolds, Orcs, Yuan-ti, Mind Flayers, and Goblinoids. This bookwork in very depth and describe the story with multiple pages that providing tables, historical background, variants, lairs, and even some of the psychology of the creatures that can really help you flesh out these interesting types of creatures in your games.

The fifth Volo’s guide to monster edition offers 7 new player character races that include Goliath, Triton, Aasimar, Tabaxi, Firbolg, Kenku, and Lizardfolk. This fifth version is very attractive and nice because it includes tips on how to role-play as these slightly more unique and interesting creature types. Overall, during play, these new races players feel like they can breathe a lot of new life into campaigns that might be starting to get tired of the standard set from the Player’s Handbook.

In the starting 90 pages that represented the features of 6 new Monstrous Player Character races (Kobold, Bugbear, Yuan-ti, Orc, Pureblood, Goblin), these are more specialized builds that a DM would really need to include in a game.

Volo’s Guide to Monsters PDF Book Chapters

Volo’s Guide to Monsters is a book of Monsters, in fact, this new version of D&D is a heart of Monsters where they live, how they might befriend you, how they think, and how they might harm you, all these available in this adventure book.

The whole book containing three chapters and each chapter shows own characters, now lets’ check these 3 chapters in blow:

Chapter One (Monster Lore)

The first chapter is a Monster Lore that describes the stories of some of the monstrous groups such as Dungeons & Dragons and provides complete information about their behaviors, origins, dispositions, and their lairs. This section of the book discusses an especially large amount of new type monsters like Beholders, Hags, Giants, Kobolds, Gnolls, Goblinoids, Mind Flayers, Yuan-ti, and Orcs.

Chapter 1 Monster Lore

Chapter Two (Character Races)

Second chapter contain a story of character races that are some of the more distinctive race options in the Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) multiverse, including the orc, Firbolg, goblin, Elf, Dwarf, Dragonborn, Gnome, Halfling, Tiefling, Human, Goliath, Aarakocra, Genasi, Aasimar, Bugbear, Kenku, Hobgoblin, Tabaxi, Lizardfolk, Yuan-ti Pureblood, Kobold, Triton, Tortle, and Feral Tiefling. These are characters perform different Races and make the game more exciting and interesting.

Chapter 2 character races

Chapter Three (Bestiary)

The third and last chapter bestiary provides lore and statistics for nearly one hundred monsters suitable for any D&D campaign, such as the vargouille, the Froghemoth, and the neogi. This section is specifically for new monsters for your games with an excellent variety of new creatures.

Chapter 3 Bestiary

Volo’s Guide to Monsters is a very interesting and exciting playing game as similar to Xanathar’s Guide to Everything PDF. All the content of this game play is very interesting and incredibly useful for any game player the new character of this book is a great new addition and its uniqueness makes it more attractive.

If you are planning to using the types of creatures listed in their campaigns then the first 90 pages of lore will be most useful to DM’s. when you using those creatures listed types in their campaigns, I highly recommend to use its addition collection that help to spark your imagination and spin new adventures of your table.

Where to Buy a Volo’s Guide to Monsters PDF

Volo's Guide to Monsters (Dungeons & Dragons)
  • This is NOT just another Monster Manual! Volo’s Guide to Monsters provides something exciting for players and Dungeon Masters everywhere. · A deep dive into the lore behind some of D&D’s most popula
  • Hardcover Book
  • Dungeons & Dragons (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 224 Pages - 11/15/2016 (Publication Date) - Wizards of the Coast (Publisher)

You can buy this Volo’s Guide to Monsters PDF at online sites such as Amazon and you can also find Volo’s Guide available via Steam, D&D Beyond, via Fantasy Grounds, or as well as via Roll20.

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Volo guide to monsters PDF download is a great book for the players that kept to really great, meaty, and exciting content. If you interested to read another similar D&D book then check out the Xanathar’s Guide to Everything.

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