Where To Put A Humidifier

Where To Put A Humidifier

Humidifiers are a great way to provide comfort and relief from dry air during the winter, but they can also be more complicated than you realize. For example, the ideal spot to put your humidifier isn’t always obvious at first glance. Here’s what you need to know about where to put a humidifier—and why.

Where should you place the humidifier?

There isn’t a perfect place to tell where you can put your humidifier, but we can guide you through some tips.
Bed: never place the humidifier close to your bed. It must be several feet far from the bed. In winter, it must be almost 3 feet away from the bed. In the case of placing on the floor, at least it must be two feet above the floor to get better results. In the next, never place humidifier under direct sunlight means near to the window. Also, avoid placing near wooden objects in a room.

Let’s discuss all of these tips in detail.

Sleep time:

While sleeping, it would be best to place the humidifier far from your bed. It doesn’t mean that the humidifier can harm you in placing close, but it would be better to efficiently place the humidifier to distribute moisture in the room. Plus, the humidifiers make a little bit of noise that can disturb light sleepers. On the other side, heavy sleepers won’t notice the noise anyway. Besides, some of the humidifier models create some exciting noises while functioning.

For example:

Some of the models create a Gurgling sound while retrieving more water, or some of the models create noise like bubbles while moving air. Usually, most of the humidifiers are quiet enough not to disturb the sleep of anyone.

According to our research, we never recommend having such a high level of moisture near you, especially when you are sleeping. Because it can bother your nose and throat, plus the human body temperature fluctuates while sleeping, a humidifier can make you uncomfortable.

Sunlight and cleaning:

In the above section, we mentioned that don’t place your humidifier under direct sunlight like near a window. Because this place can help humidifier to grow bacteria speedily and the water tank will spoil. On the other side, cleaning the humidifier is also essential. Periodically you should clean it one or two times a week.

The cleaning process is also straightforward. First of all, add one or two cups of white vinegar into the water tank and swish it to wet the interior of the humidifier. Leave it for 15 to 20 minutes and then drain the vinegar through a water reservoir. Now use a clean and soft cloth to clean from inside. Keep in mind that never use any detergent for the cleaning process.

Can I put a humidifier on the table or floor?

There is no issue placing the humidifier on the floor, but we recommended two feet distance from the floor to distribute the humidity In-room equally. The manufacturer also recommends not using a humidifier alone without using any protection from spills and water drops.

Furthermore, using a sturdy table to place a humidifier won’t affect water tipping from the tank. Also, no one wants to tip on over the humidifier accidentally. That’s why it would be best to place the humidifier in a careful place. Anyhow it all depends on the design of the product. Also, it’s not common to have a water-resistant table in the home. That’s why it is necessary to choose a larger enough product that can cover the base.


Never place the humidifier on the carpet because tipping water can create more problems.

Additional tips:

Here we described some additional places where you shouldn’t keep the humidifier.

Electrical outlets:

Because of the water tipping from a humidifier, never place them near electrical outlets. It can lead to a short circuit in a home. Water leaking can create the biggest problems in your home.


Also, you should avoid placing the humidifier near gadgets like the computer or TV, etc. Water dripping can damage these gadgets and start electrical fires in the room.

Use humidifier in nursery room:

Humidifiers give great benefits for babies as well as adults. At first, you need to find the spot in the room where the moisture level is most necessary. However, avoid placing near to your baby, especially while sleeping. If having any dresser in the opposite direction from the bed, it would be best to place a humidifier.

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Using a humidifier is an excellent choice to prevent allergies and bacteria from the room. Also, it helps you to deal with your dry skin and lips. Anyhow placing the humidifier in the right place is a little bit challenging. If you want to get the best results from your humidifier, read the article to know more about it.


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