Why Wear Shower Shoes

Why Wear Shower Shoes

Even if you take daily showers or baths, chances are that you probably don’t wear shower shoes, even though they’re often included in the bathroom supplies that people buy for their homes. You may have heard about how these shoes can help keep your feet clean and safe from germs, but maybe you’re not sure exactly why you should wear them every time you bathe or shower. Here are a few reasons to put on shower shoes when you get in the tub or shower, and tips on choosing the right pair of shower shoes to keep your feet happy and healthy!

Disease and communal showers

The typical communal shower in a gym or a college dorm looks clean at first glance. But, according to a FitRated study, gym shower stalls can contain more bacteria than the average public toilet (eww), and barefoot showers may be little more than soaking your feet in germs. So are college students in for a bad surprise? Similar results were observed when checking dorm showers. In addition to the obvious things like athletes’ foot and fungal nail infections – barefoot showering can also expose people to bacteria that can cause cases of flu or MRSA.

Shoes for ShowerThis staph infection is resistant to all antibiotics and can cause life-threatening infections. Even though experts say bacteria can survive even the cleanest showers, it is the case that even if showers start the day clean and fully disinfected, nothing can stop the bacteria from building up over the day. Health experts, including those at the CDC, suggest that people protect themselves when using communal showers by wearing shower shoes at all times, both when they are preparing to use the shower and when they are using it.

Exactly what is a shower shoe?

You might wonder what shower shoes are if you have never worn one before. Best shower shoes for men and women are a type of slide that is water-resistant and offers protection against bacteria and germs while providing good traction to prevent slips, which would be a problem if one wore smooth-soled shoes in the shower.

Can Flip flops be worn as shower shoes?

If one wears flip-flops around the dorm bathrooms, they may not even require to buy shower shoes – which aren’t always cheap – to go to the gym with (or to take to the gym). In the end, flip-flops are easier to wear and are usually cheaper, especially as a pair can be found at any store with ease. In comparison to shower slides and other shower shoe options, flip flops have several disadvantages. There are a couple of reasons why flip-flops don’t have much traction. First, sand offers plenty of traction of its own, unlike the tiled floors in most gyms and college bathrooms, where the shoes were designed to be worn at the beach and in the ocean.

It’s a matter of practicality for showering. Your shoe will have to be removed from your feet at some point during your shower. There is a brief balancing act involved, and slides are much easier to take off (there tends to be a problem with the toe posts). Flip flops are better than nothing in the shower, so if they are all you have available to you, you should wear them. However, please make sure you dry them well after using them. Otherwise, they may become moldy and begin to harbor the bacteria you were trying to eliminate.

Is it a good idea to wear shower shoes in college?

These days, shower shoes are usually fairly high on the list of recommended supplies given to students to help them shop for essentials. This is for a good reason. Having a shower exclusively for your use is very, very rare among college students. Students must use different types of showers in their dorm and college, depending on the facility. Communal showers are sometimes found in large dorm rooms. In contrast, shower cubicles are often found in apartments, and smaller apartments located on campus (or even off campus) have three or four separate bathrooms. No matter where they live, most college students must share a shower at least once. Shower shoes are a must, most people agree.

Is it a good idea to wear shower shoes to the gym?

Gym shoes may be as essential as college students’ shower shoes. A typical gym sees dozens of people use the same shower facilities throughout the day, so both the stalls themselves and the floors in front of them are swarming with bacteria all the time. Therefore, it’s never a good idea to go barefoot in a gym locker room in general.

Which are the best shower shoes?

When you are not showering at home in a bathroom that you know you just cleaned yourself, you should wear shower shoes. So, which type of shower shoes ought you to buy.


It isn’t pretty when you slip on the soap in the shower. Despite our lesson, wearing flip-flops in the shower increases the likelihood of slipping. The bruises from this kind of injury can be quite nasty, as well as dangerous. Protecting yourself is the purpose of shower shoes.

Water resistance:

It seems obvious that your shower shoes should be water-resistant. Still, you would be surprised at the number of people who opt to wear flip flops while showering, forgetting – or not considering – the fact that once wet, they will take longer to dry off (making them potential bacteria magnets). And even if they dry off, repeatedly using them – and having to dry them off often – will likely cause them to become stiff and uncomfortable.
Shower shoes are best if they are completely waterproof and are only made from materials that dry quickly.

Ease of care:

As long as we are talking about shower shoes, they need to be easy to maintain. If any stray bacteria are left on your shoes after you shower, you should be able to wipe them with a disinfectant wipe and have them dry in minutes.


If you are a college student or gym-goer, you have a good chance of wearing your shower shoes almost every day, so it is important to choose a shoe that is as durable as possible. Standard flip-flops may often pose a problem if you choose low-cost ones as shower shoes. When you were in the shower, did your flip-flops fall out? They then begin to regret not choosing a more robust shower shoe. To be the best shower shoes, they must be designed and crafted for frequent use, yet they must also be made from durable material. In summary, you should consider investing in a more robust shower shoe, as they will be more cost-effective in the long run.


No one indeed likes wearing uncomfortable shoes, especially if they are frequently worn as shower shoes. It is especially important to take care with your shower shoes if they are too tight (wet feet can cause blistering especially). College students, in particular, will need to make sure their shower shoes are comfortable and won’t pinch them while walking to the shower.

shower shoesAre there any other types of shower shoes?

Right now, there are more and more options for shower shoes than ever before. However, in general, shower shoes are categorized into a few basic types, regardless of who makes them:


Although shower slides with an athletic bent have been around for several decades, the new generation is superior to the old.
One of the best-selling men’s shoes, the Adidas Adilette Shower Slide Sandal, also a favorite among women according to numerous online reviews, has a classic sports slide profile and those famous Adidas stripes – but it’s packed with technology. For example, these shoes have a memory foam footbed, an upper made from TPU, and a sole made from suede for traction and comfort while walking. Adidas isn’t the only one who’s upped its shower slide game. Several brands produce similar products to protect your feet while you shower, including Nike, Reebok, and Under Armour. In addition, most of them are unisex, so you have lots of choices.

Shower flip flops:

You are not used to wearing the usual beach store flip-flops when you shower. The toe posts remain open, but they’re entirely made from durable materials such as rubber and TPU, which are more gripping and slippery resistant than traditional materials. As well as being easy to clean, quick to dry, and holding their shape, the pants also dry quickly. You can use these sturdier options in the shower if you prefer flip-flops.

Enclosed are shower shoes:

There is an increasing number of closed-toe shower shoes on the market. They’re less likely to slip off and can even be easier and more secure to walk on if the floor is wet and slippery, like in a busy gym or a public pool.
Is there any way to keep your feet clean? The shoes have strategically placed holes that let water in, which allows for the solution. For those with flat feet or difficulties getting shoes on and off quickly, these may be a better choice than standard slides since they often look like clogs and have a similar snug and supportive fit.

What is the cost of a good pair of shower shoes?

What is the price of a decent pair of shower shoes? (We realize that college students are especially concerned about this question)? Typically between $5 and $45, with an average pair costing around $22. (According to Amazon pricing). There is no guarantee that the shoe’s price will reflect its actual utility. Although you will always pay more for Adidas or Nike shoes than for ‘no-name’ versions, the fact that you are not familiar with the company selling shower shoes does not mean that they are not your best pick.

If you are shopping for shower shoes online or offline and want to make sure you can get good value for your money, you should do a little research before buying. Consider reading online reviews and using comparison tables available on many websites. Your shower shoes will have some very important duty to perform – keeping you and your feet healthy, so you should make sure that they can handle the job!


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