Top 11 Cute Girl Hairstyles in 2024

Welcome to the charming world of cute girl hairstyles, where creativity meets style in a delightful blend of braids, buns, and twists. Whether you’re seeking a fresh look for school, a special occasion, or just a fun way to express yourself, our collection of adorable and easy-to-follow hairstyles is perfect for girls of all ages. From playful pigtails to elegant updos, we’ve got you covered with inspiration and tips to make every day a good hair day. So grab your hairbrush, and let’s dive into the whimsical world of cute girl hairstyles!

Girls’ hairstyles can be categorized into summer hairstyles and winter hairstyles.

Summer HairStyles:

  • Fishtail braids
  • Flipped ponytail updo
  • Full backside
  • Half up heart bun
  • Cocoon curls (NO heat)
  • Pull through ponytail
  • Big flower bun updo

Winter Hairstyle:

  • Crimped waves
  • Sleek middle part with clips
  • Pigtails
  • Waterfall Twist

7 Trendy Summer HairStyles

Fishtail Braids:

Fishtail Braid

Fishtail braids are basically the same as French braids or similar to the three-strand braids. It primarily works better with second-day hair as it can hold more hair than when it’s somewhat oily. Even though it looks a little messy, it has all the hair well. It is a straightforward method for braiding; techniques are the same as three-strand braids.

The only contrast is that it can be done by two strands only. To do fishtail braiding, all you need is a brush and an understanding of the process. It is straightforward as follows: do a side ponytail, get over a little section, again from the opposite side, repeat from the first side, and then afterward, second, at the last, repeat the process to the end line. The only supply you need to get to benign the braiding process is an excellent and soft elastic hair band, which will help you tie the braids at the end of the making.

Flipped Ponytail Updo

The flipped braid updo is best for young girls going for a prom night, wedding, or school party. It has a one-of-a-kind refined appearance that makes you feel like you are in a fairy tale. It is easy to make, despite the appearance of it. It is a basic style that should be done in a minute. For the most part rely on the most proficient method to make it by adding accessories. The length can indicate accessories so that they look great.

Accessories that can be used are gajra, clysburtuony bridal flowers. The strategy to make the flipped updo ponytail is first to gather the hairs into a ponytail, tie the ponytail with a thick elastic band, use fingers to make a hole right over the hair band, pull the pony down through the hole, and lastly adjust the pony according to your hairs and set them as your desired with accessories. Moreover, the benefit of this hairstyle is that it can be styled in various ways. One is in a bun style, making you look like a royal.

Pull Back Side

The pull-back hairstyle looks extraordinarily adorable and extremely simple to make. Great for both long and short hairs. It is sleek for pulling hair away from your face in the summer. It is the same as French braiding but only on one side. The method is fundamental: take the three sections of your hair and benign branding. Likewise, make sure to do branding closely, as it will give an exceptionally decent finish to the branding. You can also pull back hairstyles more by curling the ends of your hair using a hair curler. It will improve the style and help cover more hair. Also, you can add accessories to the braiding to enhance the look of it.

The best hair curlers for hairstyles are Conair and Duomishu hair curlers.

  • Conair Hair Curler
  • Duomishu Hair curler

Half-up Heart Bun

Heart buns look outstandingly adorable on young girls, making them feel cherished. You might add pearls or other hair accessories to make it look richer. Girls with all hair types, lengths, and ages can go with this hairstyle, but the heart bun is generally famous among young girls as it gives outstandingly heartfelt and adorable vibes. Moreover, heart bun hairstyles represent Valentine’s Day, as implied by its name. Additionally, that is one of the reasons that it is well-known among young girls. However, it is challenging, yet worth the problematic work later. You can also create a heated bun with braids. It will have a more refined look as a result.

Cocoon Curls

Cocoon curls are trending these days, also known as TikTok viral curls. It has no heating process included, which is one of the reasons this hairstyle is so famous. You can curl your hair even without damaging it much. Style with no damage curls gives you a butterfly look, as mentioned in the hairstyle’s name. The steps to do this hairstyle are as follows: do some knots on your wet hair and leave them for some time. Subsequently, the result will shock you, giving you ideal curls with no heating. As we only use knots to do curls, the curls may be on the base more; in that case, we can style the hairstyle with a headband, Which will enhance the look of the curls. Bow headband/Polka dot headband.

Pull Through Ponytail

Pull-through ponytails are famous among school-going young girls. They are quick to make. Additionally, it appears very fine and decent. Pull-through can hold the layers of the hairs very well, too. You can also pull through a ponytail by adding braids to it. It will make it look thicker and longer. It is almost identical to regular braids but is made of various ponytails that have fallen through it. The simplest method of making it begins with a braid and starts the braiding afterward. PullingPulling through a ponytail relaxes your life in the summer as it holds every one of the hairs from the rear of your neck, lets the air touch you, and makes you feel loosened up in the intensity of the heat. Moreover, individuals who want to experience braiding style but do not know how to braiding can use this Topsy hair tail tool. Topsy hair tail tool

Big Flower Bun Updo

The flower bun updo is highly famous for weddings for a flower girl because it looks adorable on little girls holding flowers in front of the lady of the hour. Furthermore, brides can also wear this hairstyle. But of course, adding head jewelry or fresh flowers with different and upgraded styles. It looks untidy a little at the back yet gives a vibrant look. Jewellery and flowers add brightness to the hairstyle.
Furthermore, you can choose whether to add flowers or jewelry to the entire bun or simply to the side of the bun. Nevertheless, both styles look stunning. Adding these little parts to the hairstyle makes it more impressive.

Winter Hairstyles

Crimped Waves

Crimped waves are otherwise called crinkled waves. It’s an 80s trend that has come back lately with a huge vibe. Crimped Waves was designed in 1972, and one of the famous vocalists of that time carried it at one of the concerts in those days. Crimped waves have recently become renowned among young girls, as the younger generation values old style and tries to improvise and carry it. One of the contrasts between old crimped and new waves is that old ones were tight waves; however, present individuals typically go with loose waves. The most significant aspect of the crimped waves is that they tend to be finished on short and long hair and on every single textured hair. Likewise, it can go as a large zig-zag or little. It is a significant change for you if you go with crimped waves. The tool used for this hairstyle is called crimping iron.

Sleek middle part with clips

Sleek middle parts with clip hairstyles were popular in the early days of the 90’s. Nevertheless, it is back again in fashion. Because of its elegant appearance, this style is ideal for lazy people and can be applied to greased hair. A Sleek hairstyle looks lovely regardless of whether you are going somewhere special or just casually. The clips on this hairstyle enhanced the beauty of it.

Additionally, little girls love to put on various styles of clips on their hair. It’s an effortless but classic hairstyle. All you need to do is part your hair from the center, straighten it, and set it pleasantly. The last step in the hairstyle is to enhance the two sides of the hair with the clips. Moreover, some people like to use hair gel or hair spray to give their hair a finishing look.


Pigtail hairstyles used to be popular with children, yet grown-ups now like to carry them. It holds most of the hair and gives you a charming look. You need to divide the hairs into two sections and tie them with a hair band. But presently, people love experimenting with it by curling the tails or doing a low pigtail pony with bangs or braids. The term pigtail was for the hairstyle individuals got to know in the mid-1600s; before that, it used to be called the twist of tobacco. The hairstyle is almost identical to the ponytail hairstyle, as the main distinction is that we do ponytails in the middle and pigtails on the side of the head. Individuals who want to get the feel of long pigtails can use the pigtail hair extension, which is essential and easy to attach to the hairs to make long pigtails.

Waterfall Twist

Waterfall twists are somewhat similar to branding, yet you only braid aside rather than braiding every hair in waterfall twists. This makes it simpler for the individual who wants to braid but needs to learn how to do an ideal braid. Because the waterfall twist is only one side braid, individuals like to upgrade their hairstyle by curling the rest of their hair. Moreover, individuals like to add hair ornaments or flowers to the braid to enhance the beauty of the waterfall twist. Waterfall twist allows your hair to fall as r, as referred to in the name of the hairstyle, and individualized spray down the hairs at the end of the process to set the hairs in one place.